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[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 7

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2012.09.17 21:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Feeling are recognized. More suspicion rises.

Things are starting to move along and it’s finally getting interesting.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 7

Jae Hee quickly gets up from Tae Jun with a startled face and the two are later joined by Eun Gyul and Hannah, who’ve witnessed the accidental slip.

Hannah goes on and on about her surprise, finding a girl lying on top of her oppa, and explains her relief realizing that it was only Jae Hee. She tells him that he can never have a girl be on him like that again.

Hannah clings on to him and asks if she can stay for the after party. Tae Jun flings her arm off of his and says no, since the dormitory rules are strict. Jae Hee in the background nods.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 7

The four of them are met with Seungri and the other boys of dorm 2.

Seungri tells Hannah that visiting hours are over and she has to leave. Hannah bats her eyes and asks if she can stay for the party, but Seungri says no once more.

Hannah then uses the “Oppaaaaaa~” card and Seungri’s strictness melts away as he beams with a big smile. He says she can but only for a little while. Hannah cuts him short and says he talks too much before dragging Tae Jun towards the after party.

Eun Gyul’s a bit disgusted with the way Hannah sneaks her way into things and Jae Hee defends her saying it’s good to see her so optimistic about what she wants. Eun Gyul scoffs.

“If you’re optimistic twice, I bet a girl will sneak into our school pretending to be a boy, just like a cockroach.”

Jae Hee mutters, “Not really a cockroach…”

Moving on from the nasty bug talk, Eun Gyul announces that he’s now dating Da Hye, and that he’s a lucky guy since she’s pretty. Jae Hee agrees, saying even from a girl’s perspective, Da Hye is quite beautiful.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 7

Eun Gyul catches the slip of the tongue and Jae Hee quickly jokes it off as it′s because she′s dressed as a girl.

Then Eun Gyul takes out his phone and takes a paparazzi picture of her backside, just as she turns around (as if to pose on purpose).

Everyone’s having too much fun in the lounge, singing up a storm.
Jong Min is going nuts singing along to SISTAR’s Loving You, while Tae Jun’s just like, ‘Why am I here…’

When the song ends, Hannah gets up and takes the microphone. She puts on Nagging by IU and 2AM’s Im Seulong and brings another microphone for Tae Jun to join the duet.

Tae Jun’s obviously not having it as he continuously rejects the microphone.

Jae Hee leaves with a bit of a disgruntled look on her face. She heads to Sang Choo and confides in the puppy that Tae Jun and Hannah are pretty together. She sings a portion of Nagging to prove that she’s as good as Hannah, when Tae Jun joins the two.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 7

Tae Jun asks when she changed, and Jae Hee said she’s not more comfortable wearing clothes like this. Jae Hee needs to watch what she says or she’s going to get exposed quite soon.

Tae Jun asks if it’s uncomfortable always dressing up like that. Jae Hee looks at her boy clothes, confused, before Tae Jun quickly adds, “Dressing up as a girl.”

He then thanks Jae Hee for talking to Seungri about reinstating him into the track team. They smile at each other as Hannah watches jealously from afar.

The next day at school, the not-so-smart dean is talking about construction that must go on in dorm 1. He then adds that the students in dorm 1 will have to move into the other dorms – three students in one room.

Jong Min is excited to be rooming with Eun Gyul, only to find out that Eun Gyul has been replaced with another student.

Eun Gyul gets transferred to Jae Hee and Tae Jun’s room to the disapproval of Tae Jun. Eun Gyul says that he’s not happy about sharing the room with them either. Uh huh. We believe you.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 7

We soon find out that Eun Gyul begged and begged the student originally assigned to Jae Hee’s room to switch, later even bribing him with Eun Gyul’s treasured soccer ball with Park Ji Sung’s autograph.

Since Tae Jun won’t allow Eun Gyul on his bed, Eun Gyul decides that he’ll sleep with Jae Hee on the second floor. Tae Jun stops him, saying there’s another solution.

He hangs a hammock in the middle of the room and after bickering about the new bed, Eun Gyul finally agrees.

The other students all complain about the new room assignments and ask when the Star Hall will be demolished because there are rumors that ghosts come out at night.

Just then, Tae Jun, Jae Hee, and Eun Gyul arrive, smiling and laughing – probably the only three roommates happy with each other.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 7

Floating around in an inflatable boat, Jae Hee searches for Tae Jun’s necklace in the pool.

