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[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 5

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2012.09.12 00:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

After such ridiculous episodes that angered us to the point where we just wanted to give up on the series, we’re finally met with an episode that we’re willing to accept.

We had to turn our brains off in order to get through the entire thing, but Episode 5 really wasn’t that bad, and we’re really hoping that this is a sign that this drama’s finally bouncing up from its lowest point ever (we still can’t forgive the terrible execution of the almost-rape scene).

Please let it get better and better from here!

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 5

As Jae Hee slowly strolls out the dormitory, depressed at giving up her goal in making Tae Jun jump, Tae Jun sits at his desk and takes a good look at the bracelet that she gave him, before putting it into his drawer.

He opens his laptop to find a powerpoint presentation, addressed to Coach Holten – the same coach who was supposed to scout Tae Jun. (Question: Why is Tae Jun receiving this?)

We finally find out what Jae Hee has been working on during all of her free time.

The presentation starts off with Jae Hee’s story about how she hated herself when she was young. Having immigrated to the states, she was bullied by her peers for being Asian and fell into deep depression.

She compares herself to an ugly duckling, saying that it’s not realistic for her to suddenly transform into a swan. “Because in reality, miracles don’t really happen.”

But it was Tae Jun’s jump that encouraged her to not lose hope, leaving her with the quote, “A miracle is another name of an effort.”

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 5

Trusting him, she joined the track and field team and began to run, addressing all of her problems straight on, instead of avoiding and hiding away from them.

She asks Coach Holten to help Tae Jun out into the open, just as Tae Jun had helped her come out from hiding in her room.

Tae Jun finishes up the presentation, feeling touched and regretful over what he did to her just minutes before. Everything she’s said about him being her reason for living is starting to make sense for Tae Jun, and suddenly determined, he gets up from his seats and bolts out of the dorm room.

Luckily, Jae Hee hasn’t left campus yet - and is anyone else still confused over that whole explanation anyway?

She’s saying her good-byes to Sangchoo, and wondering if she shouldn’t have come to Korea.

Flashback shows Jae Hee, reading about articles on Tae Jun’s car accident that prevented him participating in sports for a while. Her heart falls as her idol is no longer able to do what he loves doing, which is why she cuts her hair short and ended up at Genie High School.

Jae Hee says her final farewell to Sangchoo and turns to leave for real this time.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 5

She’s walking down the school steps, when Tae Jun grabs her hand and stops her.

He asks her why she’s leaving when she wanted to see him jump.

“Don’t go,” says Tae Jun, surprising Jae Hee, who has a confused face (so do we, by the way).

She’s not the only one who’s confused, as Eun Gyul lies in bed, thinking about why he had the sudden urge to kiss Jae Hee earlier that night. He sighs.

Hyun Jae’s sick of Eun Gyul’s constant sighs, and annoyingly asks what kind of problem Eun Gyul has.

Eun Gyul tries to explain, but decides against it. Then he brings it up again, asking if Hyun Jae has ever been swept by the atmosphere and wanted to lock lips with a guy….

Hyun Jae repeats what Eun Gyul says, before Eun Gyul tells him not to worry about it and tucks himself in his bed. Hyun Jae tries to, but a weird sensation tells him to cover up his man-boobs and he pulls on a sweater.

Eun Gyul takes dramatic self-shot and updates his SNS: “Life is… an espress without a drop of sugar.”

We hope Eun Gyul’s the only one lacking at this school and not the entire athletic student body.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 5

Meanwhile, Tae Jun returns to the room and heads for the bathroom but quickly turns back when he realizes that Jae Hee’s in the bathroom showering. Showering. It rings a bell, and he remembers back when he first discovered Jae Hee in his room, when she wore nothing but a towel after a shower.

He catches his mind from wander and lets go of the bathroom doorknob, when he sees that the door opens automatically.

Inside the foggy bathroom, Jae Hee draws on the mirror, smiling to herself that Tae Jun is going to jump again.

In the morning, Jae Hee wakes up to a call from her brother, which she swiftly ignores. She looks over her bed and notices that Tae Jun’s not in his bed, even though it’s still early in the morning.

We see that Tae Jun has officially started training again, determined to jump for Jae Hee.

He fingers his mother’s necklace and asks her to watch over him.

