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[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

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2012.09.19 20:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

The moment we’ve been dreading has finally arrived and our hearts are absolutely shattering. We’re not ready to let this wonderful drama that has given us nine weeks of awesomeness that is beyond description.

What are we going to do? How will we survive?

What was life like before Reply 1997? We don’t remember.

Sad, sad day. But life goes on.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

Episode 16 opens up where we left off.

March of 2013 at the hospital, where Si Won has entered to give birth to her new baby.

Si Won’s asking for her husband and both Tae Woong and Yoon Jae arrive just in time, huffing and puffing….and tvN decides to give us a commercial break. Just tell us who the father is!! Confirm our guesses for the baby daddy!!

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

We time warp back to September of 2005.

Yoon Jae and his colleagues are at a Korean BBQ restaurant, where they eat dinner and drink soju. A female colleague (Is that Bae Da Hye we see?) is revealed to be Yoon Jae’s college friend as well, and she explains to her superior that she’s chased Yoon Jae around for four entire years, and he didn’t even budge.

The people around her are shocked that his colleague drinks like a whale, and another comments that’s probably why she couldn’t get Yoon Jae, since men hate it when girls drink well.

Everyone disagrees, including Yoon Jae, who doesn’t mind his girlfriend drinking a lot. In fact, he likes it when girls drink well.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

Speaking of girlfriends who drink well, Si Won is also at an after-dinner gathering with her co-workers. As she chugs down beer, her co-worker marvels at her drinking. The writer asks if Yoon Jae minds her constant drinking and how she sleeps overnight at the studio.

Si Won shakes her head, saying Yoon Jae doesn’t know, just as he appears out of nowhere and glares down at her.

He takes a seat next to Si Won, who chokes a little at Yoon Jae’s sudden appearance and starts to really chug down her beer this time.

She empties her glass and looks to Yoon Jae like a begging puppy for more.

But puppy doesn’t get her treat as Yoon Jae takes her mug away, and he remarks that the thing he hates in the world is when his girlfriend is drunk in front of other people, especially men.

He whispers to Si Won, who pouts, that if she sleeps at the studio night room one more, he’ll kill her. Si Won mocks him behind his back as her co-workers drink uncomfortably.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

After the gathering, the two co-workers, who turn out to be a wedded couple, leave, saying it’s the first time they’re leaving sober after drinking with Si Won. They ask for Yoon Jae to escort her safely home, because if he doesn’t, she might start heading towards another bar.

Si Won whines as another one of her secrets from Yoon Jae is revealed again.
Yoon Jae asks how much she drank, because he tells her to breathe in front his nose. What is he…a human Breathalyzer?

Si Won’s appalled saying her social life is dying because of him and that it’s much safer for her to sleep in the studio then head home in the middle of the night alone (we have to agree with her on that).

But Yoon Jae has his reasons for nagging, as he starts listing off the many times she’s come home drunk on someone else’s back or covered in vomit, etc, etc….

He warns her that if she does it one more time…. And Si Won’s face changes completey, challenging him to finish his sentence.

“Then what? What? You’re going to hit me?”

And suddenly, Si Won’s on top of Yoon Jae again, who shrivels up a size, and asks her formally not to drink too much since her boyfriend hates it.

This couple is so adorable.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

The hired designated driver (cameo by Lee Su Geun) comes and takes the two to Si Won’s house.

Yoon Jae attempts to go inside for a cup of ‘coffee,’ but Si Won’s not stupid and tells him to go home, kicking him in the shin. She calls him a taxi and leaves him in front of the apartment.

Outside, Yoon Jae’s bitter because this time, he was so close to actually making it inside. The cab comes and he gets in, but five seconds later, the cab backs up and Yoon Jae runs out, dashing into the apartment building.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t know the passcode to Si Won’s house. He starts guessing her birthday, his birthday, and every other number he can think of when he realizes something.

“I wonder…”

On his phone, he searches for Tony An. Then he enters Tony’s birthdate and -Tada~~ the door magically opens.

“For once, that monkey helped me.”
He takes a deep breath and enters.

Si Won is shocked by how Yoon Jae figured out the passcode as he orders her to make him some coffee. He gets picky and tells her to make a specific kind of coffee, but is immediately threatened by Si Won to take what she gives or leave.

