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An Inconvenient Truth behind Two Months’ Elimination

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2011.11.07 14:08 Mwave Lee, JinHo

The Top 3 from Mnet’s Superstar K3 played a close match on the semi-final stage held on November 4. The difference in popularity polls on the three teams was reported to be less than one percent. But in the end, one team had to be eliminated, and the unfortunate team ended up being Two Months.

But the duo was considered a strong candidate to win the whole shebang from the beginning. So what could have been the reason behind their elimination?

On the final day of the competition, Two Months took on the semi-final stage with the rendition of Rumble Fish’s A Feel-Good Day and received harsh critiques from judges including Lee Seung Chul who cited its singing as a “loose and flat” performance.

An Inconvenient Truth behind Two Months’ Elimination

Their elimination was all the more regrettable as the team has been considered as one of the strongest candidates to win the competition due to Kim Ye Rim’s charming voice and Do Dae Yoon’s steady guitar performance.

Some people say that the duo’s failure to advance to the final was blamed on the fact that female contestants are often at a disadvantage because there are more female voters than males. But that′s not exactly a sound case, since Do Dae Yoon drew a lot of popularity among female fans, while Kim Ye Rim drew in the male fans, something that should have worked rather favorably for the duo.

Therefore, what it comes down to is that their performance was the decisive factor in their elimination, and unfortunately, though we previously argued that Do was necessary to Two Month′s success, Domay be the primary factor in the duo′s elimination. To put it more accurately, the excessive interest and expectations placed on him may have played a crucial part in its elimination.

The duo secured its popularity and advanced to the finals as Kim’s distinctive voice made a good harmony with Do’s guitar performance and their good looks charmed viewers.

Its performance in the first live competition was the one where their charms were displayed at the fullest. Immediately after the first live competition, viewers’ interest in the duo soared, and they enjoyed popularity as high as top stars’. Naturally, attentions were focused on Do as well as Kim, and gradually, people started to talk Do had to increase his part.

In response, Do actually took on more in the following performances. But as his part got bigger, the duo’s limitation became clearer. In a way, asking a guitarist to take a singing part must have been burdensome.

An Inconvenient Truth behind Two Months’ Elimination

If there had not been excessive expectations and demand for Do to change himself, things could have turned out quite differently. Things could have worked with Two Months in the same way that worked with Busker Busker who made it to the final with Bradley and Kim Hyung Tae having felt no burden for change.

But of course, the results are out, and belated discussions won′t change anything, but the results must be so regrettable for fans who fell for Two Months’ natural charms.

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