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[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

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2012.08.29 04:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

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[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

We return to Doctor Jang wondering why our heroine is at an all-boys school. When Jae Hee denies it, he says he knows she’s a girl just by her wrist.

Jae Hee’s definitely freaking out inside, but she denies everything once more before storming out of the office, leaving the doctor scoffing.

Tae Jun is still in the gym after the failed jump. Director Jang tries to console him, saying that it’s her fault for pushing him when he wasn’t ready. She promises to find out what happened to his ankle and find the hidden injury that prevented him from jumping. But Tae Jun says he doesn’t care since high jumping was starting to bore him.

Jae Hee meets Eun Gyul on her way out of the doctor’s office, and Eun Gyul tells her that he was worried about her. Then he explains that Tae Jun also wasn’t able to jump due to his injury. Shocked, Jae Hee quickly runs back to the dorm room, but Tae Jun isn’t there.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

Instead, he has an unfriendly visit from daddy, who’s pissed off that Tae Jun might have not jumped on purpose to embarrass his father. His dad tells him that Tae Jun can rebel in other ways, but he shouldn’t give up on himself.

Tae Jun replies that he’ll decide how he’ll act.

Tae Jun finally arrives back in the dorm room and greets Jae Hee with a “You’re still here?” face. Determined to help him jump one way or another, Jae Hee says that he won’t even notice her living with him. Tae Jun finally tells her that she can live with him as long as her voice doesn’t go over 40 decibels, which is basically the noise level in a library. Tae Jun then firmly tells her that he’s the owner of the room and Jae Hee is…nothing. What. A. Jerk.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

As Tae Jun sleeps, we get a flashback to a funeral scene. A woman name Lim Mi Hee has passed away. Tae Jun is holding her portrait and he puts his gold medal on top of her urn as he cries. Tae Jun’s dad looks away. We guess that his mother’s passing away has something to do with the riff between Tae Jun and his father.

With the unhappy memory in progress, Tae Jun twists and turns, aching as he sleeps. Jae Hee’s motherly instincts kick in and she tucks him in. In the process, Tae Jun grabs her hand and doesn’t let go.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

To Tae Jun, it’s his mother holding his hand, and almost immediately, the frown on his face disappears. Jae Hee, a bit startled, decides to stay by his side and pats him to sleep.

In the morning, Tae Jun wakes up to his bewilderment that he’s holding Jae Hee’s hand. Jae Hee wakes up and she apologizes for falling asleep by his side.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

As Jae Hee uses the restroom, Eun Gyul pops in, saying he’s going to use the toilet since his roommate is not coming out of the bathroom.

Eun Gyul proceeds to do his business (number one) as Jae Hee rightfully freaks out.
(Why couldn’t Eun Gyul interrupt his roommate if he was going share the bathroom with Jae Hee anyways?)

After Eun Gyul leaves, it’s now Seungri’s turn to appear, saying he can’t use the toilet without a bidet. He drops his pants and here comes number two. Jae Hee is on the verge of crying, and as the sound effects get clearer and louder, she plugs her nose and quickly exits the room.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

Director Jang is at war, taking care of all the loose ends and rumors that arose from Tae Jun’s failure to jump. In her office is an unwanted guest, Yang Su Yoon, a reporter trying to find out the truth about Tae Jun’s injury.

Director Jang creates a story that Tae Jun was just tired from his busy schedule, but Reporter Yang appears unconvinced.

On campus, Jae Hee walks, looking right and left as if avoiding something/someone. Just then, a convertible opens its top and inside is Doctor Jang. He looks through the rear view mirror, and Jae Hee quickly hides, trying not to get caught from the one person who knows her secret.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

At the dorm two headquarters, Seungri is giving a pep talk about the upcoming sports competition. They won last time, so they should win again.

He says that Tae Jun is their high jump representative, but Tae Jun coldly declines, saying that he’s not interested in such childish matters. Seungri is about to flip a lid, but Jae Hee and the other boys manage to calm him down.

Seungri later meets up with the other two dorm heads, Young Man and Chul Soo, who talk about how the winner of the competition gets the Center Store, where the interior is elegant and the waitresses are sexy.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

The loser will go to the Star Store, which is plastered with warning signs like ‘don’t spill the soup’ and ‘when ordering, speak loudly.’ It’s outdoors and the owner is an old and stingy grandma whose every other word is a profanity.

