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[Interview] Naul Wants to Make Music He′s Proud Of

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2012.09.23 15:00 Mwave Park, HyunMin Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Singer/songwriter Naul has taken his first step toward building a solo career. The vocalist has always been part of a group of two or four, such as with Anthem, Brown Eyes and Brown Eyed Soul, but this time he′s back with an album that has only his own name on it.

Naul has been loved throughout his career even without interviews or variety appearances thanks to his great vocals. It′s been that hard to meet this singer outside of the stage, but he met with the press at a music bar in Sinsadong on one rainy day.

[Interview] Naul Wants to Make Music He′s Proud Of

The reason he decided to release his first solo album was surprisingly simple; he had just been swept up in the moment when he wasn′t interested in singing alone due to his interest in singing in groups.

"I thought now would be the right time [to release a solo album] after the members released theirs. I didn′t think of anything special, it just came naturally.... It was good that I could do things my way alone, but it did feel somewhat lonely."

He aimed to ′heal′ the exhausted public through his first studio album Principle of My Soul. He provided an escape from the cold and artificial music of today and unfolded his own world of soul in his warm music.

"I thought warm sounds would comfort people more effectively than cold sounds. I stripped off all artificial digital sounds and tried to contain warm analog moods. This is why I used the reel tape method to record my songs and tried to retain a 60s, 70s feel."

[Interview] Naul Wants to Make Music He′s Proud Of

Naul said he himself was comforted while he was working on his album. His album′s 10th track Stone of Zion, which he wrote around a melody that occurred to him while he was listening to a sermon, expresses those feelings.

"The hard thing [about the world today] is that everyone is in the same system. I have to perform every year, and release albums.... Everyone wants to go somewhere where people won′t look for them for a year or two, but we always have something to do and we always have to have results to show. These difficulties were comforted after I recorded the song."

Of course singers want more people to listen to their songs, and so when the opportunity comes, they try to be more outgoing and put in more effort outside of their talent to make the most of that moment. Psy, who caused a global phenomenon practically overnight with Gangnam Style, is a good example.

Naul, however, still hides under his veil of secrecy due to his shyness.

"I′m not interested in becoming a global star. My first aim is to make music that I can be proud of. I′m just thankful that so many people love that music. I started as a listener, so I don′t think of myself as a singer. That could be a problem for me."

He said about his plans after he wraps up promotions for his album, "I worked on the album thinking it will be my last, and I do hope it will be my last. I just want to go to heaven quickly."

He explained to prevent any misunderstandings, "I′m not saying I′ll commit suicide; it′s just that I wish everyone could live in a better place together soon. Of course while we′re here we need to do our best in our lives."

His future, he says, won′t be very different from his present.

"I′ve poured a lot of effort in my life, but I don′t believe I have a great ability. Rather than change, I believe I should continue to cherish my sincere emotions so that I can deliver better music to my fans."

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