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[Special Edition] ‘Comedy Big League,’ A Journey Filled with Sweat and Tears of Comedians

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2011.11.18 14:43 Mwave Choi, EunHwa

TvN’s Comedy Big League is approaching its last round of competition.

The 10-week long tournament, which embarked on September 17 with 34 comedians representing three major networks KBS, MBC, SBS, has just one round of competition to go.

Enews retraced the show’s 10-week long journey.

Small Spring In the Lead with 42 Points

Throughout the competition, Small Spring, made up of Yoo Se Yoon, Jang Dong Min, Yoo Sang Moo, boasted the best harmony. Their experience as team Small Spring for 13 years culminated in this competition. In each round, the three brought the best, bringing a lot of laughter along the way. Fittingly, they′ve never placed out of the Top 5, proving they are today′s top comedians.

[Special Edition] ‘Comedy Big League,’ A Journey Filled with Sweat and Tears of Comedians

When You Fail to Draw Laughs, Make a Bold Bid

A comedian cannot always make people laugh. But the audience is not laid-back or generous. If they cannot bring laughs, they have to face cruel results. Contestants, who are all proud of their talents, might feel their pride wounded when they finish the last or come at the low rank and be penalized by being covered in flour and having their scenes cut from reruns.

This is why the majority of teams boldly changed their sketches when their results were not good.

Six teams including Americano (Ahn Young Mi, Kim Mi Ryo, Jung Juri), Marbled Beef (Lee Guk Joo, Jeon Hwan Gyu), Galgals (Park Jun Hyung, Jung Jong Chul, Oh Ji Heon, Yoon Seok Ju), Converts (Byun Ki Soo, Kim Jae Woo, Jung Sam Sik, Lee Gang Bok) Before/After (Kim Hyeong In, Yun Taek, Jo Woo Yong, Lee Su Han), and 4G (Yang Se Hyeong, Yun Seong Ho, Kim Gi Wook, Park Hui Sun) overhauled their sketches one week after they showed their first sketch.

The teams benefited the most from changes are Americano and Marbled Beef.

Americano first put on a sketch Actresses, and drew good results in the first and second rounds, but the sketch started lose its novelty in the third and fourth rounds. So the team’s three women, whose pride was wounded, made the bold choice to switch things up.

With the new sketch The Girl Who Was Too Much For Me, Americano succeeded in shifting the tide and is now the runner-up, only four points away from Small Spring’s score.

Marbled Beef’s Lee Guk Joo and Jeon Hwan Gyu came from MBC’s open recruitment and were considered the broadcaster’s representative comedians. But having been intimidated by strong teams like Small Spring, Galgals, and Americano, the team kept ranking in the bottom and had to undergo the humiliation of being covered by flour, causing Lee to sometimes shed tears after shoots finished.

But in the fifth round, the pair brought on a new aspect with a parody of MBC′s Complaint Zero, and earned an unexpected second place. Both shed tears, and from that moment on, the two MBC comedians recovered their lost confidence. Since then, the team has been on a roll, emerging as a true dark horse.

[Special Edition] ‘Comedy Big League,’ A Journey Filled with Sweat and Tears of Comedians

From Competition to Cooperation

Each of 34 contestants has strong pride and character. The system to rank top comedians became a stimulant to them and the rankings came as a shock to some who hadn’t seen their own comedy in an objective way.

Early in the competition, the contestants encouraged each other even though there was subtle tension among them. They watched other teams’ rehearsals to cheer up each other. As the match entered a full-fledged stage, however, they started to become more competitive and put up their guard.

They stopped watching each other’s rehearsal and quit exchanging advice or praise and have begun to look tense and sensitive. Comedians with longer careers have had to recover their pride while comedians from the younger generation tried to show their passion and enthusiasm.

But after they passed through the competitive stage, they returned to the cooperative stage as comedians boast their strong fellowship.

Yang Se Hyeong and Kim Gi Wook made a cameo on Americano’s sketch and Kim Jae Woo helped conceive ideas for the Marbled Beef team. They didn’t shun helping other contestants.

[Special Edition] ‘Comedy Big League,’ A Journey Filled with Sweat and Tears of Comedians

Competition among Guests

Gag President and Ah3In brought other celebrities to their stage, giving something to watch to the audience.

Lee Jae Hoon brought Tak Jae Hoon, with whom he′s been friends with ever since the film The Worst Guy Ever. Tak Jae Hoon, who transformed into a Japanese rocker, wearing flower-print leggings and short pants, succeeded in drawing big laughs.

Jung Hyung Don also joined Gag President to help Lee Jae Hoon and Kim In Seok, former teammates of Doremi Trio on KBS2’s Gag Concert. The three reunited for the first time in seven years, since their former sketch came to an end. The three’s reunion itself caused big laughs among the audience.

Idol group Infinite and Lee Gi Chan joined Ah3In, as Infinite’s members took on the Director Song role and showed off their sense of humor with comical moves, while Lee sang a song for Director Song and Lee Sang Jun to cheer them up.

[Special Edition] ‘Comedy Big League,’ A Journey Filled with Sweat and Tears of Comedians

Drum up Support at Streets

After coming in last two times in a row, the 4G team took to Myeongdong street to ′apologize′ to viewers and Yun Seong Ho set out to shave his head as a representative of the team.

Except...Yun was already bald, so he painted his head with black pen and then erased it with wet tissues. Such an event, however, could not pull the team out of slump.

Gag President carried out a performance in front of large-scale shopping mall in downtown Seoul. They took to the street in the same outfits that they wear on stage. Upon their arrival, citizens instantly packed the street. Kim In Seok, Lee Jae Hoon, Hong Kyeong Jun, and Mun Seok Hee, who transformed sham rockers,put on a performance for one hour.

How will the comedians fare when the show ends and who will end up winning it all? Tune in to find out!

Photo credit: Kim Byung Gwan, tvN

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