He finishes his coffee too soon and Si Won tells him to leave.

He searches for the bathroom and Si Won says she knows what he’s trying to do, so he better leave.

Coming out of the bathroom, he tries again to settle down, but this time, Si Won physically pushes him out. He promises to leave if she gives him a kiss.

After resisting, she finally gives in and pecks him on the lips, but Yoon Jae isn’t satisfied and throws his jacket on the ground.

“Are you kidding me right now?”

He approaches her and corners her into the kitchen counter before giving her a real kiss. And Si Won completely surrenders.

(We’re starting to get sick of this scene…this is the fourth time)

Tae Woong and Yoon Jae dash down the hallway.

Huffing and puffing, Yoon Jae finally catches his breath and announces….that he….he…is the husband! (FINALLY!!!!! Baby daddy mystery solved~)

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

Cheesy dramatic music plays as Yoon Jae follows after the nurse into the delivery room.

Mama and Papa Sung tell Tae Woong to leave, since he’s super busy with his work. Tae Woong asks for them to call him as soon as the baby is born, since as the uncle, he wants to name the baby.

The grandparents ask if he’s already thought of the name, and Tae Woong replies, “To win, Seung, and to get bigger, Ho, - Yoon Seung Ho.”

They like the name although it sounds a bit familiar.

Si Won will like that name a LOT because it’s Tony’s Korean name – Ahn Seung Ho.

Tae Woong leaves as Mama and Papa Sung say now that Yoon Jae is with Si Won, they should go eat. Mama Sung worries but Papa Sung says Si Won will do fine. But Mama Sung is actually worried about Yoon Jae, getting his hair pulled out. Papa Sung comments that it’s his luck for marrying her and they both leave to eat.

(They seem way too calm about the birth of their first grandchild… Have they done this already?)

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

In the delivery room, Si Won is continuously in labor, and just as Mama Sung says, Si Won starts to pull Yoon Jae’s hair and cursing at him. “This is all your fault!”

Along with Si Won, Yoon Jae cries, asking the doctors if he has to wait long.

Back track to the high school reunion in 2012.
Their friends ask when Si Won is due – March 2013.

Sung Jae is amazed that even though they’re a weekend couple (they live separately and meet up in the weekend), they somehow had time to get pregnant.

Tae Woong worries that she’ll go into labor while Yoon Jae’s down in Daejeon, and Si Won replies that the doctors will take better care of her than Yoon Jae ever will.

The other agree that it’s smarter for Yoon Jae to stay away, since if he’s in the delivery room with her, all he’ll receive is hair-pulling and hardcore cursing.

Si Won is appalled that her friends think she would do such a thing and sweetly tells Yoon Jae that she won’t even touch him. Yoon Jae obviously doesn’t believe him.

Sung Jae is so amazed that the two somehow dated each other after seeing pretty much everything since birth. “How did they end up getting married?” Even Joon Hee can’t imagine them dating like other couples do.

Si Won insists that they dated like any other couple, which Yoon Jae, once again disagrees with.

Traveling back to 2005, Si Won and Yoon Jae are kissing in front of her apartment door. As she heads in, she comes back out for one more peck.

But things aren’t as romantic and Yoon Jae hopes, since when he texts her what she’s doing, she replies with, “I’m pooping.”

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

At night, he texts her, “You can’t fall asleep either right?”
Si Won: “Zzzzz.”
Yoon Jae: “You’re actually thinking about me right now, huh?”
Si Won: “Crazy bastard.”

Yeah…dating like any other couple.

But like any other couple, Yoon Jae waits for Si Won to get ready. When she comes out wearing something hideous, instead of lying, Yoon Jae tells the truth, making Si Won curse his name.

Si Won’s still faithful to serving her Tony oppa, as she orders another fanclub member to make sure to put the stickers correctly on Tony’s lunch box.

Jealous, Yoon Jae asks if it’s Tony or him.
Si Won scoffs, asking how he’s comparing himself with Tony.

The love between Tony and Si Won is platonic love, agape love. Yoon Jae asks if their love is vulgar and nasty then. Si Won agrees, since the only thing he’s really thinking about is sex and porn.

Yoon Jae then takes the wrong route and criticizes Tony on his recent failure as a solo artist, which makes Si Won to start pulling hair and beating him up.