Standing in front of the high jump pole again, he calculates out how to jump in his head, but when he actually executes it, it’s not as easy anymore. The pole falls and he realizes he has a long way to go.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 5

Back in the dorm room, Jae Hee enters the bathroom and locks it. For once, the door actually locks and a smile of satisfaction appears on her sleepy face. Tae Jun’s been keeping busy, exercising and fixing doors and junk.

One by one, Eun Gyul and Seungri knock on the door, asking why Jae Hee is now locking the door. Jae Hee retorts that bathroom doors are meant to be locked. When they can no longer hold it in, Eun Gyul and Seungri hop out of the room in search for another bathroom.

Eun Gyul and Jae Hee are discussing the new bathroom lock, when someone pushes Jae Hee and she almost falls. Fortunately, Eun Gyul catches her. She looks to see who it is, but the culprit has already disappeared.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 5

Tae Jun continues to practice when Hyun Jae asks Tae Jun to leave the gym, since the gym’s reserved for members of the track and field team. Tae Jun asks him to mind his own business, but unfortunately for Tae Jun, Coach Baek is on Hyun Jae’s side, especially since Tae Jun had walked out of the team on his own.

Coach Baek tells Tae Jun that the team isn’t something that he can simply come back into when he feels like it. Tae Jun, unable to defend his actions, takes his stuff and leaves the gym.

Eun Gyul and Jae Hee are on their way to feed Sangchoo when Daniel calls again. She ignores it and explains that it’s a call she doesn’t have to take. When Eun Gyul says there are no calls you should ignore, Da Hye calls Eun Gyul, who ignores the call, explaining that in relationship, you have to play hard-to-get.

Jae Hee replies that he’s going to regret it when she gets tired of him and Eun Gyul says that Jae Hee doesn’t understand a thing about women. Hah! We would actually agree with this and add men to the list as well.

On his way out of temporary retirement, Tae Jun visits Director Jang and breaks the news: he wants to jump again. For once, Director Jang isn’t entirely supportive of his decision, since trying to get back to the top will be harder than before. More people will have expectations for him and he might get hurt from it. Tae Jun replies that he just wants to jump again.

Director Jang asks if he’s confident about it, and Tae Jun replies that he is with a smile. She warns him that she’s a very greedy person and will work him to the ground.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 5

Meanwhile, Hannah is also determined to fulfill her dreams – by sneaking on to the Genie High School campus and stalking Tae Jun. She goes Mission Impossible with her awesome gymnastic skills and climbs into the building and finally breaks into Tae Jun’s room.

She sees that Tae Jun doesn’t have any pictures of her and takes one out of her pocket and puts it on his desk (Because we all carry glamour shots of ourselves with us).

Also on the desk, she finds the bracelet, but doesn’t think much of it.

Jae Hee returns from class is surprised to see Hannah there. Hannah greets her in a nasty way and tells Jae Hee that if it weren’t for Tae Jun, she wouldn’t come into a dungeon filled with perverts who steal school uniforms.

Immediately, Jae Hee becomes alerted and sides with the pervert, saying he must have had a good reason for stealing her uniform.

As Hannah moves towards Tae Jun’s bed, Jae Hee notices the school uniforms hanging over the ledge. She quickly moves to push it over, hidden from view and when Hannah notices Jae Hee’s strange action, Jae Hee screams cockroach, freaking Hannah out.

While Hannah screams for her dear life, Eun Gyul awaits the arrival of Hong Da Hye.

He sees a girl he’s not so fond of waving towards him and cringes believing that it’s Da Hye –only see her run past him to another person.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 5

Just then a girl, holding a violin comes up to him, saying she noticed him right on the spot.

It’s Hong Da Hye and she’s super bubbly.

Jae Hee takes the opportunity of Hannah’s car breaking down to quietly return the school uniform, and on her way back to her dorm Daniel calls again.

She ignores, only to find her brother standing right in front of her. He immediately scolds her for ignoring all of his calls and that he’s going to pull her out of school that day

Jae Hee begs for him to understand, but Daniel is determined. He sees the vice principal and asks in English where the office is.

Vice Principal is incompetent and pretends to understand English, but has no idea. The other students around them don’t know either (because ‘This is my sister’ is very hard to understand...Genie High School really must not care about academics).

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 5

As the vice principal is confused, Jae Hee’s able to pull Daniel away. Daniel demands to know where the office is. Jae Hee finally sees Doctor Jang, casually strolling around the garden, and she stops him. She explains that it’s her homeroom teacher and Daniel can talk to him.

The three dorm heads are at the café, discussing Jae Hee and her amazing English accent.

