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[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 8

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2012.09.26 20:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

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[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 8

Eun Gyul enters the laundry room and suddenly back hugs Jae Hee.

When Jae Hee pushes him away, she asks what he’s doing and Eun Gyul quickly recovers by saying, “Surprise!” and handing her the ring necklace that he found.

Before she asks anymore questions, Eun Gyul dashes out of the laundry room, freaking out by himself as he realizes that he’s liked Jae Hee all along.

In the room, Tae Jun nervously waits to give Jae Hee her birthday present. Jae Hee returns from the laundry room.

As they both have a gift for the other, Tae Jun and Jae Hee awkwardly watch each other glances and try to pick out the best timing to give the presents.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 8

Timing is now, just as Yoo Jae Suk would say, and both Tae Jun and Jae Hee turn around at the same time to give the presents.

Tae Jun wishes her a happy birthday as she takes her present. She hands him his and he’s shocked to find the necklace inside the box.

Jae Hee explains that Eun Gyul somehow found it and she tells him to thank Eun Gyul. Tae Jun says he’ll thank Eun Gyul, but is also thankful to Jae Hee as well.

They awkwardly stand there before Tae Jun goes to the bathroom. Jae Hee beams at her birthday present.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 8

But not everyone’s on cloud nine, as Eun Gyul’s majorly confused with his feelings for Jae Hee. He thinks he’s crazy and tries to talk himself out of it (we have some noonas over here if you′d like to transfer those feelings...)

However, the more he tries to deny it, Eun Gyul starts seeing Jae Hee everywhere – dressed as the security guard, a baseball player, even Coach Baek with his obnoxious laughter.

Jae Hee looks over through her present from Daniel and sees a taser…which she uses right away on herself. Why?

Jae Hee survives the shock and heads to eat.

Eun Gyul comes her way with Korea’s traditional birthday dish – seaweed soup.
He sits down and tells her his new quote in life is “If you can’t avoid it, enjoy it.”

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 8

He reveals that something like that has happened and since he can’t avoid it, he decided to enjoy it Jae Hee doesn’t know what it is, but wishes him luck with it.

Jae Hee takes a sip from the soup and asks how he got it.
We soon see that he’s used his aegyotastic moves to stir the hearts of the cafeteria ladies.

(He’s adorable, but we can’t imagine the embarrassment Lee Hyun Woo had to go through to film this scene. Where’s the making of footage for this scene!)

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 8

In the gym, Hyun Jae and Tae Jun are still in training, each taking turns to jump over the pole.

Hyun Jae makes it over with no problem, but Tae Jun hits the bar and it drops.

Coach Baek records the numbers and tells Tae Jun what he’s doing wrong. In the locker room Coach Baek addresses Tae Jun’s stage fright, before hilariously getting his large head stuck in his sweater.

Hyun Jae stares at him, beating himself up for having this man as his coach.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 8

Jae Hee buys a cake at the bakery and waits for Tae Jun to come home.
She slips and falls out of her chair, because she’s Jae Hee, just as Tae Jun enters and witnesses the entire event.

Before she can bring up the cake, Tae Jun receives a phone call, and judging from his annoyed voice, it’s Hannah.

And we’re right.

It’s apparently her birthday next week, but because she’ll be busy then, she wants Tae Jun to celebrate it with her now.

As soon as she sees Tae Jun walking towards her, Hannah asks for her birthday present. When he’s empty-handed, she drags him into the same cosmetics store he was in earlier that day. The employee recognizes him and Hannah asks why he was at the store. He explains that he was buying a present…for a friend…

Hannah’s head starts rolling and she puts on a semi-confused, semi-annoyed face.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 8

Jae Hee’s upset that Tae Jun is coming late pushes her cake aside.
Just as she lies down, the lights go off, and from the darkness, Eun Gyul starts singing Happy Birthday with a lit cake in his hands.

Jae Hee’s deeply touched and the two start caking each other.

Eun Gyul receives a call from Da Hye and he doesn’t answer until Jae Hee urges him to.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 8

The next day, Eun Gyul meets up with Da Hye, revealing that he has something important to say. Before he can spit it out, Da Hye cuts in, saying there’s somewhere he needs to come with her.

She has an audition and is completely nervous. She wishes Eun Gyul can go into the audition with her, but since he can’t, Da Hye asks Eun Gyul for a favor.

Da Hye enters the audition room, wearing…sneakers.
Outside, Eun Gyul waits nervously, clicking and clacking Da Hye’s heels on his feet.