Knowing how special it is for Tae Jun, Jae Hee continues to look just as Eun Gyul comes in, asking what she’s doing.

He hops into the boat and suggest that if Jae Hee swims, she’ll find the necklace faster.

But Jae Hee reminds him about her chlorine allergy. Then she pulls a dirty move and pushes Eun Gyul into the pool.

They laugh and joke around as Jae Hee pushes him into the pool a second time.

Meanwhile, Hannah asks her manager if he can look something up on one person – Jae Hee. She wants to know everything about Jae Hee.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 7

In the room, Eun Gyul asks Jae Hee if she wants some ramen.
Then out of his backpack, he takes out camping equipment and cook up ramen. He says he’s forever prepared.

The two are feasting when Tae Jun comes in, immediately bothered by the smell of the ramen. He tells them it’s against the rules and to eat it somewhere else.

The next thing we know, Jae Hee and Tae Jun are eating in the bathroom.
Eun Gyul’s bitter about Tae Jun being so bossy and says he needs to manhandle Tae Jun. He proceeds to show off some martial arts before elbowing himself into the cabinet. Jae Hee laughs loudly as Tae Jun outside grows jealous of Jae Hee and Tae Jun’s interaction inside the bathroom.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 7

He puts his ear next to the door to eavesdrop when the door suddenly opens. Jae Hee and Eun Gyul look at Tae Jun in shock, asking what he’s doing.
Tae Jun gives them the excuse that the door seemed weird. When Eun Gyul asks if it’s because Tae Jun wants some ramen, Tae Jun denies and tells them to leave because he needs to use the bathroom.

They obey and Tae Jun stares at himself in the mirror pathetically.

It’s night time and Eun Gyul’s chatting with Da Hye, who says she misses him. Hesitantly, Eun Gyul replies back, “Me too,” but his feelings are obviously somewhere else, as he can’t fall asleep. He sneaks upstairs to where Jae Hee is sleeping and all of the sudden, his heart starts to pound again.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 7

Tae Jun and Eun Gyul are brushing their teeth while still half-asleep Just then, Jae Hee joins them, right in the middle. Then caught in a weird competition, Tae Jun and Eun Gyul start brushing their teeth ferociously.

Training has officially started and Tae Jun and Hyun Jae help each other out of obligation.

Inside the locker room, Hyun Jae starts up small talk, saying sports have suddenly become fun because of Tae Jun. He asks Tae Jun if his permanent ankle condition is true, as if to stake out the competition. But instead of answering the question, Tae Jun tells him that he didn′t return to jumping because of Hyun Jae, not even considering him a rival.

Jae Hee is fiddling with Tae Jun’s copy of the movie Heart Is… and when Tae Jun comes, she asks if he’s heard about the ghost story in Star Hall. But Tae Jun doesn’t care as he snatches the DVD out of her hand.

Jae Hee says it’s her favorite movie, especially the ending, which Tae Jun doesn’t know because he didn’t get to the end yet.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 7

Hannah’s on her way to a schedule and she tries to snack while Director Jang tries to stop her each time since she has to lose 3 kilograms before the competition.

Director Jang’s talking about an athlete from Los Angeles, when the manager stupidly mentioned that Hannah should ask that athlete since she and Jae Hee came out of the same middle school together. When Director Jang asks what’s up, Hannah and the manager both play dumb.

Back at the dorm room, Tae Jun’s losing his patience, as Eun Gyul and Jae Hee are laughing it up, talking about the ghost at Star Hall.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 7

Tae Jun finally climbs up to the second floor and tells them to shut up because he can’t read.

Jae Hee and Eun Gyul are only quiet for a short while as they laugh about something over the laptop.

Curious, Tae Jun sticks his head up to the second floor.
Jae Hee notices and apologizes for the noise and pulls the curtains – because these are magical curtain that miraculously block out sound.

Either way, Tae Jun is a bit disappointed and jealous that Jae Hee didn’t ask Tae Jun to join them upstairs.

Jae Hee and Eun Gyul later ask Tae Jun if he wants to go bowling, which Tae Jun of course refuses. Eun Gyul says he’ll teach Tae Jun how to bowl, and Tae Jun gets competitive, asking why Eun Gyul thinks Tae Jun can’t bowl.

At the bowling alley, Jong Min, Hyun Jae and Seungri are also there, and the six of them decided to have a competition.