But more important than that is the upcoming track and field event that will be held at their school.

Impatiently, Daniel waits in the doctor’s office, while Jae Hee begs Dr. Jang to tell something to her brother to convince to allow her to stay. Dr. Jang gives in.

The conversation starts weird, with Dr. Jang sniffing Daniel and asking about his cologne. Daniel asks for Jae Hee to transfer and Dr. Jang talks about drinking.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 5

Back at the park, Eun Gyul and Da Hye are catching up on each other’s lives. When Eun Gyul doesn’t believe that Da Hye isn’t a fighter but a violinist, she takes out her violin and begins to play.

She’s surprisingly excellent and a group of people surround them. Eun Gyul smiles, impressed by his childhood friend.

As Jae Hee waits for Dr. Jang to finish talking to Daniel, she overhears that Tae Jun was rejected from joining the track team again, putting Jae Hee in a frantic mood.

But for Tae Jun, he quietly organizes all the track equipment, trying not to lose hope.

He returns to the room, greeted by Jae Hee, who celebrates his return to the sport. She bought a cake in the shape of a shoe and tells Tae Jun to try some, since it was very difficult to buy.

As she chases Tae Jun, she trips on her own feet and falls flat right into the cake.

Tae Jun rushes to Jae Hee, whose face is now decorated with cream. She’s upset with herself, but Tae Jun asks what Jae Hee wanted to do with the cake.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 5

Soon, Tae Jun is blowing out a candle from the face-imprinted cake, leaving Jae Hee in high spirits. Jae Hee takes a big whip of cream from the cake and wipes it on Tae Jun’s face despite his warnings.

Instead of getting mad, Tae Jun picks up the cake and chases Jae Hee around, ready to get his revenge.

At the bus stop, Eun Gyul waits with Da Hye for her bus. He asks to carry her violin case, but Da Hye declines, saying she always thought it was weird when guys carried women’s bags (We think so too). Da Hye says if she needs help, she’ll ask.

Her bus arrives, and before she gets on, Da Hye corrects his typo, where he wrote ‘espress’ instead of ‘espresso.’ She asks that they meet again later, and as the bus leaves, Eun Gyul cocks his head in amazement. “Even Hong Dang Moo becomes a girl.”

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 5

Dr. Jang and Daniel have moved locations to a bar, where they are having a shot battle.

Both men are competitive and stubborn about Jae Hee staying/leaving at the school.

Finally, Dr, Jang points out that Daniel hasn’t thought about Jae Hee’s perspective – the reason why she left her life in America to enter an all-boys school, pretending to be a boy.

“You don’t trust your sister,” says Dr. Jang. “Even if I don’t, you of all people should.”

That shoots a guilty arrow straight into Daniel’s heart as he takes another shot.

Coach Baek enters the equipment room to realize that everything has been organizes. He wonders if there’s gremlin living in the supply closet, until he realizes who it could be.

Still waiting for news from her brother and Dr. Jang, Jae Hee enters the bathroom to see Tae Jun’s necklace. She peers it for a short while before Tae Jun rushes in and snatches it away from her (Okay…Someone’s PMSing).

She later asks about it and Tae Jun reveals that it’s his mother’s.
She gave it to him when she was in the hospital. She asks him to hold onto while he’s jumping in his tournaments since she can’t go.

Not wanting to be late for class, Tae Jun dashes out, leaving Jae Hee around. He expects her to chase him, but when she does, he looks back to see Jae Hee standing face to face with her brother.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 5

To Jae Hee’s surprise, Daniel gives her permission to stay – just until Tae Jun jumps at the upcoming track and field event. After that, Jae Hee has to come back to America with him.

Half happy and half depressed about her brother’s decision, Jae Hee enters her locker room, only to find her PE clothes drenching wet.

The next thing we know, she’s carrying the soccer ball bag, which Tae Jun takes from her. He asks why she didn’t change into her PE clothes, and she starts explaining about the wet clothes, when she trails off and falls in deep thought, before catching up to Tae Jun.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 5

On the field, Jong Min wildly cheers on Eun Gyul as he practices.
During break, Jong Min hands Eun Gyul a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, which Eun Gyul gladly takes, not reading the hidden message behind them.

In her room, Jae Hee’s sorting out laundry, when Tae Jun’s jersey reminds her of Daniel’s rule. Tae Jun returns, asking why she’s sniffing his sweaty shirt.