Yoon Jae narrates,

“Even if you bring a lion into a beautiful meadow, that doesn’t mean he’ll give up meat and start eating carrots. No matter what the surroundings are, a lion is a lion, and a rabbit is a rabbit. Similarly, Sung Si Won is Sung Si Won, and Yoon Yoon Jae is Yoon Yoon Jae. We met, we dated, and we loved.”

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

Yoon Jae finally invites Si Won into his apartment and Si Won is amazed by how neat and organized everything is.

As they eat the dumplings Mama Sung sent them (Yoon Jae picks out the meat, while Si Won eats everything else), Yoon Jae asks, “How is it?”

“As a honeymoon house.”
He says it’s a good size to clean and decently affordable with his pay.

Si Won stares without a word and Yoon Jae turns to her and asks if she’s not thinking about getting married with him. She doesn’t answer.

Si Won finally opens her mouth and asks if this is a proposal.

Yoon Jae states that they’re obviously going to get married, so why would he propose. (For those overseas, proposals tend not to be so much of a requirement here in Korea. Weddings often happen without a big proprosal.)

“Did you want a different kind of proposal? Like renting out an entire restaurant with a three-tier cake.”

Si Won sneers at him, threatening him to never do any kind of event or else she’ll kill and she’ll die of embarrassment.

He asks, “Then, that means you’re going to marry me.”

Si Won doesn’t reply, and he finally says, “If you don’t answer me in three seconds, I’m going to kiss you.”

He counts….one….two….and three.

Just as he leans in for a kiss, she replies okay, avoiding his eyes.

Awwww, it’s embarrassed Si Won. This is a rare sight.

Yoon Jae goes ahead and kisses her.

Later, as Yoon Jae does the dishes, Si Won comes across the picture of Yoon Jae and Joon Hee. She asks if Joon Hee said anything on the day he moved out.

Yoon Jae hesitates, but answers that Joon Hee didn’t say anything.
Both Yoon Jae and Si Won’s faces fall as we go back to Joon Hee’s moving day.

Yoon Jae and Joon Hee talk about how Tae Woong did the brother switcheroo, giving up Si Won along the way.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

Joon Hee thinks Tae Woong is brave to confess all of his feelings for Si Won to Yoon Jae, since if it was him, he would have just kept it all inside and gave up.

“If your brother didn’t straightforwardly admit his feelings that day, you two would have lived awkwardly together,” says Joon Hee. “Instead of having unsaid secrets between each other, it’s better to make fun of each other while eating on family holidays.”

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

Yoon Jae suggest that he switch fields to psychology and heal the hearts of people, but Joon Hee replies that he knows other people’s hearts, but doesn’t know his own.

“I need to organize my feelings first.”

He proceeds to taping up his boxes.
He exits, leaving Yoon Jae speechless.

Joon Hee’s ready to leave, when the mover suggest that he go back inside and check one more time for items that were left behind.

Joon Hee agrees and enters the house once more, staring into a barren room.

Yoon Jae pipes up that it’s okay to leave things behind, since he’ll always deliver it to Joon Hee. Joon Hee smiles.

Joon Hee awkwardly wishes Yoon Jae good luck on his exams and to buy food if he gets promoted. As he leaves, Yoon Jae calls him out and Joon Hee freezes.

From the back, Yoon Jae gives Joon Hee a hug.
The two friends don’t say anything, but stay still.
It’s a silent moment, but it says everything.

Yoon Jae finally suggests they grab something to eat later. Joon Hee nods his head.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

It’s 2005.

Si Won and Tae Woong are snacking in Tae Woong’s fancy schmancy office while they snack on ice cream.

Tae Woong bickers saying Tae Woong is so much better than Yoon Jae. Si Won says it’s a weird thing, because now Yoon Jae just makes her heart beat faster and faster.

We love that they’re still able to have this brother-sister relationship, despite everything between them.

Yoon Jae arrives in the office and jealously asks what they are doing. Tae Woong annoying replies, “Listening to Si Won going on and on about how amazing you are.” That puts a smile on Yoon Jae’s face.

Yoon Jae suggests they go out for dinner, but Tae Woong has plans.

He has to go to a concert with his T.A.s because surprisingly, they are crazy fangirls. Si Won gets defensive about the way he describes them and tells Tae Woong to get rid of this prejudice against fangirls.

