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[Star of the Week] FT Island’s Un-Rock Star Moments

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2012.09.16 15:00 Mwave Nancy Lee

Rock stars are known for their bad boy personas, and idol rock band FT Island is certainly no exception.

However, we’ve rounded up some of FT Island’s most un-rock star moments because, let’s be honest, even bad boys get tired playing up the Mr. Cool Guy image.

So that means, no sex, drugs or rock ‘n’ roll here! But we promise, FT Island entertains nonetheless, so read on!

Lee Hong Gi gets sassy on You’re Beautiful

We knew FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi was a character, but he gave new meaning to the word ‘feisty’ as Jeremy on SBS drama You’re Beautiful.

Lee Hong Gi was the crazy hyper to Jung Yong Hwa’s standoffish cool in the drama. And while that energy is great onstage, it came off as more girlfriend sassy than badass rock star, which, of course, certainly made for entertaining TV.

Relive Jeremy’s sassiest moments in the clip below.

Lee Jae Jin can’t handle the heat

FT Island’s bassist Lee Jae Jin proved that even rock stars can’t keep their cool sometimes when the band appeared on a past MBC variety show.

Okay, so he ate a hot pepper. Sorry, we forgot rock stars are humans too for a second there.

Choi Min Hwan rolls out of bed

Idol rock stars don’t always look like the pretty boy idol rock stars we see on music programs—as FT Island member Choi Min Hwan showed us when a reporter once raided the band’s dorm unexpectedly.

Choi Min Hwan was in for a rude awakening, literally, when he woke up to find the reporter laying beside him and a camera in his face. The drummer handled the pleasant(?) surprise with grace, however, as he said his morning greetings.

We may have seen a new side to the drummer, but we’ve, unfortunately, seen that bed head hairstyle on one too many rock stars.

See what we mean below!

FT Island members ajumma style it up at the sauna

FT Island may walk into a sauna with their leather jackets and ripped jeans, but even idol rock stars abide by the strict sauna dress code—of casual cottons and pink wraparound head towels.

Watch the boys engage in some girl talk (the really manly kind, of course) at the sauna in the clip below.

What are some of your favorite FT Island moments?

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