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Shin Eun Kyung Reveals Post Surgery Test Photos

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2011.08.26 13:43 Mwave Choe, MinJi

Actress Shin Eun Kyung, who recently went through jaw realignment surgery, revealed test shots of herself.

Shin Eun Kyung had previously revealed photos showing her face two months after her surgery, but this time she revealed pictures taken a month and a half ago. She is receiving many favorable responses about her new gentle image.

Shin Eun Kyung Reveals Post Surgery Test Photos

For common kinds of plastic surgery, such as those for the eyes or nose, it takes a minimum of two months to as long as one year for the tissue to return to its normal state. The same goes for jaw realignment surgery. However, Shin Eun Kyung received acupuncture treatment from a Chinese doctor four times a day, and was able to recover faster than others.

Representative director Kang Jae Hun, who was in charge of Shin Eun Kyung′s surgery, said "Shin Eun Kyung benefited from acupuncture treatment and Chinese medicine. She went through surgery for purely cosmetic purposes, and also for her character as an actress. She decided to be frank with the fact that she had surgery."

Photo credit: White Dental Clinic


“You want me to put my hand in a [woman’s] underwear?”

A man who’s been an actor for 10 years was startled by what his director asked of him. He says he’s been in 18 films, but these days he’s feeling like a rookie again.

Shin Eun Kyung Reveals Post Surgery Test Photos

Lee Sang Hoon (Stage name Lee Su Ho) is currently acting as a Ho Bang (Title of a palace official) for Channel CGV’s The Bangja Chronicles. Others say he’s a late rookie, but he calls himself a veteran actor - something that makes sense, since he’s been in an extensive line of 18 films with roles such as the gangster in My Boss, My Hero, the marathoner in Barefoot Gi Bong and Gae DDok in Mutt Boy.

We sat down with the actor Lee Sang Hoon, whose movies have already been seen by 30 million people, and is now dreaming of taking a new leap on the small screen.

A man from Gyeongsang-do comes to Seoul

Lee is from Yeongdeok of Gyeongsangbuk-do, an area famous for its snow crabs. In 1998, he traveled the long way to Seoul because he just wanted to see some celebrities. He’s been living in Seoul ever since.

While he was snooping around the broadcasting system buildings to catch a glimpse of celebrities, he got a chance to star in a film - the lead role, at that.

“I made my debut with the film Birth of the Man, which premiered in the year 2001. I came out as the head gangster who teaches the Seoul dialect. I tried to recall how I learned the standard dialect when I first came to Seoul and poured it into the role. I think from that point on I was given all gangster characters who use the Gyeongsang dialect or a clumsy Seoul one.

In the 18 films he was cast in, Lee mostly appeared as a gangster with an accent. In The Art of Fighting, he even rapped out a string of curses for a full two minutes as a brutal Jeolla-do gangster. He could have battled neck to neck with the original bad-mouthed actress Kim Su Mi.

The Bangja Chronicles taught him what a real pro is like

Lee uses a dialect this time around, too. The big difference is that he’s not a gangster anymore; he’s now a Ho Bang who receives his pay from the palace. He took on the role because the scenario looked fun and he was curious about his character, which was obsessed with obscenity. He says that as a plus, he’s come to learn what a true pro should be like from the gisaeng (traditional female entertainers) actresses.

The actresses, he says, showcased some ‘real’ acting. When actors film sex scenes or scenes in which they have to expose their bodies, they do some ‘maintenance work’ to cover up the key parts. But the two actresses who acted as the gisaeng only underwent ‘partial maintenance’ in their passion toward acting.

“The most difficult scene was one in which I had to put my hand in the gisaengs’ underwear. We started shooting, and then I realized that they had only covered themselves up partially. To make my acting more natural, the director told me to keep my hand in there even during our break, and it was so embarrassing. But they were pros. I thought I wanted to take after their mindset. (laugh)”

The Bangja Chronicles is rated ’for 19 or over’, but the Korea Communications Standards Commission still censored much of it, so only 30 percent of the material already shot was allowed to air. Ultimately, Lee’s ‘underwear’ scene had to be cut also.

Shin Eun Kyung Reveals Post Surgery Test Photos

His mother is his biggest fan

Lee’s parents still live in his hometown, Yeongdeok. Because Yeongdeok doesn’t have any movie theaters, most of his parents’ neighbors have never seen the films he’s starred in. Then in 2008, he traveled to Yeongdeok to shoot the film Santamaria, and his mother bought some ice cream for those who were there to watch, saying proudly, “That’s my son.”

His mother always monitors the films her son appears in. She doesn’t hold back her sharp criticism, either, but Lee says this time, she didn’t call him once.

“She liked it so much when I appeared in the 2008 drama Last Scandal. She also liked it when I said I would appear in The Bangja Chronicles after only appearing in films. She was happy her son would be appearing on TV. She said she watched the first episode with my big sister, but she’s not calling me; maybe it’s because there’s so much exposure going on. (Laugh)”

Various experiences help actors

Lee says that the secret behind his steady acting career is his “various experiences.” Lee was a marathoner for four years, is a patented inventor and was the CEO of an IT company. He says if he wants to, he can get a job because he also has a license to be a kindergarten gym teacher. He also writes on days he doesn’t have any scheduled shoots.

“I want to say that if you want to be an actor, you should go through a lot of various experiences. You could think it’s a waste of time, but later you’ll be able to act out the small details when something you’ve experienced comes to you as a role. It’s good to try writing scenarios, too. Once you start making hundreds of characters, your imagination helps you with your acting.”

Shin Eun Kyung Reveals Post Surgery Test Photos

An actor like water

He’s been acting for 10 years, but there are still a lot of people who don’t know who Lee Sang Hoon is. Because of this, he says that he wants to meet his audience more often with many different movies. What kind of actor does he want to be?

“When I go in for an audition, the directors always ask me what kind of actor I want to be. Whenever they ask me, I answer ‘an actor like water’. If you put in a green tea teabag, the water becomes green tea, and if you put in chocolate it becomes cocoa; similarly, I want to be an actor that looks good in any piece of clothing. (laugh)”

His 10 years as an actor was the best present Lee Sang Hoon as a person and Lee Sang Hoon as an actor could give himself. He smiles brightly, saying that he’s looking forward to his tomorrow, when he may become the most popular actor in Korea and the pride of Yeongdeok. We look forward to his 10 years to come.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Gwan
Translation credit: Erika Kim

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