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[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 14: “Love is Ordered by the Heart”

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2012.09.06 21:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

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It’s 2005. Yoon Jae is hard at work in his office when he receives a text message from Si Won, telling him to buy her dinner and to save her number. He replies back saying he’s busy, but now he can’t focus on work since Si Won’s confession is the only thing on his mind now.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 14: “Love is Ordered by the Heart”

At the hospital, Tae Woong is unpacking all of his books and laptop. Joon Hee asks if it’s really okay not to tell Yoon Jae about it, and Tae Woong says if Yoon Jae knows, he’ll freak out over the small surgery (Oh thank goodness. We thought he suddenly had cancer or something).

Joon Hee’s worried since Tae Woong is surgically removing a colorectal polyp and needs to fast for five whole days. He mentions that Tae Woong needs a guardian.

Right on cue, Si Won enters the room, and Tae Woong introduces his guardian during his hospital stay.

Si Won is coughing and sniffling up a storm and she worries what’ll happen if Tae Woong catches her cold.

“Then you have to take responsibility for me for the rest of your life!” says Tae Woong flirtatiously, but Si Won’s not buying it and scoffs.

She drags Joon Hee out quickly, saying she needs to leave the room before Tae Woong catches her cold.

Joon Hee’s senior enters the room and asks him when he’s going to move in. Si Won’s surprised at the news.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 14: “Love is Ordered by the Heart”

Joon Hee brings Si Won into the stairwell, where a chair is painted on the steps. Joon Hee explains that this is the hospital’s main attraction: the chair of truth.

Si Won sits down, understanding that the purpose of the chair is to console whoever has a worry. She notices the sign on the wall that reads, “Pay Attention,” telling whoever is in the chair to always check if anyone else is in the stairwell.

Joon Hee explains that it’s not only the patients and families who use it, but also the doctors and nurses who come around as well.

“Whenever I sit in this chair,” shares Joon Hee, “I become honest with my feelings.”

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 14: “Love is Ordered by the Heart”

Si Won lets out a sigh and hesitantly calls out Joon Hee’s name, but before she can say anything to him, Joon Hee replies that he knows Si Won’s feelings for Yoon Jae and he probably knew before she did.

Si Won doesn’t lift her head up, as Joon Hee tells her that Yoon Jae still likes her a lot. But what Si Won is more worried about is Joon Hee, since he still really likes Yoon Jae as well.

Joon Hee reassures her, saying that he’s going to move on from his first love, which is why he’s moving out.
“My fantasy about Yoon Jae died after living with him. He really doesn’t lift a finger around the house,” jokes Joon Hee.

Si Won apologizes to Joon Hee, saying that she was being selfish, only thinking about herself instead of Joon Hee, who’s confessed all his secrets to her. She’s completely feeling guilty about somewhat stealing her friend’s crush.

Joon Hee’s reassures her again, saying that he’s completely happy with just being friends with Si Won and Joon Hee.

Just then, Joon Hee’s beeper goes off and the two leave the stairwell….just as the camera pans upward to reveal a completely shocked Yoon Jae, sitting at the top of the stairs.

The look on his face says he’s heard everything and just found out that Joon Hee has crushed on him all these years.

Yoon Jae later meets Joon Hee in the lobby and he keeps on a poker face as he asks if Joon Hee ate.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 14: “Love is Ordered by the Heart”

Back at the town office, Sung Jae is still being treated like a scrub, running everyone’s errands. Even a little boy calls him by his name, without the hyung, and asks about the school bus that’s running late.

Sung Jae has just about had it with all the rubbish when another person calls him and he loses it.
But when he looks up, it’s actually Hak Chan and Yoo Jung who came to visit.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 14: “Love is Ordered by the Heart”

Too bad for Sung Jae, it’s not even to really see him. They need him to tell them the tracking route in the woods.

Sung Jae’s not really surprised that Hak Chan and Yoo Jung are back on good terms – to the point where our toes are curling. Sung Jae then belatedly thanks Hak Chan for all of his presents and Hak Chan shuts him up.