Tae Woong escapes before he hears more nagging and Si Won and Yoon Jae leave to get Chinese food, wondering whose concert it is.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

Just then, we hear loud heart beats and the familiar sound of TVXQ’s Hug. O.M.G.

Tae Woong is stuck in a car with four of his assistants, all singing along to the song, including the fan chants.

Tae Woong awkwardly coughs, a bit uncomfortable and a bit freaked out by the entire thing.

In front of the concert hall, the assistants leave for a special meeting with the other Cassiopeia members. They hand him an extra ticket that needs to be given to the Cassiopeia Vice President of the Gyeonggi region. She’ll call when she arrives.

Tae Woong asks if he really needs to stay for the entire thing, and the assistants say if they had to sit through the entire concert of 015B, then Tae Woong needs to sit through TVXQ.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

Tae Woong ends up at a fast food restaurant when he receives a phone call from the VP for the ticket. The VP is coincidentally also in the restaurant and she finds Tae Woong and sits down in front of him.

The VP ends up being Dr. Lee. Of course.

She’s embarrassed at first to admit she’s the VP, but later readily admits to her major fangirl status.

They start talking about the fandom and how Tae Woong has a special connection with fangirls.

It turns out Dr. Lee used to be a Shinhwa fan (Woo Hoo~) but decided to switch over to DBSK. They end up having a good time talking with each other.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

At the Chinese restaurant, Si Won orders for the two of them and completely ignores Yoon Jae’s cravings once again.

She asks if she can just have one gulp of alcohol with her meal, which connects with a scene from a previous episode, where Si Won whines to her husband, asking if she can one glass of beer. This time, Yoon Jae tells Si Won (calls her Wife!) to think about Eung Chil (short abbreviation for Reply 1997) in her stomach.

We flip back to the future, where Tae Woong is introducing Yoon Jae as his brother, to Dr. Lee. Then Tae Woong introduces Si Won. This scene also connects with the time when Tae Woong introduces Yoon Jae and Si Won to his campaign helper.

When Sung Jae yells, which previously made it hard for us to hear Si Won’s title, this time, Tae Woong clearly says, “This is my younger brother’s wife that I love.”

We return to the café. Si Won brings over all the drinks, including an iced caramel mocha with lots of whipped cream. Yoon Jae takes it and we flash back to the reunion, when the mystery hand with the ring chose the iced caramel mocha. It’s revealed to be Yoon Jae, who complains that the only reason why Si Won wears the couple ring is because she lost her wedding ring a month into their marriage.

This drama just does such a good job of solving all the mysteries that had us driven up the wall.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

Back at the café, Dr. Lee apologizes for choosing to get married first before Si Won and Yoon Jae. Si Won and Yoon Jae don’t mind since they’ve only just started seriously dating and it’s right for Tae Woong to get married first.

Dr. Lee says that if their marriage gets postponed, then having babies will also be postponed.

Si Won puts on a freaked out face, saying they don’t have any plans on having babies anytime soon.

Yoon Jae pouts.

The next day, Si Won angrily comes out of the bathroom, holding something in her hand.

She starts beating up Yoon Jae, who wakes from his slumber. Si Won scolds him for not being careful and waves the pregnancy test stick in his face. He asks if she bought a popsicle and starts to beat him up.

Two lines.
She’s pregnant.

Life is funny sometimes.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

At the reunion, a little girl enters the restaurant and calls out, “Mommy!”
Si Won responds, hugging her. Then Yoon Jae comes and adorably embraces his little girl.

So that means, they’re pregnant with their second child!!

Just then, Mama and Papa Sung come to the reunion with some snacks.
They are still the same as ever – loud, nagging, but lovable.

Mama Sung says that these days, Si Won’s daughter is obsessed with watching the animation Cloud Bread and wants to grow up as Hong Si Boo in (Hong Si’s Wife; Hong Si is a character on the show).

Papa Sung curses Si Won to experience the same thing he went through with Si Won being an extreme fangirl.

“You have to rip up a few posters to understand how I feel. I wake up in the middle of night, just thinking about it because I get so happy.”

Like mother, like daughter.

Mama Sung asks if Joon Hee still didn’t get married and hopes that he never marries anyone like Si Won. “Meet a normal girl.”

