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[Playlist] ′Reply 1997′: Old School K-Pop

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2012.09.12 12:00 Mwave 1st Look Magazine Translation Credit : Erika Kim

[Playlist] ′Reply 1997′: Old School K-Pop

TvN′s Reply 1997 is the hottest drama out there these days, with its resurrection of 90s culture and fashions, its realistic settings and its actors′ great acting. It′s brought back pagers, tamagochis, H.O.T. and the other popular idols of the era.

What better way to add to this retro 90s mood than old-school 90s music? The background music that fits perfectly with the scenes help viewers go on their own trips to the past.

As if to prove that good songs will forever remain as good songs, the songs that appear in Reply 1997 have been found in high ranks of keyword search charts, and so we prepared a list of those songs that touch on our longing for the 90s.

This is a playlist from tvN′s Reply 1997.

[Playlist] ′Reply 1997′: Old School K-Pop

Yangpa - ′Young Love′

This song played in the scene where Yoon Jae (Seo In Guk) and Si Won (Jung Eun Ji) kiss near the faucets. It′s a song that effectively showcases Yangpa′s brand of dramatic emotions.

H.O.T. - ′You and I′

H.O.T. isn′t a group that sang only songs that pointed fingers at society; if we said that, we would be putting H.O.T.′s great ballads to waste. This song especially had lyrics that pulled people up when they were in need, and expresses Joon Hee′s (Hoya) emotions toward Yoon Jae well.

K2 - ′As Beautiful as Sad′

This is the song that Joon Hee anonymously gave as a present to Yoon Jae every day. K2′s high notes layered on the song′s strong rock sounds represent Joon Hee and Yoon Jae′s relationship, portraying a sad love that can never happen.

Kim Jung Eun - ′I Love You′

This is a song that seems to provide a glimpse into Yoon Jae′s feelings when he can′t bring himself to confess his love toward Si Won because he′s afraid he′ll lose her as a friend. This song played in the scene where Yoon Jae, lying in the hospital, kissed Si Won when she was asleep in front of him, and stared at her with loving eyes.

Seo Ji Won - ′I Miss You′

The lyrics lament over a lost love, and Seo Ji Won′s trademark voice joins the lyrics to form a great harmony. The song brings people who are hurt by love or miss being in love to think back on bright memories of those emotions.

Sechs Kies - ′To You, Whom I Love′

These lyrics confess love toward a loved one. It′s one of Sechs Kies′ ballads, and brings strength to Hak Chan (Eun Ji Won) and Yoo Jung′s (Shin So Yul) confession scene.

Delispice - ′Confession′

Yoon Jae and Si Won′s theme song! It is reminiscent of the memories these two share of those days when they bickered but were always together. The point of this song are the mellow vocals playing on top of a calm guitar melody.

Exhibition - ′Drunken Truth′

′Why do you just smile, does it sound like a joke′, the lyrics say, and closely resemble how Yoon Jae took Joon Hee′s heartfelt confession as a joke. Kim Dong Ryul′s attractive low notes feel comfortable yet sad, and sound like they come from the bottom of Joon Hee′s heart.

Riaa - ′Tears′

Riaa was perhaps the most individualistic and explosive female vocal of the 90s. In Tears, her unique and strong vocals give off a sad feel, making the song linger in your ears for a long time.

Editor: Shin Yoo Mi

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