Hak Chan and Yoo Jung then start walking up the trail as Sung Jae talks behind their back.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 14: “Love is Ordered by the Heart”

At the hospital, Tae Woong continues being a workaholic as Joon Hee tells him to rest up while he’s here. He tries to give Tae Woong an IV shot, but Tae Woong doesn’t trust Joon Hee’s skills, but afterwards, Tae Woong is impressed, asking what would have happened if Joon Hee went to the Air Force Academy instead.

Joon Hee mutters that he should have. If he did, he would have been able to organize things more quickly.

Tae Woong asks about his surgery details, and Joon Hee reassures him that the surgery won’t take long and the best doctor will be performing it, showing that Tae Woong is a VVIP in the hospital.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 14: “Love is Ordered by the Heart”

Yoon Jae is sitting in his Onata with the windshield wipers going nuts, but for once, they don’t bother him. Yoon Jae thinks back on all the times he’s spent with Joon Hee and the conversations they had about the person Joon Hee likes.

He becomes frustrated when he finally realizes that Joon Hee had confessed to him during their senior year of high school but Yoon Jae only took it as a joke.

Just then, Si Won gives Yoon Jae a call, further clouding his thoughts.

On the peaceful trail, Hak Chan and Yoo Jung walk silently, enjoying every moment together. As they walk, Hak Chan asks if Yoo Jung missed him. She lets go of his hand in shock. He adds that he really missed her and that he came late because he didn’t want to come back without a diploma.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 14: “Love is Ordered by the Heart”

“I’m not going anywhere anymore. Even if we have to sell bread on the street together, I’ll be by your side.”

Then he finally says the words that Yoo Jung’s been waiting to hear for the past six years and more.

“I love you.”

Yoo Jung beams, as she asks him to repeat it.
Hak Chan’s a bit embarrassed having already said it once, but he grumbles it out.
She asks him to do it again, looking into her eyes.

Even more bashfully, Hak Chan looks up at Yoo Jung and repeats, “I love you again.”

Yoo Jung pulls his jacket zipper and gives him a nice warm kiss, and the couple basks in love, surrounded by nothing but trees and the chirping birds.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 14: “Love is Ordered by the Heart”

Despite doctor’s orders, Tae Woong continues to work. As he goes under his bed to pick up a dropped pen, someone bursts into his room. He can see from under his bed that it’s a female doctor (Cameo by After School’s Lee Juyeon). She pulls down her stockings, dumps them into the bin, then lifts up her butt to fart twice.

When she lies on couch, she and Tae Woong meet eyes.
The doctor asks if he saw everything, and Tae Woong asks, “Which one? The first or the second one? I saw the first one and heard the second.”

She hangs her head in mortification and Tae Woong tells her to use the room, since as a resident, she must be stressed out. He leaves the room, making her smile in thought.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 14: “Love is Ordered by the Heart”

At the Courthouse, Yoo Jae is talking to someone (We think it’s Sung Jae), telling him to watch what he says in front of Yoo Jung, since she still believes Hak Chan is innocent. Then they talk about how he received the Russian series from Hak Chan and how it’s protected in his laptop under a password.

As soon as he hangs up, Si Won stands at Yoon Jae’s office door, amazed by Hak Chan’s twist of character. A shocked Yoon Jae asks how she came in, and Si Won replies that she bribed his secretary with Rain’s signature and two tickets toYoon Do Hyun’s Love Letter

Si Won notices a laptop on the table next to her and asks if the Russian girls are on there. Yoon Jae freaks out as she touches the computer, then becomes quickly relieved that there is a password. He explains that the laptop has a lot of important judicial matters and needs a password to protect it. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Si Won nods her head. “Password, eh?”
She types in a couple of numbers and amazingly enough, the computer unlocks to reveal a folder titled, ‘An Enjoyable Life from Hak Chan’ on the desktop. Yoon Jae freaks out again and closes the laptop, saying he’ll buy her food.

