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[GIVEAWAY] enewsWorld′s 1 Year Anniversary Event

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2012.09.19 17:30 Mwave Elizabeth Eun

[Update: September 18, 2012 17:30 KST]

It′s our ANNIVERSARY!! We′ve felt so blessed with all of the love we′ve received over the past year and so we′re so happy to give a little back to you readers with our giveaways and articles.

So our three GRAND PRIZE WINNERS were so difficult to choose! But choose we must, and so here are the winners!


Judging from the way you guys write, the professionalism behind every word and the coverage, I can′t believe it′s only been one year!

My favourite thing about your site? You guys really know how to feed the hallyu wave by giving every artiste their deserving amount of coverage. You play no favouritism - so no matter who the fans like, whether its idols or actors, they can always count on this site for quick and easy-to-read news articles. For people who barely understand Korean, there are only a few sites we can go to for kpop news and obviously, enewsworld is our no.1 pick since you guys cover news that other sites don′t cover.

I love how you guys have editorial articles ... for example the article that made me a REAL big fan of your site was the journalistic piece entitled "The 5 Types of Super Junior". That really stunned me cos I haven′t seen anything like it on any other site - not even those run by fans. (:

I also love the "trending" concept on the front page, so you know immediately what the buzz is about.

The fact that your site exists in multiple editions (English/Chinese/Korean/etc) also ensures that kpop news is accessible to the fans in whatever language they are most comfortable with.

Well done enewsworld! Here′s to 1 year and beyond. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!


My favourite thing about enewsWorld has got to be the fact that it is like an Educational site. I mean, going on enewsworld, it′s like a text book about korea... not just the typical kpop scene but the whole package, the culture, the fashion and basically everything that will get anyone to fall in love with Korea. I′ve always been interested in the korean culture and this is one of the only places that I could go to, to get the latest ups of korea.

Next, I love how you guys are Neutral. You don′t take sides, you don′t blame, you don′t post things that will create issues. You guys post the news, basically for us, not to hate but to know and to love. And I love that about enewsworld as I can read peacefully without seeing replies of hates.

Futhermore, enewsWorld have awesome Editors! Is that what you call you guys who are working behind the scene, delivering us latest updates? All those twitter feedbacks are most of the time cheeky and super cute! You guys must have spent ages wrecking your brains for such detailed posts and I′d like to thank youse lot for that.

Carrying on, enewsWorld is Worldwide! No one can deny the fact that enewsWorld is the only medium for korea-related stuff that are available in 5 different languages! Honestly, I only understand English but I love how enewsWorld don′t only concentrate on the english speakers but also other language speakers. Greatest way to spread the korean love? I think so. ;)

Lastly, the enewsWorld System is just so systematic (?). I don′t know how to explain this. The site updates, and that also updates the facebook so facebook users can read it straight from facebook and BAM, you can also get it on twitter! I follow on both facebook and twitter and it happens to be the greatest thing ever!

So those are my favourite things about ENEWSworld, did you see how my favourites of enews begins with E, N, E, W and S? ;) Tee hee.

Kavarikk Soulforge

Congrats on a wonderful year, and in that spirit, let me just say:

I is for Insight, for it is what I get with each story I read on enewsWorld
L is for Love , for that is what enewsWorld′s staff puts into every single post
O is for Outstanding, since no other site is as outstanding as enewsWorld
V is for Videos, enewsWorld′s videos of k-pop stars brings them closer to you
E is for the Editorials, enewsWorld′s awesome opinions pieces are my favorite
E is for Entertainment, enewsWorld has the best stories on K-Dramas and K-Movies
N is for None, since there is no better site on the planet than enewsWorld
E is for Everything, since that is what I love about enewsWorld
W is for Wonderful, I have yet to see an enewsWorld article that was not wonderful
S is for Style, these articles by enewsWorld keeps me on the cutting edge of fashion
W is for World, I live on the other side it, but enewsWorld bring Korea to my home
O is for Ovation, like the stars they cover, enewsWorld′s staff deserves an ovation
R is for Remarkable, enewsWorld′s remarkable photos shows all your favorite stars
L is for Loyal, for everything enewsWorld has done, I will be a loyal reader forever
D is for Daebak, to say it plain, to say it simple, enewsWorld is DAEBAK!

If you put the first letter of each line together and you′ll see how I feel
And why I always read enewsWorld with enthusiastic zeal
It is not a mystery to be unraveled or unfurled
It simply spells out the truth, I Love enewsWorld!

