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Kim Gab Soo Diagnosed With Cataracts

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2011.08.28 15:22 Mwave Choi, EunHwa

The actor Kim Gab Soo has been diagnosed with cataracts.

There was time when the word ‘idol group’ struck people as singers who were designed by entertainment companies like a product and lip-synched songs that were just given to them. While these idol groups still exist, five-member rookie group AA (Double A), who landed on the music scene on November 3, is nothing of the sort.

AA‘s members, Aoora, Woosang, Juwon, Hoik and Kimchi, produced, wrote, composed and arranged music for their album, while also choreographing dances and styling themselves for performances. AA leader Woosang, the youngest-ever choreographer in the domestic music industry, took charge of the dances, while Aoora, the eldest among members, was in charge of producing the album and writing title song, Because I’m Crazy.

On August 28, Kim tweeted, "My eyes are still not very good. I got diagnosed with cataracts. I′m going to have surgery after I wrap up the sitcom. They say I have nothing to worry about because it′s a common disease."

Kim Gab Soo Diagnosed With Cataracts

Kim Gab Soo Diagnosed With Cataracts

It′s rare for a member of any rookie group to write its debut song, let alone produce an entire album, which is what sets AA apart from the other idol groups from the outset.

“We are still newcomers, but that’s a good thing because there is no limit to what we can show. We could have received songs from famous songwriters but we wanted to release the music we are good at and we want to sing. I believe someday we will be able to make songs that captivate music fans’ ears if we keep working on and improving our music,” said Aoora.

As he said, AA, created its own album in order to find its identifiable music distinguished from other groups’ because the members believed that they would find the best music while crafting their own music.

He added, "They say the surgery is fairly simple. But what if it hurts? Anyway thank you for caring so much about it. I used to be proud of my eyesight but this happened..."

Kim Gab Soo Diagnosed With Cataracts

Kim Gab Soo is currently starring as Director Kim in the MBC sitcom ′All My Love.′

Their determination might pay off as the group attracted enthusiastic attention, ranking as the number one searched topic immediately after its debut performance. Of course, their impeccable dance moves and catchy music may have brought them to the no.1 spot - but fans will stick around because of the group′s more developed, and oft-overlooked talent.

“Music is not something you are forced to do. Doing it in your way is important. Fortunately, our agency gives us freedom. Probably because of that, we practice and sing harder, feeling more responsibility," said Woosang. "For now, singing is the most pleasant thing to us, so we don’t even feel like going out to hang out. (laughs).”

Perhaps this joy is what causes them to retain their bright smiles, despite their tight schedules. On the day when they sat with enews, they looked very tired because they slept only two hours the previous night due to rehearsals. Woosang’s eyes were even bloodshot. Nevertheless, the members continued to laugh, giving off healthy energy of people who really enjoy their work.

A rookie’s weapon might be excitement about the future, enthusiasm and ambition, but on top of those, AA is armed with actual talent. We might have to keep an eye on them as the multi-talented idol group may break new ground in an ever-increasing stagnant music scene.

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