He asks how she knew his password and Si Won replies that his passwords are the dates of his parents’ passing.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 14: “Love is Ordered by the Heart”

Back at the hospital, Tae Woong tells his doctors that he’s willing to lecture for the hospital, because of hardworking doctors like Joon Hee. Tae Woong sheepishly asks that the doctors and nurses pretend not to know him during the lecture, since he won’t be able to speak well after they see his butt during the surgery.

The doctors promise, but mention that the surgery won’t be done through the butt, but through the frontal area, which freaks Tae Woong out even more at how many people will have to see his…thing. They reassure him that the doctors present at the surgery won’t go to the lecture, and if he’s lucky, just the chief surgeon will enter the operation room, since the doctor is good enough to do it alone.

But mortification comes quickly after relief when it’s revealed that the chief surgeon is a girl….and not just any girl, but the doctor he called resident earlier who enters the room and introduces herself as Dr. Lee Juyeon. While she’s confident, Tae Woong tries to hide his face from the embarrassment that is to come with her being in charge of his frontal surgery.

Tae Woong asks Joon Hee for some pills.

Si Won and Yoon Jae are eating stew, but Yoon Jae’s losing his appetite over Si Won’s constant sniffling and snorts.

Si Won stuffs a tissue up her nose and says she’ll let that slide, since she’s sinned.
Yoon Jae asks what and Si Won replies, “Not realizing who I loved.”

She asks the judge what her punishment would be, and Yoon Jae replies, “Life in prison.” Si Won is taken aback, and Yoon Jae replies that he’s the one living life in prison.

“I’m living in a cell because of you, with set time, all alone, until I die.” Way to be dramatic, lover boy.

It works on Si Won, as she hangs her head in guilt.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 14: “Love is Ordered by the Heart”

Tae Woong’s typing away on his latop when Dr. Lee comes into his room on her way out of the hospital. They joke about her ripped stockings and farting before Tae Woong apologizes for not realizing she was a head doctor, but instead a resident.

Dr. Lee says he made her feel really good that she’s going to give him a prostate cancer check during the operation, which puts Tae Woong on high alert.

She calms him down since it was just a joke. Then she blatantly asks him to break his fast by eating dinner with her.

Tae Woong apologizes but declines. Dr. Lee stutters that she’ll give the chance to another person and then realizes that she was rejected. She leaves the room quickly in embarrassment and Tae Woong laughs.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 14: “Love is Ordered by the Heart”

Yoon Jae is sleeping away, when Joon Hee whispers in his ear to wake up for breakfast. Love that Joon Hee is wearing pink rubber gloves. He’s such a wife.

Joon Hee tells Yoon Jae to get up, since he has something to say.

At the breakfast table, Joon Hee just fiddles with his rice, not saying a word.

Instead, Yoon Jae suggests they meet for dinner and have some soju like old times. Joon Hee agrees.

Yoon Jae brings up that he heard that Tae Woong will be giving a special lecture at Joon Hee’s hospital, and starts complimenting his brother and how he loves him but is scared of him as well.

“My brothers never made a mistake in life, whether it was work…or love.”

Silence falls between them, and Joon Hee asks, “Are you not accepting Si Won because of your brother? Because he chose her.”

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 14: “Love is Ordered by the Heart”

Yoon Jae looks up at Joon Hee in surprise.

When you like someone, it’s not a problem with choices. It’s something that the heart orders.

Joon Hee says it’s obvious that the two like each other and while he understands why Yoon Jae is avoiding it, it’s not fair for Si Won. Why should Si Won be in pain when the two brothers were the ones who decided like her?

You just don’t know who in life is loving you. You just don’t know.

Joon Hee adds that the game is over because Yoon Jae likes Si Won. What other choices are left for him? “Don’t regret it later and blame your brother, but do what your heart tells you.”

Before Joon Hee leaves the table, he tells Yoon Jae that Si Won is better than him, since she’s doing what her heart is telling her to do.

