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Ayumi′s Lover Gackt Rumored to be in Another Relationship with Japanese Actress

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2012.09.21 11:03 Mwave Lee, KyungNam Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Shocking rumors behind Gackt′s love relationships continue to roll in.

The Japanese weekly Shukan Bunshun recently reported on Gackt and actress Yumiko Shaku′s promiscuous relationship in an article with the title, ′Yumiko Shaku dated Gackt for 10 years′.

Ayumi′s Lover Gackt Rumored to be in Another Relationship with Japanese Actress

One old acquaintance, who said that he had been in charge of Gackt′s property and investments, spilled, "Yumiko Shaku was a fan of Gackt, and she asked a producer to help her meet him so they got together once. They met with the staff from their agencies this day, and after seeing they were of the same mind, traveled to Gackt′s home and made love. After that Yumiko Shaku regularly visited Gackt at his home."

Another source said, "The two only met at Gackt′s house. Gackt never called Shaku even to the Christmas parties he attended with his closest friends. I believe he tried to help her by keeping their relationship secret."

Yumiko Shaku′s agency denied the claims, as a rep said, "I believe they met six years ago at a concert. Gackt invited her and she did visit him backstage, but they share no personal ties."

Gackt′s side stayed quiet, only saying, "We don′t look over private events."

In June Gackt opened up that he was dating Ayumi, a.k.a. Iconiq. Since then, however, he′s been surrounded by rumors that say he has a child and wife hiding in Canada or that he embezzled money from a fund set up to help victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Photo credit: Gackt and Yumiko Shaku′s Twitters

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