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Psy Talks about the Hard Times and the Good Times He Had in America

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2012.09.25 17:30 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Psy opened up on how he was happy about his success in America, yet had to go through hard times of his own during his stay.

Psy Talks about the Hard Times and the Good Times He Had in America

On September 25 Psy talked at the press conference held in Seoul.

He said, "This opportunity came to me 12 years after I made my debut. Everyone here should know, but in those 12 years there were times when I almost gave up being a singer and there were times when the public turned its back on me. This chance came to me as I had been a healthy singer in Korea for 12 years, so nothing would have happened if the public hadn′t forgiven me and approved."

He then emphasized again, "If the public hadn′t approved, I wouldn′t have been able to release Gangnam Style and I would never have gotten the chances I have now."

About the difficulties he had to go through in America, he said, "Honestly, I was happy to be in America, but it was hard for me at the same time. First of all I was lonely and I wanted to go home. Hotel rooms made me feel so lonely, and getting on airplanes all the time made me tired."

"The most difficult thing was that when my work ends I should feel relaxed, but since I had to speak English I kept caring for my pronunciation. Since I′ve only used English in my four years of college, I have to translate any questions I receive in my head, then think the answer in Korean and translate that again to speak it out," said Psy. "It′s hard because in broadcasts you have to be quick with your answers."

Despite these difficulties, he was able to push on thanks to his fans′ support.

"Whenever [I got tired], I visited Korean portal sites and there I saw the good articles about me every day, and in the comments sections people worried about my health. This is the first time in my 12 year career that people have worried about my health," said Psy. "My fans especially were concerned. The reason I′ve been living so comfortably is because people used to expect low moral standards from me, but now I feel the responsibility."

Psy also said, "The new opportunities that will come tomorrow all come from the passionate support and care sent me. I was especially nervous when I made a surprise appearance in front of Britney Spears and on The Today Show, but my fans′ support helps me be bold and shameless."

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

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