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Who Will Get the Last Laugh on ‘Comedy Big League’?

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2011.11.14 13:20 Mwave Lee, JinHo

Will the women rise in revolt or will the men go home with their pride intact?

It’s down to the wire on tvN’s Comedy Big League as the teams battle it out on the final round of the competition. The all-female team Americano, made up of members Ahn Young Mi, Kim Mi Ryo and Jung Juri, and all-male team Small Spring, whose members include Jang Dong Min, Yoo Se Yoon and Yoo Sang Moo, are the front runners to take home the grand prize, turning the last leg of the comedy competition into a battle of the sexes.

The team with the most points in the 10th round of the competition will walk away with one billion won in prize money. Each team can earn up to 10 points in a single round, and Small Spring is currently leading the pack with 42 points, while Americano trails close behind with 38 points, followed by Ah3In with 30 points, making Small Spring and Americano the front runners to take home the top prize.

Who Will Get the Last Laugh on ‘Comedy Big League’?

The Strong Small Spring

Small Spring is the might of Comedy Big League. It is the only team to win first place for three consecutive weeks. The team is in a comfortable position, having cruised through nine rounds with the highly-popular Fantastic Circus sketch, which has run without any major tweaks.

The team’s greatest strength is the member dynamics. Jang Dong Min, Yoo Se Yoon and Yoo Sang Moo, who have been friends for 10 years since their college days at the Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts, work well together even without rehearsing their sketches. The members’ regular transformations into the ‘Smelken’ (Smelt + Chicken) and ‘Archaeoptowl’ (Archaeopteryx + Owl) as well as their play on words have contributed to their success thus far. Their slapstick comedy has kept the studio audience consistently convulsing with laughter.

One member of the show’s production crew said, “The team gets the best reaction from the studio audience. Even members of the production crew consider them to be the strongest front-runners.” Despite the long-running success of Fantastic Circus, however, Small Spring has also been criticized for using the same format throughout the competition and lacking novelty.

Who Will Get the Last Laugh on ‘Comedy Big League’?

The Persistent Americano

The representative queens of comedy from the three major networks KBS, MBC and SBS make up team Americano, and they’ve successfully conquered Comedy Big League with their Actresses sketch. While they scored well in the first three rounds, they struggled to stay on top in the weeks that followed.

However, the tide began to shift again as the team found success through the sketch The Girl Who Was Too Much For Me in the fifth round. Their previous slump actually proved to be advantageous for the team as member Kim Mi Ryo’s Blogger Girl character as well as Ahn Young Mi’s Clueless Girl and Jung Juri’s Unlikeable Girl drew an explosive response from the studio audience. Ahn’s “Gandhi Harpoon,” “Madonna, Donna is sexy” and “Santa Claus the commie” was also well received.

Americano’s greatest strength is its vigor. It won first place during the eighth and ninth rounds, turning the tables around at the last moment and proving that persistence pays off. However, the team’s weakness is that the other members are dependent on Ahn.

The final round is all that remains. And, interestingly, the competition has boiled down to an old-fashioned boys-versus-girls match between the smooth-sailing Small Spring and the potentially game-changing Americano, and many are interested to see which team will win the cash prize and bragging rights.

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