I hope what I wrote above put a smile on your faces since enewsWorld has put a simile on mine for a long time now. As fan from America I often felt like I am alone in my love of K-pop and K-dramas. Thanks to reading enewsWorld, I now feel like I am part of a bigger k-family :) I love everything about this site. I check it daily and it keeps we so well informed, in fact, I feel strange if something happens and I can not check it for even one day. I have come to depend on enewsWorld for all my information about K-pop, k-drama, k-style, and k-culture. I also love that I can read it for pure enjoyment. So thank you for all your hard work, congratulations on your anniversary, and I know you will have many, many more. enewsWorld it the best!!!! I have to say this giveaway is amazing, since I love Se7en almost as much as enewsWorld. Thank you for reading :)

Congratulations to the three grand prize winners! And as for the rest of you, we promise to have another giveaway very soon - so keep checking in to enewsWorld!!!

[End Update]

[Update: September 17, 2012 18:00 KST]

Just one day away from our anniversary and the announcement of our grand prize winners!

But before that...winner of the last Se7en CD...

Nancy Cha

What′s my favorite thing about enewsWorld? There′s a whole list behind that but i′ll just list a couple. One, enewsWorld JJANG! Two, another k-pop website? How cool is that to get updates right away on facebook? Three, I love the titles of ...the articles- it makes me want to read everything, but its hard to do so (: Four, enewsWorld isn′t really biased, you guys write about everything and treat everything equally...Five, enewsWorld is just the best, no kidding! Also, congrats for making it through one whole year. I hope this website/page lasts till the very end and get more "likes" than ever. I only hope for your guys success and thank you for everything! I really appreciate everything you guys do for us, k-pop fans! I just don′t know how to repay you guys for actually taking your time to write/post up these articles! I know its a hard job, and i really want to say "CONGRATS!!" enewsWorld DAEBAAAAAAK! ♥

Thank you and congratulations!

[End Update]

[Update: September 16, 2012 18:00 KST]

Winner number five! We′re so close to our anniversary and your responses are making us super excited!

So congratulations to...

Sara Ayaz

First of all I would like to Congratulate enewsWorld for their 1st UPCOMING ANNIVERSARY. May God keep giving you success in future life.

Secondly, my favorite thing about enewsWorld is that it always keep me in track of the news of KPOP. And that all the KPOP lovers need. Its like an addiction, wherever I go and I have nohing to do I just go to the enewsWorld website and connect with Kpop right-away. Its really fast and it gives up to date news.

I would like to thanks all the people who are working so hard to make enewsWorld so loving. They have Kpop, all the new Korean drama and movies, Korean culture and Korean awesome celebrities. Even though enewsWorld have photos and forums. Even though they translated the news to Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English language to make it comfortable for the Kpop fans. They have everything to keep the Kpopers love this site.

I recently joined enewsWorld and I was so happy to see that enewsWorld have so much information to keep me busy. I even have the KPOP News/Video app supporting by enewsWorld in my phone. Thanks again and keep working hard. I will support you forever.

Wish you succeess. ~Fighting ^_^

[End Update]

[Update: September 16, 2012 18:00 KST]

Winner number four! Have you been waiting long? Only a few more winners left but lucky number four is...


Congrats on the anniversary! It′s nice seeing u grow since the earlier days~
What I love about enewsworld is the harmony of professionalism and entertainment u bring. It′s a site that knows where to draw the line without making an issue too ′black and white′ boring to read or immature. You put input into some articles without offending us readers. You′re a legit source to learn about news, where u even tweet to us pics of fans waiting to get into the music programs. (I′ll always be grateful for that pic of shinhwa changjo u tweeted lined up for Shinhwa′s comeback...the orange balloons ugh so emotional with that lol)There′s also the fact that u seem to have the best ppl in charge of the tweets. The hashtags or small quotes that are included in ur tweet links are priceless. I′ve mentioned it long before & I′ll say it again, who ever is in charge of tweeting deserves a lil raise! Haha~
Here′s to more anniversaries ahead. Fighting!

Congratulations and pssst - we′d like that little raise too ;)!

[End Update]

[Update: September 15, 2012 18:30 KST]

Our third winner! Thank you and congratulations to...


Hello Enews people!

First of all i would like to greet you a happy happy anniversary! Its been a year already eh? whoah!

