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[Interview Part II] Lee Byung Hun′s Difficulties and Embarrassments in Filming ′Masquerade′

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2012.09.23 20:30 Mwave Oh, MiJung Translation Credit : Erika Kim

This is Part II of enews′ interview with Lee Byung Hun. Read Part I here.

Were there any difficulties in filming ′Masquerade′?

"There aren′t many places where we can film period pieces. We encountered a shortage of sets, so we had to travel around the country for our shoots. The scene where I hold Queen Han Hyo Joo′s hand and run through the palace was filmed in Jeolla-do, Gyeongsang-do and Seoul. We didn′t get to shoot the film in order, so it was hard to portray the emotions of Ha Sun as he slowly became a king."

You′re an actor who represents Korea, but you ruined your image for the film. There′s even a scene where you try to keep your bowels from letting go.

"I was embarrassed, but it was okay once I started on it. (Laugh)"

[Interview Part II] Lee Byung Hun′s Difficulties and Embarrassments in Filming ′Masquerade′

A lot of modern dialect appears in your speech although it′s a period piece. The way you curse is all more modern.

"When you film period pieces, you have to decide how much of the old dialect you′ll use. Period pieces that use too much stop people from getting immersed in the drama because of its difficult jargon. We acted without caring for historical accuracy. I think it turned out funnier because we used modern swear words."

I heard most of your ideas were used in the comedic scenes. They say you′re a funny man.

"The scene where I hit my head on the rafters and the humor in the scene where I take care of my bowels all came from my idea."

Anyway, the critics and the public have received the film well. How many people do you expect will see the film?

"I′m actually more worried because the critics have given so many good reviews. Our film is supposed to be commercial. (Laugh) I can′t even begin to guess the number of its audience. That′s harder than winning the lottery. I just hope a lot of people see it."

There are so many strengths to this film. Are there any weaknesses?

"That I don′t appear as a cool man, and that there aren′t any scenes where Ryu Seung Ryong can show off his greasy comedy (Laugh)."

[Interview Part II] Lee Byung Hun′s Difficulties and Embarrassments in Filming ′Masquerade′

You′ll soon start shooting your third Hollywood film, ′Red 2′. How do you feel?

"When I filmed G.I. Joe 2, I just thought Hollywood films would be unique experiences in my life. I didn′t feel any responsibility, and I just felt it was a part of my job. I also thought it was a good time of my life that would end soon. When I attended the hand printing event in Hollywood, however, I felt differently. It felt like I was making a promise with my American audience, that I wouldn′t just kick other people on screen as an Asian actor but that I would show off my real acting. I′m more worried I′ll end my acting career after failing to leave behind anything important in Hollywood. Even if I never get to reach the peak in my generation, I believe I should be a good advisor for those juniors who dream of going to Hollywood."

You′re in a public relationship with Lee Min Jung. Are you thinking of getting married?

"Maybe, someday. I feel the pressure [because of the articles tying in Lee Min Jung]."

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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