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Han Ye Seul’s Designer Bag Makes the ‘Blame Look’ List

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2011.08.26 16:13 Mwave Choi, EunHwa

Cable channel tvN′s ′enews-Hot Search Topics′ will air a detailed report on what has been dubbed Han Ye Seul′s ′blame look′ on August 26 at 9:00 p.m.

Han Ye Seul’s Designer Bag Makes the ‘Blame Look’ List

Han made headlines for refusing to show up for filming for KBS drama ‘Spy Myeong Wul’ then abruptly leaving for the U.S. only to return to Korea two days later. However, the designer bag the actress was seen carrying at the airport has quickly become a hot topic as well. The show′s MCs Kim Sung Joo, Park Young Rin, Park Hwi Soon and Kim Tae Hoon will closely analyze the item fronting the ′blame look′ phenomenon.

The designer bag seen on the actress is a highly-coveted item that even most celebrities can′t get their hands on, let alone at a discounted price. Despite its hefty, \1 million-plus price tag, the bag is sold out everywhere.

The curious occurrence of when an item seen on a publically-criticzied figure becomes a fashion trend is referred to as the ′blame look′ phenomenon. In addition to Han′s bag, items worn by Shin Jung Hwan, Shin Jung Ah and Shin Chang Won have become ‘blame look’ products.

Other hot topics covered on the broadcast include ′Kim Hee Chul′s enlistment′, ′G.Na Banana′, ′Lee Seung Gi′s Handsome Manager′ and ′Nicole′s pilates′.

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For 17 years, DJ DOC has remained ‘Korea’s Bad Boys.’

And with former member Park Jung Hwan’s slander suit slapped on Kim Chang Ryul and Lee Ha Neul, the group has found itself at the center of yet another controversy. Compared to the trouble the group has gotten into in the past, this incident hasn’t evoked severe criticism or anger from the public. Instead, it’s the case of a slip-of-the-tongue joke on an entertainment program gone wrong and snowballing into something greater.

Still, the resentment seems to stem from the group’s 17-year-old ‘bad boy’ image as well as the members’ signature roughhousing remarks and behavior. And Park’s swift reaction to the incident, which happened so quickly, it’s hard to believe he left the entertainment industry at all, has further fueled the fire.

Han Ye Seul’s Designer Bag Makes the ‘Blame Look’ List

‘The irrationality of Lee Ha Neul versus Park Jung Hwan’s marketing ploy for new album’

If Park, who is currently in the automobile selling business and active as an underground rapper, has plans to release an album sometime soon, then this is a very impressive and timely marketing ploy—although, that’s highly improbable. I only bring this up because he did explain that he passed a demo CD around to his acquaintances to prove that he is not, in fact, rhythmically challenged.

But let’s get back to the point, and dig deeper into DJ DOC, the group that has had the ‘bad boy’ modifier attached to its name for 17 years and has fallen in and out of the public’s good graces countless times, yet remains the ‘number one requested group for college festivals,’ ‘the dance-hip hop group loved by all of Korea’ and the group with a song that is ‘the most sung at karaoke bars.’

Han Ye Seul’s Designer Bag Makes the ‘Blame Look’ List

I am…

DJ DOC is a three-member group composed of members Lee Ha Neul (40), Kim Chang Ryul (38) and Jung Jae Yong (38). All three members are former DJs and the acronym DOC stands for ‘Dream of Children.’ The group debuted in 1994 with first album Superman’s Sorrow and former member Park Jung Hwan, and DJ DOC has been active ever since.

The 1997 hit Dance With DOC from the fourth studio album and Run to You from the group’s fifth album, which was released in 2000, are currently some of the most sung songs in kareoke rooms. Tracks from fifth album DOC Blues, L.I.E. and Pojori were deemed ‘harmful to youth’ because the lyrics contained insults against reporters and the police. The group’s latest studio release I’m This Kind of Person also enjoyed success on the music charts and music programs.

The members were also active as MCs on a number of entertainment programs, including MBC’s Come to Play, KBS2’s Invincible Baseball, E Channel’s Extreme Lodging and Mnet’s Jae Yong’s Pure 19.

Han Ye Seul’s Designer Bag Makes the ‘Blame Look’ List


DJ DOC’s greatest charm is also its biggest flaw—its signature ‘bad boy’ nature. It’s normal, from the perspective of the singer as well as the producer, to want to sell as many records as possible, whether it’s good or bad, through whatever reasonable means. And included in that is marketing a good image.

However, this isn’t the case for DJ DOC. When it come to the song’s lyrics, the members don’t hold anything back in their biting remarks. While this is nothing out of the ordinary abroad, such characters are hard to find inland. Our country tends to respond negatively to ‘delinquent’ characters.

Despite this, DJ DOC continues to communicate with the public through good and exciting music. When it comes to producing music, no one else is as meticulous or professional as the members. One need not look too far back but to the summer’s 2011 Jisan Rock Festival in order to understand this. While DJ DOC was an unexpected guest at the festival that features ‘popular rock music,’ the group worked hard on the arrangement to not disappoint fans and enlisted indie bands Serengeti and Daybreak as its live session band.

Most of their songs have been hits, and the members even served as supervisors of musical Street Life, which features 22 of DJ DOC’s hit songs.

When I met Lee on the set of the musical, he said with an awkward smile, “We always say that we’re B-rated. We’re singers with many anti-fans. We’ve lived as unfavorable celebrities, but I’m glad that our songs will remain favorable. I feel like I’m being rewarded for something when I see our music come alive on stage.”

Han Ye Seul’s Designer Bag Makes the ‘Blame Look’ List


The problem is the trouble, big and small, that DJ DOC stirs up. Whenever something unfavorable occurs, the phrase ‘It’s DJ DOC again?’ comes out naturally, and it’s to the point that some joke that the group ‘has more reason to meet with reporters from the local newspaper than entertainment reporters.’

From the release of the ‘Kang Won Rae diss track’ The Letter I Never Sent last year to flinging singer BoA’s bouquet on a music program and their criticism of SBS’s ‘package appearance deal’ where they were told they would not be able perform on Inkigayo if they didn’t appear on Strong Heart, and now, Park’s slander suit, the boys continue to be the talk of the town .

However, as member Kim Chang Ryul, who became known as ‘the entertainment industry’s representative fighter’ after a violent incident, became a father, took the GED equivalent and showed the public another side to himself as he prepared to go college. Lee also traded his rebellious image for a more relatable one, appearing on entertainment programs and even being called ‘an old lion who’s lost his teeth.’

I hope the most recent incident involving the former DJ DOC member blows over quickly and that the group will continue to produce exciting and fun music for the public and stay true to themselves, delivering laughs through their crazy antics within reasonable means and without evoking public criticism.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Gwan, Buda Sound

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