Da Hye comes back to him with a sad face, which immediately turns into a bright smile. “Pass!” she announces and Eun Gyul celebrates.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 8

Walking to the bus stop, Da Hye asks what it was that Eun Gyul wanted to tell her. He can’t spit it out, so instead, he asks her to punch him in the face.

He repeats his statement, thinking she won’t do it, but she totally does with a fierce punch. She already knew that he had a crush on someone else. Her instincts told her.

She wishes him good luck with that person and gets on the bus, sadly hiding her face from him as the bus drives off.

During gym class, the students are doing sit-ups. Every time Tae Jun sits up, he meets eyes with Jae Hee, who returns a surprised look back at him. (Secret Garden parody).

Seungri pauses the sit-ups and announces that the team will be headed to hard-core training soon. Everyone groans.

Jong Min complains that they should also go abroad, and Seungri reveals that they are going overseas. The entire team cheers, only to have Seungri say, “Of course, it’s a joke.” Seungri tells the team to prepare for an intense weekend of training.

Jae Hee returns home, only to be interrupted by Hannah, who rushes into the dorm room. She can’t let go of the weird feeling and starts searching around the room. She finally gets to the lotion that Tae Jun bought for Jae Hee.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 8

Hannah angrily asks what Jae Hee is doing with Tae Jun.
She tells Jae Hee not to misunderstand that she can be something with Tae Jun just because she’s his roommate.

“What do you know about Tae Jun? Do you know his favorite color? His favorite season? His favorite food? Did you know he once almost got pecked by a dove and hates birds and eating chicken? Did you know he can’t eat the yolk of an egg if it’s undercooked?”

Right…. Psycho girl. Because knowing all that makes you the perfect candidate for Tae Jun. But really, we were laughing when she said the little bit about the dove and the chicken.

Hannah continues her rampage, saying Jae Hee knows something about Tae Jun. She tells Jae Hee that she needs to wake up and smell the roses because she’s a guy.

Then she so rudely takes the lotion out of Jae Hee’s drawer and says she’s confiscating it. Jae Hee’s had enough of this ridiculousness and finally fights back, causing the lotion bottle to shatter on the ground.

Hannah leaves quickly as Jae Hee starts tearing up in sorrow and anger.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 8

Jae Hee is quietly cleaning up the mess when Tae Jun enters the room and asks what’s wrong. Jae Hee says she dropped the lotion and apologizes for being wasteful.

Tae Jun replies that it’s okay because it didn’t mean much, making Jae Hee’s face fall. Then Tae Jun receives a text message from Hannah, making him complain at her constant texting.

Jae Hee takes this chance to ask how long he’s known Hannah. Tae Jun replies brightly that they’ve known each other since they were babies, so he thought Hannah was his little sister.

Jae Hee shares that she thinks Hannah hates her guts, but Tae Jun stands up for her nastiness, by saying she’s still a baby and isn’t really a bad person. (For some reason, we have a hard time believing that.)

Jae Hee asks if Tae Jun can’t eat egg yolk if it’s undercooked and Tae Jun replies in surprise that he can’t and how did she know that?

Instead of answering his question, Jae Hee throws a hissy fit, asking Tae Jun what kind of man can’t eat undercooked yolk.

Is it that time of the month for all the girls in this drama?

Eun Gyul’s in his room, taking self-shots and trying to think of cool quotes to post, when he notices Hyun Jae packing. Hyun Jae explains that he has weekend training with the track team.

Eun Gyul realizes that even Jae Hee will be going.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 8

The next day, Jae Hee comes out of the bathroom, prepared to leave for training when she feels uncomfortable. Before she can wonder if she’s tightened her medical tapes too hard around her chest, she realizes she’s late for training and rushes out of the dorm.

She runs into Eun Gyul along the way, who asks how long she’ll be gone, She tells him around three days and dashes for the exit.

On the camping grounds, the boys are all setting up their tents.
Tae Jun notices that Jae Hee is struggling, but Seungri ends up helping before Tae Jun can do anything.

After building up their tents, Jae Hee ends up being on kitchen duty and is washing rice, when Teacher Lee comes to help. When Coach Baek sees his crush being used by a student, he yells at Jae Hee and takes Teacher Lee away.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 8

Hyun Jae’s on the phone with someone, sweetly talking and saying, ‘I miss you’s. When Tae Jun walks by, Hyun Jae hurriedly hangs up, making Tae Jun ask if it’s his girlfriend. Hyun Jae walks away, saying it’s none of his business.

