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Swimmer Park Tae Hwan Goes Giraffe Hunting on ‘Running Man’

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2012.09.03 15:56 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

Just when he thought he only had Kim Jong Guk to be afraid of, ‘Giraffe’ Lee Kwang Soo found out the hard way that he should also fear Park Tae Hwan, Korea’s first gold medalist in swimming.

Swimmer Park Tae Hwan Goes Giraffe Hunting on ‘Running Man’

On September 2, SBS’ Running Man invited Olympic swimming, Park Tae Hwan, and rhythmic gymnast, Son Yeon Jae to the show, After being split up into three different teams, the stars started the Running Man hunt, chasing down each other to rip off their name tags.

From far away, Park Tae Hwan spotted Lee Kwang Soo, who was warned by Yoo Jae Suk in advance to run away. Park Tae Hwan began running after Lee Kwang Soo, leaving his and Lee Kwang Soo’s cameramen behind to eat his dust.

Even with the large distance in between them, Park Tae Hwan’s speed was no match for Lee Kwang Soo and the actor was caught in no time.

Park Tae Hwan, knowing of Lee Kwang Soo’s constant betrayals on the show, was determined to rip off Lee Kwang Soo’s name tag, but Yoo Jae Suk begged for Park Tae Hwan to save his teammate.

Park Tae Hwan said, “I always liked Yoo Jae Suk, so I’ll let you go this once.”

Following the broadcast, the viewers were surprised at Park Tae Hwan’s speed on land.

They commented, “His running… Isn’t he supposed to be a swimmer and not a track star?” “I wonder how fast he can run in 100 meters,” and “He’s a marine boy who’s even fast on land.”

The continuation of Park Tae Hwan and Son Yeon Jae′s episode of Running Man will air on September 9.

Photo Credit: SBS

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