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Psy and YG’s Success and Strategy Abroad Proves JYP Entertainment’s Strategy Wrong?

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2012.09.20 01:00 Mwave Stewart Ho

According to some netizens, JYP Entertainment’s head honcho, Park Jin Young has been proven fully wrong by Psy.

A recent side-by-side comparison of Park Jin Young’s previously stated strategy to enter the American music market and comments from a recent separate interview with Psy is drawing buzz with many saying Psy has proven Park Jin Young’s take on how to best enter the music markets abroad wrong.

Park Jin Young previously iterated on a past appearance on MBC’s Kneedrop Guru his means of having his artists, such as the Wonder Girls, succeed abroad saying, “Just because it’s Korean doesn’t mean it’s global.”

He expounded on the statement by pressing that in order for a Korean artist to succeed in America and other music markets abroad, he or she shouldn’t hold on to their Korean aspects and should take a strategy to adapt to the local tastes abroad.

On the other hand, a recent interview with Psy had the singer stating a completely opposite view saying, “I believe the most Korean-seeming aspect is the most global aspect and believe it’s my extremely Korean-seeming face that aided in making Korea known far and abroad,” highlighting he would make the Korean aspects of himself the winning aspect.

Many netizens are saying, based on the results, Psy’s strategy is the clear winner as his global syndrome-making Gangnam Style was originally a Korean single, released in Korea for the Korean market and in the Korean language, and yet he was able to find enormous success in America and beyond, in the span of a few weeks.

Many also further point out all of Psy′s recent phenomenal successes and records have come without any initial purposeful intent to take his career abroad.

Psy and YG’s Success and Strategy Abroad Proves JYP Entertainment’s Strategy Wrong?

They point out Psy has also made no alteration to his style, music or even lyrics, frequently addressing the media and interviews abroad in Korean, and recently even stated that he had no intention to re-release an English version of Gangnam Style to further capitalize on his success.

JYP Entertainment, meanwhile, has largely adopted a strategy in which its artists, such as the Wonder Girls, have largely worked to adapt its artists image, song and lyrics to the local scene and language to mixed results.

While groups like the Wonder Girls remain one of the most successful K-Pop acts in America so far, even having reached the highest showing on the Billboard Hot 100 prior to Psy’s entry, the blazing speed and magnitude of Psy’s success in the same market in comparison is causing other agencies who are planning entries abroad, to reexamine their strategies to enter the markets abroad.

Much of the sentiment is now leaning more favorably towards Psy and YG Entertainment’s strategy of, ‘Let the artist and their music do the talking’ over JYP Entertainment’s strategy of, ‘Adapt and customize’.

Still, Psy recently stated in an interview with MTV that he would be releasing a follow-up single in the U.S. in English. But he′s also promised that his dance moves will still be classic Psy.

But whether Psy′s or the Wonder Girls′ success overseas is long term is still up for debate - leaving much more room for further scrutiny by the public.

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