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Lee Ji Hyun and Park Jung Ah Talk in Tears about What Happened to Jewelry

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2012.09.26 10:00 Mwave Jeon Su Mi Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Lee Ji Hyun revealed why she left her team Jewelry.

On the September 25 broadcast of SBS′ Strong Heart, Lee Ji Hyun said about the rumors that trailed Jewelry′s member changes, "The rumors that we didn′t get along with each other are not true. The reason I left was because of my health."

Lee Ji Hyun and Park Jung Ah Talk in Tears about What Happened to Jewelry

"I wasn′t in top shape, and I was even put under fire for my vocal skills, which worsened my condition because of the stress," Lee Ji Hyun added. "When we didn′t have work the members enjoyed their breaks, but I always had to go to the hospital."

She then said, "I thought I would die if I went on like this. It was hard for me to breathe even when I was lying down because of my low blood pressure. I left the team thinking I should put my life before everything else."

Park Jung Ah, the fellow Jewelry member who made a special appearance this day, also said the same.

"Lee Ji Hyun was really fragile," she said. "When we got her medicine because she had an upset stomach, she would be lying down until right before we went onstage for a live performance. We were sorry whenever she worried that she was a hindrance to the team."

When Lee Ji Hyun finally decided to leave the team, Park Jung Ah couldn′t stop her from doing so.

Lee Ji Hyun and Park Jung Ah Talk in Tears about What Happened to Jewelry

Park Jung Ah said, "The members were sad. We were all afraid the team would disappear because there had been so many member changes. I knew that Ji Hyun was having a hard time, and when she told me [that she would leave] she had already made her decision so I couldn′t stop her."

She then showed tears and said it was all her fault and that she had been "indecisive as a leader."

"When there was a problem, I should′ve pulled it out and had everyone take care of it, but I always just let it stay quiet," she said. "Then those problems exploded out when they had all gone by. What [Seo] In Young said as a joke became a big problem when it met with the issues in society."

Seo In Young had said in past broadcasts and interviews that she was an outcast while in Jewelry.

Park Jung Ah said, "In Young was just joking, and later on we joked among ourselves, ′When were you an outcast? You made us all outcasts.′ In Young was really sorry too."

She confessed in tears, "I really love Jewelry. It′s the group that is everything I went through in my 20s. It wasn′t how it happened, but the stories kept getting weirder and that made me sad."

Even while she was talking, she showed she was worried that her words would aggravate the situation even more. SISTAR′s Dasom shed quiet tears as if she related to Park Jung Ah′s words.

She finished, "I can′t say that there were never times when we had drifted apart, but the 10 years we were together were splendid and beautiful. I hope the members watching TV listen up, and I hope with this we can come together again."

Photo credit: SBS

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