They make the mistake of asking Sung Jae how he’s doing and Sung Jae talks up a storm before asking Papa Sung to help him out in his business, which Papa Sung flat out rejects, per usual.

Finally, Yoo Jung and Hak Chan’s marriage is announced to the parents and they ask if Yoo Jung and Hak Chan are also pregnant like Si Won and Yoon Jae were before marriage.

Si Won quickly covers her daughter′s ears.

Mama Sung spills that they basically took everything from Tae Woong’s wedding and are lucky that Dr. Lee is such an open-hearted person to let them get married first.

Before they leave, Papa Sung says that it’s good to see all of them together.

He tells them, “Make enough money and just as many memories. There’s nothing worth more than memories.”

Then Papa Sung asks if Dr. Lee is back from Japan. Tae Woong hesitates before answering that she’ll be back the next day. Why the awkward atmosphere?

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

The reunion finally ends and the friends all head out.

Sung Jae’s stuck right in between Yoo Jung and Hak Chan talking about their honeymoon plans, while Si Won and Yoon Jae are being lovey dovey.

Poor Sung Jae awkwardly looks up at the sky, as lonely as ever.

Sung Jae remarks, “People say first love never comes true, but it’s all a lie.”

Then Yoo Jung asks if he wants to go on their honeymoon with them, because there’s a special package made especially for the single man. Sung Jae sarcastically shows his excitement, before leaving coldly, screaming for the taxi.

Yoon Jae says that Sung Jae’s right.

If Yoo Jung and Hak Chan get married that all four of their first loves have come true. Yoo Jung thoughtlessly says Hak Chan’s not her first love (because that was Yoon Jae). Hak Chan’s face changes and says, “Let’s break up.”

Hak Chan walks away as Yoo Jung chases after him, saying it doesn’t matter, since he’s there now,

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

Yoon Jae and Si Won watch as Yoon Jae narrates.

“First love. The reason why first love is so beautiful isn’t because first love itself is beautiful. During that time, we had our youth - which wasn’t vicious, me - who was overly innocent, and you - who was uncontrollably passionate. And… because we already knew that we would never be able to go back to our youthful, innocent, and passionate times.”

“First love is thoughtless. If you don’t calculate and just throw your innocence and passion at it, it’ll end up failing. But that’s why it’s dramatic. The thoughtless stories, mixed with the emotions and warmth that can never be retrieved again. That why first love is my life’s most dramatic story. Therefore, failure is even okay. Instead of a happy ending, a sad ending remains in the memory longer. So it’s okay to leave even just one sad ending of a failed first love in one small portion of my life.”

Joon Hee and Tae Woong come out of the bar together.

Joon Hee tells the group to go first, since someone will be coming to pick him up. (Oh La La…)

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

“First love is a season. When it passes, it’s gone. Now it’s time to greet the new season and give it a chance for a new romance. Even though we’ll never experience the warmth and innocence from a first love, we have to wait for the romance of an adult, after being matured from the pain of first love.”

Just then a red sports car pulls up and Joon Hee hops in with a smile on his face.

“The person who waits can only dream of love.”

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

Quick flashback to the fast food restaurant where Dr. Lee and Tae Woong meet up.

The hospital scene, where Dr. Lee tears her stockings off and meets eyes with Tae Woong under the bed.

And finally, all the way back to the CD store, where Tae Woong contemplated on buying H.O.T’s albums. A girl runs into him rudely and is revealed to be Dr. Lee.

“And the person, who waits, will miraculously recognize the love that comes one more time.”

Dr. Lee buys a stack of Shinhwa’s first album and bickers about how SM Entertainment only likes H.O.T and Hye Sung and Dong Wan have to hold a birthday party together like kids.

Tae Woong looks back and smiles.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

In the present, Si Won drives the two men home.

Yoon Jae asks about why Dr. Lee’s seminar runs into the weekend, and Tae Woong sigh and finally reveals that she’s not at a seminar…but a TVXQ concert in Japan. Aha.

He adds that she’s also been made the president of TVXQ’s fanclub. Si Won is deeply impressed saying, finally an important figure has risen in her family.

Because you know…being a judge and a presidential candidate doesn’t measure up to being a fanclub president.

Si Won laments the missed chance to become something big too in the fanclub world because she wasn′t born in Seoul. Yoon Jae sneers and tells her to focus because her driving sucks.

