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Whatbecomes Still at Large and Continues Attack on Tablo

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2011.11.10 15:46 Mwave Lee, JinHo

Tablo has recently made a successful comeback with his solo album, but Whatbecomes, the person who first spread the suspicion about Tablo’s academic credentials, still seems to be on the loose on the web.

Whatbecomes Still at Large and Continues Attack on Tablo

On October 21, Whatbecomes opened up another ‘We Want the Truth from Tablo (Tajinyo)’ online café. The comeback came just one year after the original online café of the same name shut down. In just one month after the café opened, 780 members came in to join, and they are rallying around Whatbecomes to again voice their suspicions on Tablo’s school records. The members are even posting malicious comments and ungrounded rumors against Tablo on the café’s forums.

Mr. Kim, the man behind the ID Whatbecomes, is a Korean resident who lives in Chicago. When he was sued by Tablo last year for spreading rumors, he admitted, “I accept that the school records are true. Please drop the charges.”

The Ministry of Justice received a criminal extradition request by the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office near the end of last year and had it delivered to the American government authorities early this year. Whatbecomes, however, was never brought in to Korea, and is still at large on the web.

A rep for Tablo told enews, “I believe they sent in a criminal extradition request. But we have never heard from the prosecutors’ office about Whatbecomes being brought in to Korea.”

It is surprising enough that a person wanted by the police isn’t being brought into the country, but it is especially shocking that he is still maintaining the same suspicions about Tablo’s credentials. Some are pointing out that this shows no one is pushing for the man’s extradition to Korea.

The 11 members of Tajinyo who are under charges for libel filed by Tablo will stand in court on December 16. The police and prosecutors turned in materials sent in by Stanford University at the fourth hearing held in July, but the Tajinyo members asserted that "they can’t be trusted". The trial, therefore, will be continuing in December with material notarized by the American courts.

Whatbecomes Still at Large and Continues Attack on Tablo

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