Yoon Jae’s phone is ringing. It’s Si Won again.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 14: “Love is Ordered by the Heart”

After the surgery, Tae Woong is sleeping with Si Won and Joon Hee by himself. Dr. Lee comes to check, when she spots Si Won. She asks if Si Won is Tae Woong’s girlfriend, and Si Won replies that she’s a younger sister, putting a bright smile on Dr. Lee’s face.

Yoon Jae is on the phone with Si Won, who wants him to take some of the boxes of peaches that her mom sent from Busan. Yoon Jae says he doesn’t want to and tells her to give it to Tae Woong, when Si Won accidentally blurts out that Tae Woong can’t eat since he’s just had the surgery.

Skip to the hospital.

Yoon Jae breathes out a heavy sigh as he looks over his sleeping brother.
Joon Hee tries to make the situation better by saying rather than an operation, it was more like a small procedure, but Yoon Jae sends Joon Hee a death glare for keeping it a secret and Joon Hee shuts up.

Death glare number two goes Si Won’s way, when she adds that Tae Woong is just catching up on his sleep.

Dr. Lee asks if Yoon Jae is Tae Woong’s son. Joon Hee introduces Dr. Lee as the surgeon who performed the surgery. Yoon Jae replies that he’s Tae Woong’s younger brother. Dr. Lee nods her head, muttering, “One brother. One sister. This won’t be easy….”

Dr. Lee and Joon Hee leave the room, and as Si Won tries to make her escape, Yoon Jae catches her and pulls her back, still upset that no one told him about Tae Woong’s surgery.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 14: “Love is Ordered by the Heart”

Si Won brings Yoon Jae to the chair of truth and explains how his feelings will get truthful if he sits on the steps. Yoon Jae sits on the chair and lays out his jacket on the steps for Si Won to sit.

Yoon Jae thanks Si Won for taking care of his brother, who seems to be more comfortable with her rather than him. He hesitantly tells her that Tae Woong really likes her and that he’s waiting for her to come back to him.

Si Won’s face falls.

“I know, but what about you? Not your brother, but what about you?”

(Come on chair of truth, work your magic!)

Si Won explains that she’s sorry for Tae Woong, but she doesn’t really think about it. Tae Woong is the closest person in the world to her.

“But the only person that I worry about the most in the world is you.”

She asks for his answer once more. She doesn’t care about anyone else and just wants to know if he still likes her.

He gazes at her with an unreadable expression on his face.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 14: “Love is Ordered by the Heart”

Losing patience, Si Won says she’ll count to three and if he doesn’t answer, she’s going to kiss him on the cheek.

She counts to one, and you can see all of the thoughts and worries frantically swimming around in Yoon Jae’s head.

Si Won puts on a worried face and then counts to two - when Yoon Jae sudden leans over and kisses her, giving up on all his thoughts. (KYAAAAAAA!!!!)

They break the kiss and Yoon Jae looks away bashfully as Si Won smiles.
She takes out a small white paper envelope and hands it to Yoon Jae.

“Take it 30 minutes after every meal,” she says, “You take it because I’m all cured now.”
Yoon Jae cracks a smile and the two best friends look at each other and this time go into a full make-out session as they hold each other’s hands.

(We’re having a hard time breathing at this point. Anyone else hyperventilating??)

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 14: “Love is Ordered by the Heart”

Yoon Jae is at dinner with Joon Hee, who is explaining a new hospital policy, where a veteran doctor must room with a resident. He tries to make up all these excuses, stuttering a lot in the process as Yoon Jae looks on with no expression.

When Joon Hee continues with the excuses, Yoon Jae stops him and says he believes him, since Joon Hee has never told a lie. Joon Hee is a little disappointed that Yoon Jae is so nonchalant about him moving out.

Yoon Jae scoffs and asks why Joon Hee’s disappointed, since they’ll see each other again.

“If even you run away, not wanting to see my face, I’m going to chase you around for the rest of your life. We’re friends, right?”

