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Stories from ‘Superstar K3’

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2011.11.18 14:00 Mwave Lee, KyungNam | Erika Kim

It’s been a week since Superstar K3 has come to its grand conclusion, so now all anyone can do is wait for the stars to release new material...and we know how impatient most fans are. So the next best thing is to hear about what already went on behind the scenes, from the contestants themselves.

For starters, Ulala Session, Two Months, Kim Do Hyun and Shin Ji Su appeared on the November 17 broadcast of The Beatles Code to tell the untold stories which were left behind on the set of Superstar K3, and also to talk about what went on after.

Stories from ‘Superstar K3’

Ulala Session, the winner of Superstar K3, of course got most of the spotlight. The members went back to their old days, and spoke of how the team came together in the first place.

The youngest member Park Seung Il reminisced about his first meeting with the members, saying, “I saw Im Yun Taek and Park Kwang Sun dancing on a stage in a department store. At the time, I was in elementary school, and Yun Taek was 23 years old, as old as I am now.” Park Seung Il followed the two around for two years saying that he wanted to dance with the hyungs (older brothers), and finally was able to join as a member.

Kim Myeong Hun said, “I was enlisted to serve in a national defense industry because I didn’t meet the minimum weight standards, and I got to know Seung Il there. He introduced me to Im Yun Taek later.” He started off as a dancer, but when Kim Myeong Hun recommended that he should sing also, he started to sing, and that was how Ulala Session came into being.

Stories from ‘Superstar K3’

Back to the present, Im Yun Taek, who was diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer, revealed how he was doing. Yoon Jong Shin, the MC of The Beatles’ Code and judge for Superstar K3, started off on the issue by saying he “was very concerned.”

Im said that he was recovering quickly, saying, “At first they said it was impossible for me to receive surgery, but the number of cancer cells dropped. Even the doctor was surprised; [he/she] said it was the first time [he/she] saw anything like it.”

So Im recovered enough, and after the preliminaries of Superstar K3, was able to receive surgery. At this the members expressed their happiness, saying, “It really feels like we sang miracles.”

But despite the difficult times he went through, Im still managed to be picked as the brightest person on Superstar K3.

Meanwhile, the November 16 broadcast of tvN’s enews covered the box car Cube prize handover ceremony for Superstar K3’s top 4. Kenji Naito, CEO of Nissan in Korea, many executives and Superstar K3’s Top 4, Ulala Session, Two Months and Christina (Busker Busker unavailable due to short hiatus) came in to Gangnam on November 13 for the ceremony.

Stories from ‘Superstar K3’

After receiving the cars, the Top 4 came together for a commemorative photo shoot. At the shoot, Im Yun Taek managed to stand out by wearing a different expression for every single cut.

When asked by the producers on who always brings up the mood, the members all pointed at Im. At this Im said, “It’s because I’m immature for my age. I do a lot of weird things.”

He revealed more of his funny antics himself, saying, “I danced Beauty with only my underwear on. I also sometimes dance like a b-boy while I’m wearing pink silk underwear.”

Superstar K3 wasn’t all fun and games for some, however, as there were controversies lurking in the shadows. Shin Ji Su made one of the biggest issues related to the show, when she was criticized for her attitude during Super Week.

Stories from ‘Superstar K3’

During Super Week, the last preliminaries through which the top 10 are chosen, she was criticized by the public for her dictator ways. Some said it just seemed that way because of Superstar K3’s editing, which is famous for exaggerating points the producers think will make issues.

Shin said on the November 16 broadcast of enews, “Honestly, at first I hated it. But although it was exaggerated, they didn’t make [the video] out of thin air; they just edited what came out of my mouth. I don’t hate the editors.”

But still, when people saw her and whispered “It’s Shin Ji Su,” she said she was scared because she would think, “Are they insulting me?” She revealed how much she was hurt by the malicious comments, saying, “I thought no one liked me. No one liked me no matter what I did. Even when I laughed it was a false laugh, my friendship with Ye Rim was made up, and they said my ‘Tom and Jerry’ relationship with Do Hyun was a set up.”

Shin still managed to overcome, and said, “Because I’ve gone through such a big incident in the beginning, I think I’ll be able to react positively to anything else that comes my way if I just think of what I went through then.”

And so the contestants of Superstar K3 seem to be settling down in the aftermath of the show pretty well. As they still have a lot of Superstar K3 related events coming on down the road, there’ll be more where all these stories came from for a while, so make sure to catch it all if you’re missing all the Superstar K action!

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