Everyone is fairly good – as in they hit most of the pins…Except for Tae Jun.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 7

He ends up almost killing Jae Hee by releasing the ball backwards, but you know, because Jae Hee has awesome reflexes, she catches it right away. Tae Jun tries and tries, but keeps slipping and his ball ends in the gutter.

Jae Hee directs Tae Jun how to bowl and he somehow knocks all the pins out and celebrates with Jae hee, making Eun Gyul get shifty-eyed with jealousy.

Back at school, Eun Gyul returns to the room to get something he forgot, when he hears the shower running.

By the bathroom is Jae Hee’s shirt, and losing control of himself for a second, Eun Gyul reaches out to open the bathroom door.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 7

Suddenly Tae Jun asks what he’s doing. Eun Gyul makes up an excuse and quickly leaves the scene.

Eun Gyul goes to the swimming pool, where we find out he’s been coming to almost every single day to find Tae Jun’s ring.

He takes a picture commemorate the event saying, “Friendship sometimes requires understanding, yearning, jealousy, and a waste of time. Right now, I’m wasting time in the name of friendship.”

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 7

He drops his cell phone (protected by a waterproof shield - convenient) into the pool and in a search to find it, Eun Gyul also discovers the ring necklace.

Eun Gyul excitedly heads to find Jae Hee and is about surprise her with the necklace, and Jae Hee explains that Tae Jun lost it trying to help her. If it was her, she would have just given up on it, but she knew how much it meant for Tae Jun that she couldn’t.

Eun Gyul, a bit surprised at the reason behind Jae Hee’s determination to find the necklace, slides it back into his pocket.

As the two head out to eat together, Jong Min, from the corner, boils in jealousy.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 7

Eun Gyul is shopping with Da Hye, who notices that there’s something bothering Eun Gyul.

He explains that he’s starting to feel like a terrible friend. Da Hye notices right away that it’s about Jae Hee and admits to feeling jealous over Eun Gyul’s constant stories about Jae Hee.

It’s nighttime when Jae Hee runs into Jong Min, who lies about finding the ring necklace. The only problem is that he dropped it somewhere in the Star Hall and she better go find it now, since it’ll be demolished by tomorrow.

Jae Hee hesitantly enters the dark building, despite signs of no entry.

Inside, a group of the students are disguising themselves as scary ghosts. Jong Min is among them.

Jae Hee climbs up the stairs, scared by every little noise, as the ghost trio start sneaking down the halls, prepared to scare her in the art room.

Also in the building is dorm 1 head, Young Man, who is retrieving dirty magazines with some of his friends, saying these precious treasures almost got buried with the building.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 7

The ghost trio smells the fart of one of the dorm 1 students. The ghosts make some noise, and the dorm 1 group hears it and quietly heads for the door, just as the ghost trio stands in front of the door.

The door open and both groups scream at the sight of each other.

At the same time, the three teachers are patrolling the area.
Coach Baek goes on and on about how he’s not afraid of ghosts because he’s from the marines.

Just then, the ghost trio runs out of the building and straight into the teachers.

Coach Baek takes one look at the ′ghosts′ and lets out a girly scream, before fainting flat.

In the dorm room, Tae Jun is once again worrying for Jae Hee, who hasn’t returned yet. He calls her, but her phone rings inside the room.

The security guard is patrolling the Star Hall and when he gets to the arm room, he locks the door, not knowing that Jae Hee is still inside.

It’s only a moment later, when she realizes that she’s been locked inside…and the building is due for demolishment in a couple of hours.

Tae Jun goes searching Jae Hee, as Jae Hee tries to find a way out.

She flashes her light out the window, and luckily, Tae Jun was in the area and hears her voice.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 7

When he realizes the front door is locked, he breaks open the window and enters the building.

Tae Jun dashes up the stairs and straight to the art room (….what. How’d he know she was there?)

Tae Jun asks if Jae Hee’s all right she says yes with an almost tearful face.
He proceeds to break the lock with a fire extinguisher and opens the door.

Just at the moment, Jae Hee jumps into Tae Jun’s arms and hugs him, which Tae Jun hesitantly accepts.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 7

Walking out of the dark building, the two hold hands.
Jae Hee asks if he’s not afraid of ghosts and Tae Jun says no, because he’s a man. Suddenly, a cat pops out and Tae Jun jumps in fear, making Jae Hee laugh.

Outside, they sit at a bench to calm themselves down.
Jae Hee’s disappointed that she couldn’t find the ring necklace and Tae Jun tells her to forget about it.

