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Song Joong Ki Garners Praise for His Rendition of Kang Maru in ′Nice Guy′

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2012.09.28 23:00 Mwave Jeon Su Mi Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Song Joong Ki brought Kang Maru to life.

With every episode of KBS2′s Nice Guy, Song Joong Ki has been hitting every spot with his acting, showing off what a great actor he is with his every move.

Song Joong Ki Garners Praise for His Rendition of Kang Maru in ′Nice Guy′

Kang Maru started off as a pure boy with a bright smile, but slowly turned into a serious-faced bad boy under Song Joong Ki′s control.

In the September 27 broadcast, he even wavered back and forth between the two images, taking over his two women Seo Eun Ki (Moon Chae Won) and Han Jae Hee (Park Si Yeon) by flipping back and forth from being cold and cute, with alarming ease.

The mixed feelings he showed in his secret meeting with Park Si Yeon especially drew awe. He showed how he tried to keep his cool in front of the woman who betrayed him, yet still leaked the pity and deep emotions he felt for her through his eyes and expressions.

Song Joong Ki has continuously widened his spectrum and matured through the dramas Sungkyunkwan Scandal, A Tree with Deep Roots and the film A Werewolf Boy. The skills he′s piled up on in those pieces finally explode outward in Nice Guy.

After the broadcast, viewers left comments such as, ′Song Joong Ki fits Kang Maru perfectly′, ′Song Joong Ki′s acting finally shines. He′s the perfect Kang Maru′, ′He′s cold in one moment, but then he changes in the other. Excellent′ and ′Kang Maru is so mesmerizing! I love him.′

A rep for Nice Guy said, "Song Joong Ki has been showing off the effects his presence brings through this drama after leaving big impressions with his previous pieces. His transformation would′ve burdened him, but still he′s managed to immerse himself in his role and act with all his might, surprising even the producers. You′ll be able to see more of Song Joong Ki′s emotions explode outward as he shows off his ripe acting skills."

The end of the episode showed how Moon Chae Won learned of Song Joong Ki and Park Si Yeon′s relationship, adding to the tension of the story.

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