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Lee Byung Hun Talks about Being a Global Star, ‘Masquerade’ and Lee Min Jung

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2012.09.06 05:00 Mwave Oh, MiJung Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Lee Byung Hun continued to be modest about his global star status.

“I feel awkward around the title of ‘world star,’” he said. Though he’s the best actor in Korea, he said he’s still a supporting actor in Hollywood and said, “I’ll work hard until the day comes when I can choose the scenarios I want to take.”

Lee Byung Hun Talks about Being a Global Star, ‘Masquerade’ and Lee Min Jung

Lee Byung Hun talked honestly about himself and his career at the media day event held for Masquerade with the film’s director and his fellow cast members.

Lee Byung Hun didn’t look at all like the big star he really is, sipping drinks comfortably and spilling out his emotions.

To a question asking how he brought himself to ruin his image when he’s a global star, he answered, “It wasn’t the part where I ruined myself that felt awkward, but the title of ‘world star’. No one even recognizes me when I’m in America.”

He then added with a laugh, “Once there was someone who recognized me. They asked whether I was an actor, and when I told them yes, they said they had seen me in the film Hangover.”

Lee Byung Hun did not appear in Hangover. They had mistaken him for the Korean American actor Ken Jeong.

He then said about his own film, “There were actually many more entertaining scenes in the film, but most were edited out. There was a scene where I made a mistake when I tried to sheathe my sword, but it didn’t make it into the film."

"I know because I tried for G.I. Joe; it’s harder to sheathe a sword than to swing it around. Even experts find it hard to sheathe swords without looking. I tried to use that idea in the film, but I guess the director didn’t like it.”

The actor also touched on his recently revealed relationship with the actress Lee Min Jung.

When asked whether Lee Min Jung would attend the VIP preview scheduled for September 7, he said, “She said she had to shoot a commercial. I don’t think she’ll make it.”

Lee Byung Hun’s acting has garnered great praise from those who attended the screening on September 3.

Lee Byung Hun acted as both King Gwanghae and the lookalike low-class Ha Sun. Gwanghae hands Ha Sun his throne when he is threatened of being poisoned, and King Ha Sun learns what makes a true king while he acts as a fake one for 15 days. The film will premiere on September 19.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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