Eun Gyul’s also participating in laundry day, reading a text message from Da Hye, asking if he wants to see a movie with her this weekend. He closes his phone with a deep sigh, before taking it back out to look at the pictures from the beach trip.

He falls upon a picture of Jae Hee and smiles, before shaking himself out of it.

Just then, Jae Hee enters the laundry room and startles him.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 5

As the two wait for their laundry to finish, Jae Hee asks Eun Gyul what he thinks about dressing up as a girl to live in a girl’s dormitory.

As usual, Eun Gyul lets his imagination run wild and we see an adorably pretty Eun Gyul walking down the hall of a girls’ dormitory. When someone asks him/her to change for gym class together, Eun Gyul beams as if it was heaven.

While it’s an awesome fantasy, Eun Gyul says it would be too hard, since he would get caught almost immediately. Jae Hee nods her head, before asking how things are going with Da Hye.

Eun Gyul excitedly says that Da Hye’s head over heels over him and to celebrate, they eat the chocolate that Jong Min gave to him together.

Outside the room, Jong Min glares at Jae Hee, saying she’s starting to really get annoying.

In the dance studio, Hannah’s friends ask if she remembered the blind date with the boys from the neighboring school. She says she would never betray her husband...but then she asks what the date is.

Tae Jun’s in the dormitory, suiting up in a tie. Jae Hee asks where he’s going and if he can just spend the day with her. Tae Jun declines, saying he has to go somewhere. Jae Hee’s persistent and offers to buy his food.

(The man is wearing a suit and tie. He has somewhere important to go, Jae Hee. Get a hint!)

Tae Jun leaves, making Jae Hee’s face fall.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 5

Tae Jun arrives at his father’s place where they remember his mother’s passing.

At dinner, Tae Jun’s father once again starts lecturing about how Tae Jun is starting up high jump again. Tae Jun gets up to leave, making the atmosphere cold.

Tae Jun’s dad hesitantly asks if Tae Jun believes that his mother’s death was the dad’s fault.

Before Tae Jun can answer, Hannah arrives with flowers, cutting the argument short.

Outside, Tae Jun fiddles with his childhood toy as Hannah joins him.
She asks for Tae Jun to have a better relationship with his dad, especially on a day like this.

Back at the dorms, Jae Hee is excited to see that Coach Holten has seen the mail (Oh my…did she really send the email to Dr. Holten to Tae Jun instead? Of all mistakes to make, she would would make that one).

Just then, Eun Gyul comes into borrow some toothpaste. While he’s there, he ends up explaining to Jae Hee that it’s the anniversary of Tae Jun’s mom’s passing. Jae Hee’s ears perk up, and she suddenly feels terrible for wanting to take him out for snacks.

Just then, she receives a text message from Tae Jun, asking to meet at the pool. She tells Eun Gyul to get his own toothpaste as Jae Hee leaves.

She enters the dark building and calls out Tae Jun’s name, but no response.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 5

As Eun Gyul leaves their room, Tae Jun comes back. Eun Gyul asks why he’s alone and where Jae Hee is, since Tae Jun called Jae Hee out to the pool. Tae Jun has no idea what Eun Gyul’s talking about, when his sixth sense kicks in and he realizes something bad is going to happen. (He’s really good at reading Jae Hee’s dangerous situations.)

Jae Hee’s still at the pool when she sees someone standing at the highest diving board.

She walks up to the top, not even the slightest bit suspicious to why Tae Jun would be standing up there (Jae Hee, you really need to use your brain sometimes).

She sees a post-it note that reads, “Stop messing around.”

Just then, someone pushes her off the board and she plummets into the pool.

Tae Jun and Eun Gyul run in just as someone sprints out, almost running into Tae Jun.

They see her floating in the pool and jump in. Tae Jun’s necklace sinks to the bottom of the pool in the process, while the two boys rescue Jae Hee, who’s still amazingly floating above the water.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 5

She’s unconscious and Eun Gyul goes to do CPR, when he pauses because of his rapidly beating heart.

Tae Jun pushes Eun Gyul aside and does the CPR himself and soon Jae Hee regains consciousness to everyone’s relief.

Tae Jun and Eun Gyul surround Jae Hee back in the dorm room, trying to process what happened. They ponder at who could have done this, while Jae Hee replies that it might have just been her mistake. She thinks she slipped. (REALLY JAE HEE? REALLY?)

