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Who Won Superstar K3?

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2011.11.12 11:32 Mwave Oh, MiJung

Spoiler alert!

Although, really, there was no surprise - the group that captivated the nation over the past seven competitions was the one to finally snag the coveted title of Superstar K3 - Ulala Session!

During the finale of Mnet′s Superstar K3 held in the 10,000-capacity Jamsil Indoor Stadium on November 11, Ulala Session won, with yet another unique lively performance. The results - while not surprising - were nothing short of a miracle, considering the fact that leader Im Yun Taek is suffering from Stage IV stomach cancer.

Who Won Superstar K3?

Ulala Session earned 982 out of 1000 points (45 points, online votes + 337, judges + 600, call-in votes), beating out Busker Busker who earned 625 points (50 + 326 + 251).

For their acceptance speech, Im Yun Taek said, “I am thankful for teammates who had hard times because of their foolish leader. I’d like dedicate this honor to my parents, fans and the members of our group.”

Immediately after the group was announced as winner, Park Kwang Sun burst into tears and said, “Leader Yun Taek joined this competition, risking his life. I feel like each day is a miracle.”

Kim Myeong Hun, standing with his mother, said, “I feel happy rather than tearful. I accomplished the result that lives up to my nickname ‘Big Mountain’ with this petite figure.”

Park Seung Il said, “While I was working with my teammates, many people called me immature. Nevertheless I was happy, but after going through hardships last year, I felt frustrated. But this result is proof that those 15 years were not fruitless.”

Busker Busker which came in second in an amazing competition, smiled happily. Leader Jang Bum June said, “It’s all over. I appreciate the members for following me," while Kim Hyung Tae joked, “Sorry to the Ulala Session members who had to put up with living with dirty/messy us."

Who Won Superstar K3?

For the final round, the two contestants completed two missions, one song of their choice and one original song.

For the first mission, Busker Busker sang Lee Soo Young’s I Believe while Ulala Session sang Lee Sora’s I’m Happy.

Busker Busker rearranged the song to a vintage band feel, resulting in somewhat of a lackluster response. Lee Seung Chul criticized the group saying, “The song choice was not proper.”

On the other hand, Ulala Session once again displayed perfect harmony, drawing enthusiastic responses from the audience and the judges, as Yoon Mirae commented, "I’m happy because there is a group like Ulala Session.”

But the real competition wasn′t in the covers, but the original songs. Superstar K3 threw in a curveball, requiring both groups sing original songs.

Busker Busker sang a song titled Seoulites composed by Kim Do Hun, written by Jang Bum June, putting on a exciting and lively performance.

After its performance, Lee Seung Chul said, “I’m happy and proud to see this team in the finale. Jang Bum June is a genius in creation. His lyrics make people laugh and cry at the same time. A band needs the spirit of being tenacious under difficult circumstances. Don’t lose that spirit.”

Yoon Mirae said, “No matter what people say, preserve your sound as it is.” Yoon Jong Shin said, “I think Busker Busker is a team that has its own sound.”

Ulala Session’s original song, With You, written by Park Geun Tae showcased the group′s performance and vocal skills.

Lee Seung Chul said, “I think Ulala Session will be a group who can bring a new style of K-pop to the global music scene. I′ve been happy watching Ulala Session′s performance all this time.” Yoon Jong Shin added, “Songwriter Park Geun Tae gave them a difficult song, but they sang well. It was great that the four members didn′t lose their harmony to the end.”

Who Won Superstar K3?

After the competition rounds, season 2 winner Huh Gak and season 3′s top 11 put on performances to celebrate the finale.

Many stars such as Tiger JK, Jo Sung Ha, and Park Han Byul watched the show along with season 2′s Kim Geun Lim and Lee Bo Ram.

The season 3 Superstar K was on the largest scale yet, drawing nationwide attention. The number of applicants increased by 600,000 to 1,967,267, and the preliminary session was carried out in foreign countries as well as Korea including the States, China, and Japan. For the final round, as many as 1.7 million call-in votes poured in.

The prize became bigger as well. The winners were awarded 500 million won in prize money, a Nissan Cube and a trip to Australia.

Of course, the real prize is the chance to debut as professional singers. Cha Eun Taek who produced music videos for numerous top singers will direct the music video of winner’s debut song, and photographer Hong Jang Hyun, who′s worked with top stars like Big Bang, Lee Hyori, and 2NE1, will take charge of producing the album cover.

Congratulations, Ulala Session!

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