Joon Hee smiles as they clink their beer mugs.

Then Yoon Jae coughs and sniffles, having caught Si Won’s cold (Tee hee).

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 14: “Love is Ordered by the Heart”

Joon Hee enters Tae Woong’s room with his meal, only to find the room empty.
As he gets a call from Si Won, Joon Hee heads towards the stairwell, where he finds out what happened between Si Won and Yoon Jae. He says that it would happen soon, since Yoon Jae likes Si Won. They chitchat for awhile about how this is the first kiss, since their real first kiss eight years ago. Joon Hee then gets another call and leaves the stairwell.

The camera pans upward to reveal Tae Woong sitting at the top of the stairs with a stunned look on his face.

Why doesn’t anyone take caution from the sign on the wall??

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 14: “Love is Ordered by the Heart”

We hop over to 2012 at the high school reunion, where Papa Sung is scolding Si Won for only sending 100,000 won as allowance to her parents. He wants to speak to his son-in-law. Si Won hands the phone in Yoon Jae and Tae Woong’s direction.

The next thing we know, both Yoon Jae and Tae Woong are on their phones, as Papa Sung says that he should receive more allowance from his daughter when his oldest son is a presidential candidate and his second son is a judge.

Tae Woong and Yoon Jae meet eyes and laugh.

(Notice how both of them have their left hands in their pockets to hide their couple rings? UGH!!)

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 14: “Love is Ordered by the Heart”

Who’s the Baby Daddy?

Finally our two characters admit to liking each other and seal it with real kisses instead of just boring our-lips-are-touching drama kisses. (Thank goodness for that chair. Is there any way we can paint that chair in our stairwells?)

That’s just confirmation right there that Yoon Jae is the baby daddy, especially since Si Won just doesn’t see Tae Woong as a man, but an older brother. It sucks for Tae Woong, but he’s just got to let her go.

We hope this doesn’t turn into an “I gave up everything for you in my life, so please just give her up for me” situation between Tae Woong and Yoon Jae.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 14: “Love is Ordered by the Heart”

This episode marked the end for Joon Hee’s one-sided love and we’re crushed to see Joon Hee a bit disappointed and pained by how things worked out, but it’s as if he predicted something like this would happen, especially since he of all people knew just how much Yoon Jae loved Si Won.

He seems fine with moving on – and we certainly hope he is, but we also can’t help but feel a little pang of pain when we think about him and his unrequited love.

We, however, completely welcome the cameo by Lee Juyeon and solely believe that she is going to be Tae Woong’s wife. There were a couple of tricky clues that pointed in that direction.

The first one is that Tae Woong’s life as a software programmer, innovator, and businessman may be based on Ahn Cheol Su, who is a very famous programmer/entrepreneur/researcher/physician in Korea. If so, then Tae Woong is destined to get married to a doctor, because in real life, Ahn Cheol Su is also married to a doctor.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 14: “Love is Ordered by the Heart”

Just the fact that they introduced Dr. Juyeon into the story has us thinking that Tae Woong is the drama’s version of Ahn Cheol Su, especially since Ahn Cheol Su is considering becoming a presidential candidate, depending on what the citizens think, which is what Tae Woong is also doing.

The second clue that leads us to believe that Tae Woong and Juyeon will get together is because of how Joon Hee introduces Juyeon to Yoon Jae.

During the introduction, Joon Hee was trying to say “Hyung soo sool hae jushin boon,” which means the person who performed the surgery for Taewoong, but since it wasn’t a surgery but a mere procedure, Joon Hee cuts himself off to change his sentence. But when he cuts his sentence, he ends up saying, “Hyung soo-” which means sister-in-law and not just any sister-in-law, but one a younger brother calls the wife of his older brother.

Coincidence? Maybe.
Are we thinking way too hard about this? Maybe….

But it’s just our desperate hope and longing to see more of Yoon Jae and Si Won together, not just as friend, but as lovers.

Yoon Jae deserves it.

We think we deserve it too.

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