Tae Jun stops him, asking why Hyun Jae hates him so much.

Hyun Jae turns around, accusing Tae Jun of never being thankful for all the things he’s gotten. Hyun Jae adds that the things that Tae Jun might want to throw away are things that Hyun Jae needs.

Poor Eun Gyul is bored at home.

No roommate, no crush, no bickering friend.

He tries to get his mind off things, but somehow, they just bring him back to the thought of Jae Hee. So he decides that he’ll chase after Jae Hee no matter what.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 8

Jae Hee’s struggling with dinner, because there’s no rule that says a girl is automatically good at cooking. Luckily for her, Tae Jun is an excellent chef and ends up making everything for her, while being adorably cute with Jae Hee.

He carves out Jae Hee’s face in a potato and while playing around, the potato head drops into the pot of soup.

The boys are shocked by the meal set up, and then even more impressed when it actually tastes good. Jong Min later finds the potato head in the soup and Jae Hee and Tae Jun exchange secret glances and smiles.

But not everything is smiles and good food.

Training starts and the boys stagger through it. Then Seungri announces that there will be a survival paintball game where the loser has to run around in their underwear and this puts Jae Hee into panic mode.

As they chop wood, Jong Min sighs aloud that he misses Eun Gyul. The other boys comment that they’re rather glad that he’s not here to annoyingly chatter up a storm and suddenly, Eun Gyul pipes up that Eun Gyul has a sexy voice.

Unfortunately for Eun Gyul, Coach Baek doesn’t like the idea of a soccer player being in a training camp for the track team. But Eun Gyul knows exactly how to work around Coach Baek and finally says he’ll do his best to help Coach Baek somehow get on good terms with Teacher Lee. Coach Baek loves the idea.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 8

The paintball survival game starts.
It plays out like the dramatic song in the background and players start dying one by one.

Jae Hee, being the clumsy helpless girl that she is, falls and hurts her wrist. Coming to her aide along with Eun Gyul, Tae Jun finds out that if their team loses, then she needs to roam around in her underwear and suddenly, his eyes change as he now has another reason to win the game.

Tae Jun goes crazy with his gun, not letting a single enemy who comes across his path live.

Forget high jumping. He should just become a secret agent.

Eun Gyul sticks around with Jae Hee and when he sees Hyun Jae aiming for Jae Hee. He pulls a Kevin Costner move and gets shot instead of Jae Hee. Before Hyun Jae can come any closer, Jae Hee shoots him in the chest.

Eun Gyul marvels that it was an excellent life, sacrificing himself for a friend, then has a heart fluttering moment, staring straight into Jae Hee’s face while lying on top of her. Jae Hee tells him to get off.

The whistle blows and the two wonder which team won.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 8

The group of naked boys in underwear complain about Tae Jun and Eun Gyul scolds Hyun Jae for killing someone on his own team.

After winning, Tae Jun notices that Jae Hee’s face is completely pale and hurriedly takes her over to Doctor Jang, who is currently hand-dripping coffee for Teacher Lee and a jealous Coach Baek.

Doctor Jang asks the other teachers to leave the tent while he examines Jae Hee, who now has a hard time breathing.

Doctor Jang scolds Jae Hee because she had her medical bandages too tight around her chest. He asks her why she continues to stay even after seeing Tae Jun jump. She doesn’t reply.

Jae Hee returns to the tents to the worry of Tae Jun and Eun Gyul. She gives them a false reason and reassures that she’s all right. Her hand is bandaged up from before though.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 8

Cue to washing scene.

Jae Hee is struggling with brushing her teeth and washing her face, and Tae Jun comes to the rescue, becoming her third and fourth hand, gently squeezing toothpaste on her toothbrush and even washing her face for her.

Inside the tents at night, there’s a strange aura that falls on top of Jae Hee and Tae Jun as they lie, side to side. Jae Hee gets up to take a walk, but instead falls on top of Tae Jun. As she tries to get up, Tae Jun swiftly pins her down and looks into her eyes.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 8

“Jae Hee... I think I like you...so I want to test it out. Because lips don’t lie.”

They both close their eyes and lean in..... and Eun Gyul freaks out in his own tent, saying it’s not possible. But he can’t shake off the feeling and decides to visit Jae Hee.

Unfortunately, his zipper isn’t working and he caterpillars out of his tent.

Inside the tents, Jae Hee and Tae Jun replay the same dialogue that Eun Gyul imagined in his head, but without the confessions. Instead, Jae Hee tells Tae Jun about s’mores and how deliciously amazing they are. She promises to make him some later.