She’s motivation enough to win the competition.

All three dorm heads act like it’s just a silly game, but we see that they’ve each been training their residents strictly. No way they’re going to buy snacks from the foul-mouthed grandma for another term.

The dorm heads promise each other to be fair during the competition and do a three-way handshake, which ends up being a stupid round of thumb wars.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

Eun Gyul and Jae Hee are in the cafeteria eating, when Jae Hee spots Doctor Jang. She quickly puts her head down to hide, but Doctor Jang spots her. He sneers at her, but doesn’t do much more.

Tae Jun walks down the hall when he sees Hyun Jae practicing his high jump in the gym. The bar falls each time, and Coach Byun nags him, saying he’s doing it all wrong.

Tae Jun then gets a nagger of his own, Reporter Yang, who asks for the truth behind his injury.

“Is it because you can’t jump, or is it because you don’t want to jump?”
Tae Jun tells her to think whatever she wants and walks away.

Jae Hee is inside the dorm room, when she suddenly gets the urge to try on Tae Jun’s shoes. (….okay…..that’s not creepy.) She pretends to high jump in his shoes and falls on his bed, where she puts on the happiest smile ever and lifts up his shoes for better viewing.

Then she remembers that her identity has been exposed by Doctor Jang and her smile fades.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

We skip to Hannah’s rhythmic gymnastics sequence. She’s quite good, as she should be, since her celebrity status depends on it.

After practice, Hannah and her other teammates eat their veggies and dream of eating normal food instead of a strict diet.

Hannah suddenly wonders loudly if she should just retire and get married to Tae Jun. But because she can’t do that just yet, she decides to send Tae Jun a special present.

She calls someone up and tells him to come without Director Jang knowing.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

The next thing we know, an unknown man is delivering something into the dorm rooms.

Jae Hee enters the dorm to find a giant box in the middle of the room. Suddenly, Hannah pops out with a bow on her head. To her surprise, it’s not Tae Jun and Hannah is quickly disappointed. Jae Hee asks who she is and she replies that she’s Tae Jun’s girlfriend.

Hannah then tells Jae Hee not to write any of this on the internet, and Jae Hee’s like, “Girl, I don’t even know who you are.” Okay, she didn’t really say it in that matter, but that’s probably what she was thinking.

Hannah’s utterly speechless that Jae Hee does not know the nation’s fairy, and asks if Jae Hee’s from the countryside or something. She even lifts up her leg in the air to show her flexibility. When Jae Hee doesn’t get it, Hannah has to explain with her own mouth how awesome she is.

Just then, Tae Jun enters and sees Hannah in a box with a bow. She’s immediately dragged out by Tae Jun who seems used to her shenanigans, but at the same time, always surprised by how far she’ll go.

Jae Hee laughs to herself, wondering what kind of girlfriend Hannah is.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

The next day, the students are doing 100-meter sprints on the track field.
Jae Hee is partnered up to run against her ‘arch-nemesis’ Jong Min.
Seungri is quite impressed at Jae Hee’s previous record for the 100 meter dash and Jong Min gets all snarky that Jae Hee’s no match for his legs of steel. He tells her to enjoy his backside.

The two dart off, and when he realizes that Jae Hee is faster than he is, he sticks out his feet and trips her. What a dirty rotten player.

On the ground, they both respond that they’re okay and Jong Min makes an unapologetic apology for tripping her. Seeing the pain in her face, Seungri sends Jae Hee to the doctor’s office to get her ankle looked at.

Luckily for Jae Hee, Doctor Jang’s not in the house and she quickly looks through the medicine box to find what she needs.

Just then, Doctor Jang enters the office with Tae Jun and Jae Hee scurries to hide behind a curtain. Doctor Jang notices Jae Hee’s feet under the curtain, but he doesn’t say anything.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

Doctor Jang turns to Tae Jun and asks if he really felt some kind of pain during the jump. He emphasizes that Tae Jun needs to tell the truth if he wants to receive help.

Tae Jun looks straight into Doctor Jang’s eyes and replies with a yes. There was pain.