He says he needs to get over it.
He reveals that the movie they were talking about was a movie he watched with his mom.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 7

Flashback to Mommy Memory.

Tae Jun and Mommy watch Heart Is… together, before Mommy says to turn it off, since Tae Jun has to go home and prepare for the competition. Tae Jun makes his mom promise not to watch the ending alone without him and she promises.

As he turns to leave, she grabs his hand and tells him that she’s so happy that Tae Jun is her son.

“I love you, my son.”

Tae Jun’s slightly grossed out by the suddenly affection and kindly says good-bye. Outside of the room, he turns back, as if to reply to her I love you, but he doesn’t.

The next day, he wins gold at the competition and is as happy as ever.
As he heads home with his father, Tae Jun tells the driver to go to the hospital so he can see his mother.

Tae Jun’s dad slowly says that he didn’t want to bother Tae Jun during the competition and didn’t call, but his mother passed away.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 7

Tears fall as Tae Jun tells the story to Jae Hee. He explains his regret for not even finishing up the movie for his mother. Not saying anything, Jae Hee embraces Tae Jun, and the two silently cry together.

At a café, Hannah meets up with the athlete from the US, who brings her middle school yearbook with her. Hannah asks to borrow it for a little while.

Hannah flips through the yearbook, searching for Jae Hee’s photo, but failing.

She’s distracted by a phone call saying that something came up on the internet.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 7

With Eun Gyul on a date with Da Hye, Tae Jun and Jae Hee decided to stay in on the rainy day and finally finish off Heart Is.. together.

The next day, Tae Jun runs into the security guard, who’s delivering his fan gifts again. He takes it from the guard to see a package that reads, “Happy Birthday Jay!”

In the teacher’s office, Eun Gyul is helping Teacher Lee with some file checking, when Teacher Lee piles work on him with the promise of allowing Eun Gyul to go off campus for one day.

Looking over all the files, Eun Gyul sees Jae Hee’s information and finds out that it’s also her birthday today.

We find out that Eun Gyul needs the permission to go off-campus to attend Da Hye’s concert recital.

Proud of her excellent violin skills, Eun Gyul nudges the man next to her and shares that Da Hye is his girlfriend. The man replies back, “Oh really? I’m her father.”

This would happen to him.

Shopping at a stationery store, Eun Gyul offers to buy something Da Hye. He tells himself that he likes Da Hye and is going to wrap up his feelings for Jae Hee by returning the necklace to her as her birthday present.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 7

At the same time, Tae Jun is also shopping for a present, although quite hesitantly, not wanting to be seen at a make-up store.

Not knowing much about make-up, he asks for girl’s make-up that doesn’t seem like girls’ make-up.

Back at school, Eun Gyul is searching Jae Hee, excited to give her his present.

Seungri tells him that Jae Hee’s in the laundry room.

As he peers in through the windows, he smiles when his face falls.

Jae Hee greets him, but without saying a word, Eun Gyul suddenly hugs Jae Hee from behind.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 7


Eun Gyul makes this drama for us and we’re sure we mentioned it one too many times.

He’s our constantly changing character who shows us the variety of emotions that we desperately need in this drama where our main lead only has two expressions: smiling and pouting.

We loved how the last scene played out.

How he kept telling himself that he doesn’t like Jae Hee and that he’s going to wrap up his feelings, throw them away, and forget about them, but as soon as he sees Jae Hee, all of that changes and he immediately follows after his feelings - no matter how burdensome it may be for him and Jae Hee.

Jae Hee could learn a lesson or two from Eun Gyul.
When you really have a desire to do something for someone, you go for it, instead of flying half across the world only to give up within two weeks.

As you can probably tell, we have such a problem with Jae Hee’s character.

Ever since her entrance into Genie High School, all she’s been doing is putting herself in position where she needs to be saved and it’s really starting to irk us.

If she decided to leave her entire family in America, she should be able to protect herself, but no. Because she’s surrounded by all these athletic guys, she just always seems to need someone else to do the protecting. Where’s the independence that she showed us at the beginning when she snipped her hair off?

We know she’s a girl in disguise, but with every episode including a situation where she needs to saved, we’re simply tired of seeing her as a damsel in distress.

And we’re pretty certain that we’ll have nine more episodes of that as well.

On the positive side, the story is flowing a lot better - still quite bumpy and forced, but considered to the beginning, a LOT better.

We just hope it continues.

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