Eun Gyul unfortunately gets caught by Seungri and is forced to turn back. All that hard work for nothing.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 8

Tae Jun and Jae Hee turn back to back to sleep, but both can’t fall asleep easily.

The next day, Tae Jun’s father talks with Director Jang, announcing that Coach Holten has contacted him. He wants Tae Jun in Canada. Just then, Hannah overhears the news.

In the morning, Jae Hee struggles to eat with one hand.
Tae Jun tries to hand her some side dishes, but Eun Gyul beats him to the punch and Jae Hee gets adorably fed, pissing everyone else off.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 8

After breakfast, Eun Gyul announces that there will be a meteor shower at night and that they should all go make a wish. Seungri saying wishing on a star is dumb and the other boys say he doesn’t have a girlfriend because he’s not romantic at all.

They diverge onto the subject of Seungri’s ideal woman, and he wants a girl who looks like a girl and acts like a girl and is a girl in all aspects. The boys shake their heads, saying that he’s better off wishing on a star for a girl like that instead of waiting for one to pop up.

Tae Jun unzips his tent entrance and Jae Hee yells, ‘Wait!’ as she changes her shirt. Tae Jun quickly zips up the tent. Tae Jun scolds Jae Hee for not being careful and Jae Hee stares at him strangely. (Really, girl? You can’t see that he obviously knows something about you?)

Jae Hee asks Tae Jun to go see the meteor shower together. Tae Jun agrees, saying they should make s’mores.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 8

At night, Seungri asks Tae Jun for help in planning the next training exercise, and Tae Jun tells Jae Hee that he’ll be a little late for the meteor showers, as Jae Hee packs up ingredients for the s’mores party (where...did she get all those ingredients?).

Seungri’s walking around, staring at the meteor shower. He skeptically asks for a girlfriend, when he spots Hannah walking towards his way at the exact same moment.

He’s shocked because the girliest looking girl with glistening eyes stands before her.

Hannah cries, asking where Tae Jun is and Seungri stutters an answer, before Hannah dashes off. Seungri looks back in shock, having fallen in love at first sight.

Eun Gyul stands outside of Jae Hee’s tent, asking if she wants to go see the meteor shower. When there’s no response, he opens the tent and finds no one there.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 8

Tae Jun meets up with a crying Hannah, who reveals his father’s plans to send him to Canada. He’s surprised at the news. Hannah says that his father’s already planned everything and she’s determined to follow him if he goes. He reassures that he’s not going to Canada.

But Hannah’s not at all reassured and asks Tae Jun to go to Seoul with her to convince his dad to reconsider.

Jae Hee’s at the campfire making some s’mores (those are some weak s’mores. She should melt the marshmallow a bit more) and waiting for Tae Jun, when Eun Gyul finds her. A disappointed face appears on Jae Hee’s face as they sit in silence.

Before he heads for Seoul, Tae Jun calls Jae Hee saying he has to flake out. Jae Hee says it’s okay, but her face says otherwise.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 8

Eun Gyul asks about the s’mores and Jae Hee reveals that the person who she liked when she was young taught her how to make it.

They sit eating s’mores together and watching the shower.

When the mood becomes right, Eun Gyul reveals that he has something to say to her.
She asks what... and the episode ends.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 8


Well, that was the most anticlimactic ending ever.

Not entirely the best way to end the week’s episode, but we guess it happens from time to time, so whatever. Maybe there are still people who are drowning in excitement for the next episode after that lackluster cliffending.

We think at this point, we have officially turned off our brains to watch this series.
It’s a bit hard to watch it without doing so, since this drama is so full of flaws with almost every scene it shows. We’re reminded of the days when we watched Boys Before Flowers and how upset we were watching that series since it was just butchered with open-ended stories and made absolutely no sense. But we did watch that drama with our brains turned on and it just made us angry, so we’re going to continue To the Beautiful You by not thinking but mindlessly watching.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 8

We will miss Da Hye in this series. She was definitely nice to have around, being a more interesting character than Jae Hee ever was in the series. Also, we liked seeing more of Hyun Jae and starting to see a bit of why he’s Mr. Grumpypants towards Tae Jun all the time. There’s more behind his douchebaggery and hopefully we can find out why he’s such a jerk.

We don’t really have a lot to say about this episode, because there was nothing special about it. We feel like we’ve already mentioned everything we wanted to say in the previous recaps and nothing different happened in this one that’s worth talking about.

That’s a bad sign for a drama, but what can we do.

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