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2NE1 Fulfills Dream of Exclusive Concert

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2011.08.29 13:38 Mwave Kim, JiYeon

"Both our throats and bodies are sore but we feel great that we′ve made our dream come true."

Not many are able to fulfill their dreams of becoming singers, but there are even fewer singers who are able to hold an exclusive concert within two years of their debut. In light of the current state of the K-Pop world, it′s even more surprising that 2NE1 was able to hold a headlining concert of its very own.

2NE1 Fulfills Dream of Exclusive Concert

To hold an exclusive concert, the most important thing is to have many hit songs - and 2NE1 definitely has hit that quota - quite possibly more so than any other girl group of its generation.

Besides 2NE1′s debut hit songs, such as ′Fire′ and ′I Don′T Care′, 2NE1 released a slew of smash hits from its August 2011 mini-album, including ′Ugly′, ′Lonely′, ′I Am The Best′, ′Hate You′, and ′Don′t Cry′.

All of 2NE1′s albums have been so successful that the group′s number of hit songs may equal that of a veteran singer. Thanks to this fact, 2NE1 was able to hold not one, but three concerts, running from the 26th to the 28th, at Seoul′s Bangi-dong Olympic Park Olympic Hall.

"We′ve been saying ever since our debut that our dream was to hold an exclusive concert, and we feel great now that this dream has come true. (Laugh) Actually the performance itself made our throats and bodies sore. But there′s something in it that gets you hooked. We want to hold another concert soon."

After the concert for the 28th ended, the members of 2NE1 gave themselves up to the intense emotions which followed their successful performance. Sandara Park especially shed tears while saying, "Today′s the day of our last concert and it′s also the last day of our promotion activities for our second mini-album, so I guess that′s why I felt more emotional."

2NE1 Fulfills Dream of Exclusive Concert

More than anything, 2NE1 has learned that concerts are fun.

"We′ve always been more free with our televised performances but of course, concerts turned out to be very different. I guess that′s where singers get their power to keep singing, and it was great that we could jump around and play with the audience."

The 2NE1 members emphasized it was great that they were able to meet their fans and didn′t regret holding their concert in a performance hall with only 4,000 seats. The concert brought in a total of 12,000 fans (4,000 seats for 3 days), which meant that the group could have held its concert in a far larger concert hall.

However, 2NE1 said, "The size was perfect. It was great to feel, listen, sweat, and breath together with our fans."

Now that they have fulfilled the dream they′ve been dreaming about ever since their debut, the members of 2NE1 started thinking not of what they could have done better in the past, but how they could start to build a better future.
What would they go for now?

"We′re worried that we showed you too much for our second mini-album. We′ll go into hiding, and when we come back, we want to be able to shock you again. Our goal is always to surprise our fans. We′ll have to think about that while we take a rest."

Though 2NE1 said it would think about how to surprise its fans while taking a rest, the group will actually be traveling to Japan, and will hold six concerts in three cities (Yokohama, Kobe, Chiba) from September 19 to October 2.

Whether 2NE1 will gain as much popularity in Japan as they did in Korea, and whether they will be able to become a new breeze in Japan is yet to be seen, but with the member′s skills and enthusiasm, it′s likely that the group will achieve new heights overseas.

Photo credit: YG Entertainment

Hearing the name Jang Hyuk, what pops into people’s minds first? Probably, a man of few words, because he often portrayed such characters with a quiet charisma.

He transformed himself into the daring and courageous Lee Dae Gil in the drama Slave Hunters (2010) and into cold-hearted Kim Do Hyun in Midus (2011). Those strong and tough characters might have wiped away the comical image he crafted in his early work, Success of a Bright Girl (2002).

However, those who have met him in real life might refute it all at once. Jang is rather cheerful person all together with delicate sensitivity and sense of humor even though sometimes he is taciturn. He gives off an infectious positive energy.

Enews sat down with the actor for the first time in seven months since the latest interview with him in April after his shooting in Midus. He looked more laid-back than last time.

2NE1 Fulfills Dream of Exclusive Concert

”I’d like to be an actor who can lead his character rather than be an A-lister"

“It’s been a while. It’s good to hear that you say I look more relaxed than the time when I was shooting Midus. Back then, I didn’t even have time to memorize the script. I received the scripts 30 minutes before shooting, so I had to grasp the meaning instantly and begin shooting. I was more tense due to the tight schedule. Or I might have given that impression because I was immersed in such a cold-hearted character.”

He said that with his unique ‘killer smile’ as if to say that he wasn′t a cold-hearted person. In fact, he smiles and laughs very often. When he grins, he looks like an innocent child. Jang has a lot to smile about these days, as the popularity of his current drama, A Tree with Deep Roots, continues to soar.

Jang Hyuk stressed, however, that he is always more satisfied when he fully understands his characters than rather being an A-list celeb.

2NE1 Fulfills Dream of Exclusive Concert

“Thank you for calling me an A-lister. But I′d rather be an actor who can take control of a character. Some actors lose their color as an actor because their characters’ color is stronger than that of the actor. It’s my pride as an actor not to lose my color. I have to take control of my character. I don’t want to make things the other way around. In that sense, I’m happy to become an A-list actor because that means I can have more leeway in acting a character."

You’ll shine brighter when you act with great actors.”

An actor who melts into his character, but never loses his own color - that’s Jang Hyuk. Keeping that goal in mind, he looks at the bigger picture. He also talked about two great actors of A Tree with Deep Roots, Yoon Je Moon and Jo Jin Woong.

“When I read the drama’s synopsis, I wanted the character, Ga Ri On, very much. It seems to me that that’s the character that can retain two colors at the same time. But I’m not fit for the character in terms of age. Ga Ri On was such a crucial character in the drama that has to work with Han Seok Gyu (King Sejong), and could evoke ample sentiment. I received a good impression from Yoon Je Moon while working with him in Midus, and I recommended him to the director and producer. I also recommended Jo Jin Woong because I thought of him as a good actor while working with him in Slave Hunters."

2NE1 Fulfills Dream of Exclusive Concert

Jang Hyuk is also an actor who can see the entire piece of work rather than trying to shine by himself.

“I recommended Yoon Je Moon and Jo Jin Woong, but I’m the one who′s receiving good energy from them. Thanks to them, the character of Kang Chae Yoon shines (laughs).”

For that reason, Jang himself wants to become an actor who can be a positive influence on his hoobaes (juniors).

“Good sunbaes (seniors) are tantamount to good books. You′ll learn something when you′re surrounded by great actors in a piece of work. Even though it doesn′t bring about immeditable changes, it will definitely be helpful someday. This is why you have to be a good sunbae.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Gwan

Translation credit: Misun Lee

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