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[Sh*t K-Celebs Say] Kara’s Goddess Park Gyuri Edition

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2012.09.09 16:00 Mwave Nancy Lee

”I think the word Goddess is a little tired. Maybe, Venus? Aphrodite isn’t bad either.”
Park Gyuri on her Goddess nickname

That’s Park Gyuri for you. There’s nothing we appreciate more than idol stars saying it how it is, and Park Gyuri’s overflowing confidence is what we love most about Kara’s fearless leader.

Love her or hate her, whatever comes out of her mouth is bound to be hilarious.

And there’s more where the above words came from, so read on as we go through some of Park Gyuri’s best Sh*t K-Celebs Say moments.

[Sh*t K-Celebs Say] Kara’s Goddess Park Gyuri Edition

On men:

The question “Have you ever been hit on by another celebrity” is up there with “Who is your ideal type” among the most asked questions celebrities receive.

Thank goodness we have Park Gyuri to entertain us with a refreshing answer to the tired question.

On a past episode of KBS’ Star Golden Bell, the Kara leader opened up about the men who have (and have not) hit on her.

I’ve received messages through my homepage, but I think there are actually more who haven’t mustered up the courage.

It’s okay, boys, we know Park Gyuri can come off a little strong sometimes, but if you’re out there, we say: Go for it!

[Sh*t K-Celebs Say] Kara’s Goddess Park Gyuri Edition

On her face:

Most girls scare the boys away when the makeup comes off, but Park Gyuri appears to be a rare exception.

On the Girls’ Special of MBC’s Come to Play in 2009, where Girls’ Generation (SNSD) and Kara were the guests, panelist Noh Hong Chul picked Park Gyuri as the most fox-like member, to which the Kara leader affirmed that she does indeed know how to draw men to her. And she can do in a way that no woman has ever done before. Bare faced.

“Unfortunately, I look more beautiful without any makeup on. So men are attracted to me when they see me then.”

Most recently, the Kara members stopped by Mnet’s Open Studio, where the girls shared what they considered to be their God-given gifts. So what did Park Gyuri say she was most thankful to the heavens for?

“Honestly, when I look in the mirror, I am thankful. I do think, ‘Thank you.’ I’m most thankful for the balance.”

[Sh*t K-Celebs Say] Kara’s Goddess Park Gyuri Edition

On being an all-around awesome person:

Park Gyuri’s wonderfulness knows no bounds, and she shares why below.

On what others have said of her many wonderful qualities, Park Gyuri once said:

“People said, ′I thought she was just cute and sweet, but now she’s even sexy.′”

”Most of my fans come because they’ve fallen for my sexy charisma, but if you get to know me, my style is actually more reserved and feminine.”

Translation: Everyone loves Park Gyuri because she’s awesome, but the more you get to know her, you discover that she’s even more awesome.

Gotta love a girl with confidence!

Let us know what some of your favorite Park Gyuri quotes are in the comments below!

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