Tae Woong leaves, asking the couple not to fight anymore. They insist that they’re not fighting. This is just affection, they explain. If they really fought, then they would have to call the police.

Yoon Jae narrates,

“When romance ends, life takes over. Innocence gets dirtied, passion dies out, and youth starts getting old. So the innocent period of first love wears out and becomes a past event. That’s why it seems like first love never comes true. No one talks about the success of a first love.”

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

On their way home, Yoon Jae asks who she’ll save if Tony and he both fell in the water. Si Won replies Yoon Jae, not because Tony can swim.

Yoon Jae gets excited that he’s finally surpassed Tony, when Si Won says, scrunching up her face in sadness, “After I save you, I’m going to follow Tony to his death.”

Yoon Jae yells, jealously, and Si Won admits that it’s a joke.

She tells him that she loves him.

Yoon Jae tells her to snap out of it and stop being a fangirl with two kids. He reveals that he knows she spent a load of money at Tony′s restaurant. Si Won tells him to stop getting in the way of her personal life and it wasn′t Tony′s restaurant, but his mother′s for his information. And the exchange of affection start off again, with a sprinkle of cursing.

“So it’s okay to be successful as well. Even though there might not be a dramatic story in my life, there’s a bigger familiarity than an old comfortable sweater, and when the familiarity gets old, there’s a heart-fluttering feeling that we can look back at.”

“From my childhood friend with the runny nose, to my first love, to my girlfriend, and now as husband and wife. We passed through the same time period, shared the same memories, and now are getting old together. This familiar heart-fluttering moment…I like it.”

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

We return to 1997.

Our kids are standing in front of the camera, getting ready for a picture.

Yoon Jae is apologizing to Si Won for ruining the T-shirt with Tony’s signature on it by spilling soy sauce, but Si Won doesn’t buy it.

Sung Jae’s still in love with his Tamagotchi as Hak Chan tells them to stand still and take the stupid picture. Yoo Jung says they need to take lots and lots of pictures and leave them as memories while they’re still young.

Hak Chan puts ten seconds on the camera and Yoo Jung pulls him next to her. Hak Chan freezes (hahaha we guess this is before he’s comfortable around Yoo Jung).

As the ten seconds countdown, Si Won asks if Yoon Jae’s really sorry. To get her revenge, she puts a frog right in front of Yoon Jae’s face and he freaks out just as the camera takes the picture. He falls off the boulder and screams that he broke his arm. (This explains WHY Yoon Jae had a broken arm!!!)

“That nostalgic time that was passionate and innocent. Can you hear it? If you hear it, reply, my 90s.”

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

Ending Thoughts

Oh my goodness.

This drama…. Is amazing.

It wrapped up every little storyline and even explained all the mysteries and answered all the questions that we had from beginning to end.

We might be in a bit of an adrenaline rush right now, but we really can’t find a single flaw in this drama.

The story was strongly written and closely knitted from start to finish that there’s just no space for us to pinpoint and criticize.

The feeling that we have right now is like when the Harry Potter series ended and we realized that after more than ten years later, our childhood officially ended.

This drama did the same thing.

It took us BACK to our 90s and made us remember all these amazing things that we’ve forgotten in the past and helped us to relive it….but now it’s over…. And our 90s finished again… and we have nothing left to look forward to next week.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 16: “The Reason Why First Loves Don′t Come True”

This bittersweet feeling makes us both cry in happiness, yet wallow in pain because who knows when another drama like this one will ever come again. It taught us something new yet triggered our past memories with each episode it aired and we are just amazed and humbled that something like this could even be created.

We have to applaud the writers for creating such an amazing piece of work, knowing exactly what to say to poke us deeply into the heart and have us nod our heads in agreement.

We feel like we’re taking a lot more from this drama than just pure enjoyment. Each episode taught a life lesson, whether or not we personally experienced them, are experiencing them, or are preparing to experience them.

Every rollercoaster ride comes to an end, and we’ve just fallen down the last drop and are pulling into the station.

As much as we hate to leave, there’s no way to avoid it, so we say good-bye to this wonderful drama that taught us so much and made us feel so many emotions.

We wholeheartedly hope that another drama will one day come along to give us the same ride that Reply 1997 has given us for nine weeks.

We highly doubt it’ll be any time soon, but one day.

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