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‘Unexpected You’ Says Adieu with Realistic Ending

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2012.09.10 15:30 Mwave Ko Hong Ju Translation Credit : Erika Kim

‘I said I liked marriage but not my in-laws, and now, it comes naturally to me to live with them together. I’ve learned something more: that you don’t know what’ll happen, that you have to live through it to know it and that you shouldn’t jump to conclusions before you go through it yourself. That’s what life is.’

…said Cha Yoon Hee in a monologue of KBS2’s Unexpected You. Cha Yoon Hee hated her in-laws at first, yet managed to become a member of that family in the end despite her discomfort.

On September 9, Unexpected You came to a close with its last 58th episode.

The drama was mostly about the reality surrounding in-laws, and their conflicts as well as their reconciliations. The in-laws that all the viewers thought were so unlikeable fell in love and learned more about life, just like Cha Yoon Hee did. The variety of characters and episodes all came together into the common theme of ‘family’.

Unexpected You thus became the family version of the film Love Actually.

‘Unexpected You’ Says Adieu with Realistic Ending

The last episode this day showed what happened to the people surrounding Jang Soo Bean Buns a year later.

Bang Kyui Nam (Yu Jun Sang) and Cha Yoon Hee succeeded in adopting Ji Hwan, and became a family of their own. The scene in which the two mushy lovebirds bickered over the English education of their son was especially intriguing; it showed what happens every day in reality, and also why this drama was more relatable.

Il Sook (Yang Jung Ah), Ee Sook (Jo Yoon Hee) and Mal Sook (Oh Yeon Seo) also found their own lovers.

Il Sook, who had received a public proposal from Yoon Bin (Kim Won Jun), was shown as a successful manager a year later thanks to how she had concentrated more on her work than her love. She seemed to be happy in her area, even making it as the manager for the big star Bang Jang Goon.

Ee Sook had been locked in a conflict with the restaurant owner Jae Yong over whether she would marry him or not, but a year later seemed to have taken up the proposal by appearing in a wedding dress while attending a solemn ceremony. Jae Yong stood beside her, smiling and saying that even Ee Sook’s inferiority complex was loveable for him.

The Mal Sook and Se Kwang (Kang Min Hyuk) couple, which had led a sad love before Se Kwang’s enlistment, was still hot on fire a year later. Se Kwang earned a leave thanks to his talent for shooting, and met with Mal Sook at Ee Sook and Jae Yong’s wedding to show off his unwavering love.

‘Unexpected You’ Says Adieu with Realistic Ending

Bang Jung Bae (Kim Sang Ho), who had become the father of two sons, was managing Jang Soo Bean Buns with Jang Soo a year later, and Jang Goon (Kwak Dong Yeon) had become a giant star who had thousands of fans in his fanclub.

Ji Young released an anonymous bestselling book titled ‘My In-Law Diary’, which talked about the difficulties she went through while trying to get along with her in-laws, and was able to help her husband run his business with the profit. Se Kwang, however, figured out that the book had been written by her, and made her promise that she would help the outsider Mal Sook fit in to the family.

Unexpected You then wrapped up with the Kyui Nam and Yoon Hee couple together with the Jang Soo (Jang Yong) and Cheong Ae (Yoon Yeo Jeong) couple at Ji Hwan’s kindergarten sports event.

Yoon Hee was pregnant with her second child, yet she brought herself to participate in an event with Cheong Ae and Ji Hwan. The three had to run in unison in a race and they did manage to come in first place thanks to Yoon Hee’s spirit, but Cheong Ae fell over in the process. Kyui Nam and Yoon Hee didn’t care whether Cheong Ae had fallen over or not, however, and were busy celebrating their win. Jang Soo and Cheong Ae could only look on, taken aback at how they didn’t care.

The in-laws thus showed they were still far from reconciling with each other, yet this appealed more to the viewers and made them smile at how closely it resembled reality. It was an ending that was certainly the most worthy of Unexpected You.

The parade of characters that all played their own parts covered every base of reality. Each event that took place helped viewers relate more while at the same time closely resembling the film Love Actually.

Love Actually is an omnibus film that talks about the different love stories between lovers, family and friends. It’s especially well-known for the scene in which a man confesses his love toward a woman in front of her home with a sketchbook.

The last scene of Unexpected You also closely resembled this scene when everyone showed their love for their viewers with a sign reading ‘Thank you’.

My Daughter Seo Young, starring Chun Ho Jin, Lee Bo Young, Lee Sang Yoon and Park Hae Jin, will follow the conclusion of Unexpected You with its first episode on September 15.

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