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Weekly Roundup: Rise and Fall

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2012.09.28 20:00 Mwave Stewart Ho

It was another week full of stellar achievements and records broken by Psy all across the world, while Big Bang made a lot of noise as well, seling out its concerts in America.

On the flipside, LeeSsang’s Gary and Gil shockingly announced their departure from the variety world, throwing the entertainment industry into turmoil, while Core Contents Media filed a major lawsuit against the producers of Five Fingers.

Get all of the scoop below!

Weekly Roundup: Rise and Fall

Stars on the Rise

1. Psy Breaks Guinness, U.S. and U.K Records

It was yet another historic week for Psy as he first broke the Guinness record for the most “likes” on YouTube with the Gangnam Style music video then went on to chart at number one in the U.K. and second in the U.S. - both the highest showings for a K-Pop artist or song.

He also announced his American debut plans, made Yang Hyun Suk a very rich man and got down with the executive chairman of Google.

That’s pretty boss.

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2. DBSK Wows with Comeback

With nicknames like ‘kings’ and ‘gods’ attributed to the duo, fans were expecting nothing short of spectacular for DBSK’s first album in nearly two years, and they, indeed, delivered.

After releasing a series of teaser images, the medley teaser revealed a surprisingly large scope of genres covered, from R&B to pop and even rock.

As reflected in DBSK’s album promotional interview, the duo wasn’t playing it safe and looking to push DBSK’s artistic and creative side.

Most stunning of all was the music video for Catch Me which showed eye-catching visuals and an intricate choreography that showed once more why the group is so highly regarded.

All eyes are on their comeback stages this weekend.

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3. Big Bang Sells out U.S. Concerts in 2 Hours

Big Bang displayed its selling power once more this week as both the concerts for Big Bang’s performances in New Jersey and LA sold out in just two hours.

In total, that meant 24,000 tickets for two performances were sold, revealing, once more, Big Bang’s might.

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Weekly Roundup: Rise and Fall

Stars Falling Flat

1. LeeSsang Announces Departure From Variety World

It was supposed to be a night of fun and revelry for Infinity Challenge fans, but when the show was ultimately canned over ticketing price controversies, LeeSsang’s Gil and Gary took it the hardest with both taking on themselves the brunt of the responsibility as the producers of the company, which led to them ultimately announcing their departures from the variety world.

The surprise move was met with solidarity, however, as both Infinity Challenge and Running Man announced they would not record this week without Gary and Gil, seeking to persuade the two to make a return.

Fans are holding their breaths in hopes that the two will make their return and we’re crossing our fingers as well.

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2. Core Contents Media Files Major Lawsuit Against ‘Five Fingers’ Producers

As many had expected, Core Contents Media filed a major lawsuit on behalf of T-ara’s Ham Eun Jung against the producers of SBS’ Five Fingers.

Since being infamously ousted from Five Fingers, an escalation in words from the show’s producers and Core Contents Media grew, which led to the 140 million won- lawsuit filed on charges of defamation and libel.

In the end, it seems the dramatic saga and unwanted controversies behind Five Fingers will continue for SBS.

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3. Rain Causes Health Scare With Back Treatment

Rain fans were alarmed this week when it was revealed that the entertainer, who is currently serving out his mandatory military duties, had been admitted to a hospital to receive back treatment.

Adding to this were reports that the singer may even be discharged prematurely from the army because of his back issues.

Rain is currently undergoing treatment for what is suspected to be a herniated disk, but his agency has since denied he would be discharged prematurely and would finish out his duties even with a broken back.

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Photo Credit: Google Korea, Hea Jung Min

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