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 5

Eun Gyul says they need to get to the bottom of this or the bullying will get worse.

Jae Hee thanks him, but Eun Gyul replies that he didn’t do anything, perhaps feeling a bit disappointed that it was Tae Jun who saved Jae Hee and not him.

As Eun Gyul leaves, Jae Hee notices that Tae Jun’s necklace is gone.
She worries that he lost it in the swimming pool and immediately feels guilty. Tae Jun tells her not to worry with a straight face, but we see that he’s definitely panicking about its absence.

Eun Gyul, back in his room, replays the CPR situation and how he couldn’t save Jae Hee. He shoots a basketball to the hoop, but that even doesn’t go in. Nothing seems to be working out for Eun Gyul.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 5

In the early morning, Tae Jun twists and turns, when his beauty sleep is disturbed by Jae Hee’s morning alarm. When he whines about it, he realizes that she’s not in her bed.

Jae Hee’s in the pool, trying to search for Tae Jun’s necklace. Tae Jun dives in and pulls her out of the pool, telling her that she doesn’t need to worry about it.

He calls her an idiot for searching the necklace, especially at that hour and that it’s impossible to find it in the pool.

Jae Hee apologizes, saying it’s her fault again.
Tae Jun reassures her that it’s not, and it’s his fault for being careless.

In the gym, Tae Jun continues to organize all the supplies. But this time, Coach Baek spots him, asking him why Tae Jun’s cleaning up after the team.

Tae Jun is determined to join the team again, because he’s found a reason to jump again.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 5

Coach Baek, finally opening his soft spot, tells Tae Jun to jump the best record at the upcoming competition and he’ll consider Tae Jun rejoining the team again. Tae Jun thanks Coach Baek and leaves the gym.

Jae Hee’s happily walking down the hall when she runs into Seungri. She greets him and as she leaves, Seungri turns back as if he realized something important and smiles back at her.

Jae Hee enters the gym, where Tae Jun’s practicing. But she’s quickly saddened to see Tae Jun not making it over the pole and hitting the mat in frustration.

Then we’re back in the dorm room....and Jae Hee is packing up her stuff?
She comes across her track shoes and thinks back to the times when she won her track race.

She takes her phone and calls Daniel.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 5

In the hallway, she runs into Eun Gyul, who tells Jae Hee to cheer for Tae Jun at the competition. Then she gives him a back hug, thanking him for all of his encouragement.

Eun Gyul’s heart started to beat frantically at the affectionate touch and he beams.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 5

It’s the day of the competition and Tae Jun’s in the waiting room. He sees a letter from Jae Hee, along with a red shoelace.

She explains that she’s returning to the US and may not see him jump at the competition. The red shoelace is her lucky charm and hopes that it’ll bring him success during his event.

Daniel pulls up in a taxi in front of the dormitory and loads Jae Hee’s bag into the car. Jae Hee looks around before heading towards the cab.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 5


Since the beginning of To the Beautiful You, this episode might have been the best so far. After walking in the same place for such a long time, we feel like we took some baby steps forward….but at the same time, we might have taken some steps backwards as well.

We just don’t understand Jae Hee.

She is such a confusing character who doesn’t seem to really know what she wants.

At the beginning, she’s completely determined to go against her family to see Tae Jun jump.

Then the moment she sees him frustrated because he’s not making it over the pole, she realizes that she’s burdening him and decides to leave – right before he even tries to jump at the competition. And not only that, she leaves a note with him that could completely throw off his concentration.

We’re not sure who Jae Hee’s trying to help because she’s so wishy-washy about her decisions. How many times is she going to pack and unpack her suitcase?

The story’s moving along pretty nicely with new conflicts arising and lots of good character development.

Tae Jun finally understands Jae Hee’s real motives for coming to Genie High School (which we still find a little lacking) and now he’s finally found the encouragement and the push that he needs to jump again after his mother – his sole motivation – passed away, taking away his passion for the sport as well.

It’s nice to see Tae Jun doing something else than being a rebellious and stubborn child, and actually fighting for something he wants.

Same with Eun Gyul. His character is definitely the most interesting and now we’re introduced to Da Hye, who we think will play an important role in helping Eun Gyul realizing his feelings for Jae Hee, which is sort of disappointing, because we think Eun Gyul and Da Hye are pretty adorable together.

We just hope that Jae Hee will figure herself out because it’s getting really hard to watch the same boring character who is so passive towards everything, including the thing that she really wants.

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