Well seems like the space that you provided isnt that enough for me to express or tell those awesome stuffs that i like about this site. One thing that i like about your site is that you are like the most updated website when it comes to K-pop, K-movies and Korean entertainment in general. You guys never post updates without having legit sources and never created or spread malicious news/articles, you make it fare and square. The people behind this website are for sure working hard and are surely dedicated to cater all of your readers to provide us nothing but the best. I honestly check your website first than any other K-entertainment related websites, That′s for sure! :) I go here to check K-pop and mostly YG family updates since I am a self-confessed YG fanboy. As long as i want to make this short, I cant, cause no words can like explain how awesome you guys are.

Awesome, Amazing, Daebak! i dont know, seems like these words arent really enough to describe your team and your website. ^__^

Wishing you more years to come! Keep up the awesome job and God bless you all. :)

PS. I loooooooveeee Wookie hyung so much! His album is more than enough for me. ~Kkkk ;)

[End Update]

[Update: September 14, 2012 17:30 KST]

And here′s our second winner!!


Happy 1st Anniversary enewsWorld!

I would love to say that enews has brought so many smiles to my face when I see the updates on Twitter and Facebook. Because they get into such fangirls (or perhaps some fanboys too?) mode, squealing at oppa, noona or any star′s success and good news, but yet gives serious information when it is called for. At times they give witty comments, fangirl comments, or serious opinions which many fans tend to overlook. Most importantly, enews is not biased or randomly bashes the artistes whom they may not like [fans who has been into kpop for a some time may know what I mean ;/ ]

Since I have not been into kpop for a long time, my knowledge in k-entertainment slowly grew together with enews. It showed me so many different sides of the Korean entertainment industry which otherwise would have been limited to a few kpop groups. My kpop journey is almost as "young" as enews, so yeah I was here when enewsWorld first started! Guess it is also my 1st year anniversary as a kpop fan? ㅋㅋㅋ

Thank you again for all the great work and making me feel like we are part of the same "fandom"!
Wishing enews many more exciting years to come. Happy Birthday! :D

Congratulations and happy anniversary to you too!

[End Update]

[Update: September 13, 2012 17:30 KST]

Thank you ALL for your wonderful comments! They cheer us up daily!

We′re going to begin announcing winners TODAY - so please check in every day to see if you′ve won!!

Our first winner is....


First off, I would like to congratulate enewsWorld on their one year anniversary.

My favorite thing about enewsWorld is that I am able to get the latest and most reliable news about K-pop trends, issues, fashion, dramas, movies, culture and music. I find that the K-Culture section tends to provide me with a lot of insight in regards to the hottest destinations in Korea, as well as various Korean dishes and liquor that one must try when visiting the country. With that being said, I feel that through enewsWorld I am able to learn more about Korea as a whole instead of just the entertainment side of it. In addition, I love that enewsWorld is very user-friendly in the the sense that everything is well organized, easily accessible, and also available in multiple languages.

In conclusion, enewsWorld is the ideal place for not only your K-pop needs but also a place for you to gain more knowledge about Korean culture.

Congratulations! Check in tomorrow for the next winner!

[End Update]

In honor of our upcoming 1st anniversary, we′re celebrating YOU, the readers!

That′s right, this month is Readers Appreciation Month!

We′ll be having special articles coming out this entire month and we′re also launching a very special giveaway, since we know that′s what you guys love!

We′re giving away SIGNED SE7EN CDs to six lucky winners and three GRAND PRIZE WINNERS will receive an I AM T-SHIRTS and NOTEBOOKS individually signed by either Super Junior′s Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun and Donghae!

All you have to do is LIKE enewsWorld on Facebook, FOLLOW us on Twitter and tell us YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT ENEWSWORLD! (You can sign in on our site with an enewsWorld ID, your Twitter ID, or your Facebook!)

[GIVEAWAY] enewsWorld′s 1 Year Anniversary Event


ONE winner per household
NO Spamming

How to Enter:

1. LIKE us on Facebook
2. FOLLOW us on Twitter
3. COMMENT below with your enewsWorld ID/Facebook/Twitter account telling us what your FAVORITE THING ABOUT ENEWSWORLD is!

WINNERS - please email us at enewsworld.cj@gmail.com with the following information:

1. Full Legal Name
2. ID (Twitter/Facebook/enewsWorld)
3. Mailing Address
4. Phone Number

We′ll announce ONE winner for the Se7en CD every day beginning September 13 RIGHT HERE!

On September 19 (OUR ANNIVERSARY!!), we′ll announce the THREE GRAND PRIZE WINNERS for the SIGNED I AM GOODIES!

Enter now! Make them good - because the most clever comments will win the grand prize!

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