The look in Doctor Jang’s eyes shows worry as he explains that sometimes an athlete can experience a sudden pain that won’t go away, a specific kind of syndrome that prevents an athlete from performing. The downfall is that there’s no cure.

He reassures Tae Jun that it’s only a speculation and he need not worry, but Tae Jun shrugs it off nonchalantly and leaves the office. But it’s not until he’s outside that he rethinks about what he’s heard.

Doctor Jang calls Jae Hee out from hiding before he drags her out, and she reluctantly stands before him.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

On the soccer field, Eun Gyul is dominating the field when his phone rings.
Naturally, he picks it up, as the coach yells at him to stop fooling around. Too bad Eun Gyul’s able to make the goal while on his phone, making sure to take a victory shot to upload later. The coach quickly turns his scolding into praise. This coach is such a pushover.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

Back in the doctor’s office, Doctor Jang is questioning Jae Hee on her identity, but Jae Hee is not answering any questions and giving questions of her own about Tae Jun’s situation.

Doctor Jang finally has it with Jae Hee and calls up the office to inform the head teachers that there’s a girl in the school. But as soon as he connects to the main office, Jae Hee explains that the reason why she’s there is because of Tae Jun and that she wants to help him jump again.

She confesses that she even picked up track and field to get closer to Tae Jun. She also has to pay Tae Jun back for something. Doctor Jang asks how she’s going to get Tae Jun to jump and Jae Hee says she’ll do anything. She won’t go back to being a girl until Tae Jun has jumped.

Doctor Jang finally hangs up the phone (Doesn’t that mean that the person on the other line heard every bit of their conversation??)

Doctor Jang tells her to return to her classroom and says he’ll dwell on the entire situation. He tells her that she’ll end up getting kicked out, so be prepared.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

Back in the dorm room, Tae Jun pretends to sleep as Jae Hee reassures him that she’ll help him jump again. Tae Jun tells her to not overreact and he’ll just quit, since he was getting tired of high jumping anyways.

Jae Hee says that’s a lie, since she’s seen his face when he jumps. She’ll do whatever she can to help him, and Tae Jun tells her to leave the room, which she’s not willing to do.

He says she went over the 40 decibels and she’s out before ending the conversation.

Jae Hee, frustrated by Tae Jun’s stubbornness, takes a walk outside when she meets up with Eun Gyul. He sees what a crummy mood she’s in and takes her out to the soccer field.

If Jae Hee can steal the ball from him, he’ll grant her a wish and vice versa.
While Jae Hee’s not in the mood, Eun Gyul shows off some soccer tricks and rubs her ego, making her agree to the bet.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

Eun Gyul is obviously too skilled for her, so Jae Hee turns to cheating, tugging at his shirt. They both fall to the ground, and Eun Gyul comments that she lost. Then habit has Eun Gyul pulling out his cell phone and taking a picture together.

On his SNS, a new post goes up.
“Friendship is like a trapping at 11 p.m. It wasn’t just the ball that went from my feet to yours. It was also friendship.”

After posting the new picture up, Eun Gyul turns to look at Jae Hee, and all this sparkly goodness starts shimmering around Jae Hee as she smiles.
Eun Gyul smiles back nervously, looking a bit confused at what just happened to him.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

The next day, Jae Hee is stopped by Reporter Yang, who hands her a business card. The reporter asks about Tae Jun and any information that she can share. Reporter Yang promises that Jae Hee won’t suffer from anything.

At the same time, Hyun Jae is returning a binder to the doctor’s office, when he sees some confidential files of Tae Jun. He takes a picture of every important document, including x-rays, before fleeing the office.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

The next scenes show Tae Jun’s dad reading an article about Tae Jun’s ‘unique syndrome.’

Tae Jun is also doing the same thing while talking to Director Jang. He promises that Doctor Jang isn’t the one who spilled the beans. Then he flashes back to the time when he picked up Reporter Yang’s business card from Jae Hee’s laundry basket.

Jae Hee comes out of the shower, and immediately, Tae Jun confronts her about Reporter Yang. Jae Hee has no idea what he’s talking about, but Tae Jun is already pissed that Jae Hee had sold his secrets to the reporters. Jae Hee still doesn’t understand, and when she finally does, she says she has nothing to do with. But Tae Jun is already convinced that Jae Hee is the snitch.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

All drama aside, the sports competition between the dorms begins.
As the day commences, dorm one and two continue to rack up points while dorm three, being the more dramatic and elegant dorm, remains at zero.
The next day, Jae Hee is stopped by Reporter Yang, who hands her a business card. The reporter asks about Tae Jun and any information that she can share. Reporter Yang promises that Jae Hee won’t suffer from anything.

During the soccer game, Eun Gyul scores a goal and meets eyes with Jae Hee, cheering for him in the stands. His world slows down and a dazed look washes over his face as he gazes at a smiling Jae Hee. Completely smitten.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

The marathon is next, but Jong Min has sprained his ankle and is no longer able to run. All pressure lies on Tae Jun to win the high jump event in order for dorm two to win, but Tae Jun has disappeared once more, leaving dorm two in a frenzy.

Like a jerk, Hyun Jae brings up Tae Jun’s condition and while the dorm head says its probably an error, the other students wonder if that’s why Tae Jun’s been cutting class and not wanting to participate in the sporting events.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

Seungri assigns Hyun Jae to do the high jump event, but Hyun Jae hesitates and says that he has also sprained his ankle and that they should just wait for Tae Jun (Do we sense a liar, liar pants on fire, too scared to jump the bar after pretending to be a big shot in front of Tae Jun?)

Wanting to do something for the team, Jae Hee volunteers to run the marathon to allow Tae Jun some room to breathe. Seungri asks Jae Hee if she knows what she’s doing, since it’s not a simple 100-meter race.

Meanwhile, dorm three head, Chul Soo, is giving a very suspicious pep talk to his athletes, that they all know what to do in order to win.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

As the marathon begins, the athletes start dropping one by one.
It turns out that dorm three’s plan was to sabotage whatever they can, as one student from dorm three actually body slams into the water cup table, so no one else can drink water.

Then it’s revealed that the dorm three athletes are taking turns, pretending to be the runner number 142. So every time one runner gets tired, another replaces his spot.

Meanwhile, the teachers are waiting patiently at the finish line.
Coach Byun takes this chance to bashfully hand a drink to teacher Lee So Jung, whom he seems to have a crush on. Unfortunately for Coach Byun, Teacher Lee hands the drink to Doctor Jang, who then returns the drink back into Coach Byun’s hands.

Interesting love triangle between the three teachers.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

Number 142 (those dirty, rotten cheaters) is back on the track at the field with Jae Hee chasing closely after him. Jae Hee ends up outrunning him and a distance forms between them.

However, right before reaching the finish line, Jae Hee trips and falls. Coach Byun and Doctor Jang remark that her ankle must be sprained.

As Jae Hee struggles to get up, flashbacks of her first time seeing Tae Jun jump and her cutting her hair appear before her eyes.

In her head, Jae Hee repeats Tae Jun’s winning speech, “A miracle is just another name for effort.”

She gets up and crosses the finish line, winning the marathon for her dorm.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

Tae Jun silently walks away and Jae Hee stumbles towards him.
She chases after him, saying that she won because she kept thinking about what he said in the past. She asks for his praise, when she falls in pain right into Tae Jun’s arms.

Eun Gyul chases after Jae Hee, witnessing the entire event and not sure how to feel about it.

Jae Hee asks Tae Jun to believe her when she says it wasn’t her who spilled the beans to the reporters.

Eun Gyul watches on, a bit bothered by what happened.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

It’s soon nightfall and Mr. VP hands the trophy to Seungri, giving dorm two the victory.
The other dorm heads applaud with unhappy faces. (Did dorm three ever get in trouble for cheating?)

DJ Hong Rok Ki (CAMEO!) announces a special performance and suddenly the EXO members are on stage, performing MAMA

(We were honestly turned off by this cameo, because the performance completely pulled us out of the drama and reminded us that this is a SM Entertainment production.)

Meanwhile, Seungri is thanking everyone for working hard, and when Jae Hee comes to the area, everyone applauds her.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

As everyone celebrates, Eun Gyul notices that Jae Hee is a bit dazed.
He asks how she’s feeling and she replies that she’s just a bit overwhelmed by everything going on.

She tells him that after all that, she finally feels like a student at this school.
Eun Gyul turns to look at her, when the pink sparkly goodness appears again, putting Eun Gyul in a weird trance.

He smiles awkwardly and excuses himself before running off.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

Just then, Hannah arrives at the party, dressed in a white ballerina-esque dress.

Hanna runs into Eun Gyul and asks where Tae Jun is. Eun Gyul immediately gives her an attitude and once she leaves, he stops in his tracks.

“I got mad at a girl and felt nervous in front of a guy. What’s happening to me?”
Aww, Eun Gyul, this is only the beginning of your confusing puppy love.

While everyone celebrates, Tae Jun reads over his article in the newspaper and crumples it in anger.

The party is still going strong and when Eun Gyul gets on to the dance floor with an ultra weird dance, all the women run away, leaving our beloved puppy in utter confusion.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

Still unsure about the whole article fiasco and whether it was Jae Hee or someone else who ratted him out, Tae Jun stumbles to the refreshment bar and downs a glass of unidentified liquid.

Jae Hee roams around the building, looking for someone, probably Tae Jun, as Eun Gyul is also doing the same..

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

Just then, Jong Min and Seungri reach over for the same wine glasses that Tae Jun took a shot from, when Coach Byun comes over and shoos the kids away since it contains real alcohol and is meant for the teachers.

(Can we just pause and wonder together why there’s alcohol at this party? Aren’t the teachers supposed to be chaperoning and not getting drunk?)

Coach Byun is lucky that these students are really obedient kids who actually go towards the non-alcoholic beverage side.

Seungri tells Jong Min to make sure Tae Jun doesn’t drink the alcohol, because the last time he did, he made a huge mistake since his alcohol allergy causes him to get drunk really fast.

Curious, Jong Min asks what happens when Tae Jun′s drunk.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

Hannah is still roaming around, searching for Tae Jun, when suddenly her eyes light up.
The camera cuts to Tae Jun, whose allergy seems to be active, as he’s walking funny.

Seungri narrates, “When Tae Jun’s drunk, he kisses the first person he sees.”

Hannah continues to walk, smiling, then we find out she and Tae Jun are nowhere near each other.

Instead, Hannah runs into Eun Gyul, whom she pushes against the wall.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

But more important, Tae Jun meets Jae Hee by the stairs.
He gazes over her with glossy eyes as she sort of awkwardly looks at him.

Suddenly, he pushes her towards the wall.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

Jae Hee whispers out a small “Hey,” but before she can say another word, Tae Jun’s lips are on hers.

And as if it was planned, fireworks erupt outside.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2


Drama, you try SO HARD, but you’re still missing that two percent …or maybe even more than that.
But we guess the point is that the drama is, at least, trying?

It’s following after parts of the original story, adding in its own Korean comedic twist, and that’s completely fine, but we’re in episode two and already seeing loose strings.

Things like dorm three cheating, but not getting punished for it? So is the lesson here that it’s okay to cheat as long as you don’t get caught?

And teachers drinking at a high school party and students not drinking because the teacher said not to…

When we said that the drama needs to lighten up and stop being so serious about everything, we didn’t mean like this. Fine, throw in a ridiculous detail, but at least add some humor into it so that we can naturally overlook its flaws.

And this is something we felt from episode one as well, but it seems like Jae Hee and Tae Jun’s characters are falling flat – and it has nothing to do with Sulli’s and Minho’s acting. It’s just that their characters are a bit boring at this point, which is kind of bad because the drama just started and our main characters aren′t that interesting.

Jae Hee is always submissive. Tae Jun is always angry.

[RECAP: To the Beautiful You] Episode 2

The only character that truly stands out so far is Eun Gyul, and we’re so thankful since this character was the one we were anticipating the most. Lee Hyun Woo is doing such a good job of playing the lovable Eun Gyul. It’s only the beginning, but we just can’t contain our excitement, really.

But, we believe and hope that Jae Hee and Tae Jun will change over time. We know we’re just getting ahead of ourselves and wanting everything to happen in the first two episodes (We wish there was a fast forward button for all dramas), because we’re impatient.

Still, a lot of different events have happened, but we feel like we’re still where we began, which we hope isn’t a sign that this drama is - dare we say – boring us.

That’s not to say that we’re giving up on this drama just yet.
It’s only the first two episodes and the drama has plenty of time to climb up.

Hopefully, that’s the direction it will go in the next episode.

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