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Foreign Contestant on ‘Superstar K 3′ Shocks Park Jung Hyun

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2011.08.25 13:21 Mwave Choe, MinJi

Singer Park Jung Hyun’s commentary on the preview for this week’s episode of Mnet’s ‘Superstar K 3’ is gaining interest.

In the teaser, a man with blonde hair, whose face has been concealed, introduced himself and said, “I am from California, and I am 27 years old,” before he proceeded to sing for the judges.

Foreign Contestant on ‘Superstar K 3′ Shocks Park Jung Hyun

Then the caption ‘The birth of a new star who will shock the Korean music industry’ flashed on the screen and the clip showed Park saying, “I am impressed. When the Korean people see you, they will immediately take notice,” piquing the interest of many netizens.

The August 26 broadcast will highlight the U.S. auditions, where John Park from season two was discovered.

Photo credit: Mnet


We had to wait for such a long time to hear this group sing for us again. The four member group Noel made its debut in 2002 and continued to soothe our ears with its music until 2006, when the group took a long break.

After the five year hiatus, the group is back, with its new mini album titled Longing, released on October 26. If you do the math, you′ll realize that the group was active for four years, and out of sight for five.

The group blew through success after success with hit songs such as Though I Hung On, Though It Hurts and Propose, but after releasing its third studio album It was All You, Noel decided to take a rest for a while for many reasons, including the members’ military duties.

While the members took care of their own affairs, Kang Gyun Sung continued to sing as a solo singer and Na Sung Ho transformed into a musical actor. There were, however, no group ventures to be found. While many thought the group would come back after two to three years at the most, it turned out that the hiatus actually lasted for five years.

Because of the unprecedented long rest, during which many believed the group had broken up, the Noel members can’t help but feel even more emotional about their comeback.

Foreign Contestant on ‘Superstar K 3′ Shocks Park Jung Hyun

“I’m full of emotion now that we’re active again for the first time in a long time. I missed the stage so much," said Kang Gyun Sung. "It’s been nine years since we made our debut, but we still tense up onstage. I’ve been exercising and performing solo, waiting for the day we would come together again.”

They’ve been missing from the scene for a while, but their return was met with explosive reactions. Fans who still remembered Noel’s harmony welcomed the group back with open arms.

“We’re thankful enough that they’ve waited for us, but I don’t know how to react seeing how much they love us. I believe that singing music that fits our colors is the way to pay back that love,” said Jun Woo Sung.

The group’s comeback single Miss You, Miss You was written by Choi Gyu Sung, who wrote the recent hit Huh Gak’s Hello. The album also features the producing team Wasabi Sound, which rearranged Kim Jang Hoon’s If You’re Like Me for Kim Yeon Woo on MBC’s I Am A Singer, and Rado, who produced MBLAQ’s album Mona Lisa.

“They say the musical trends have changed, but there are still people who like our style," said Na Sung Ho. "We didn’t bend to the trend and just put in our own styles.”

Cube Entertainment’s head CEO Hong Seung Seong helped out a lot in bringing Noel back. Back when the group was in JYP Entertainment, it was under CEO Hong. Hong also used work for JYP Entertainment, but soon branched out to found his own company, Cube Entertainment. Hong introduced the members to an agency he was close with, giving them a place to stay and helping them with their album, and the members appeared at the event for the release of Hong’s book, If You Stop Now, There Will Be No Spotlight, to show their thanks.

“We’re especially thankful to CEO Hong. We also have a lot of people we’re thankful toward. Singers who used to be or are still in Cube Entertainment, such as 2AM, G.Na and B2ST, congratulated us, and JYP’s Park Jin Young also showed his support. We’re singing with a rookie mindset, but we’re thankful to have a lot of people cheer for us, too.”

Foreign Contestant on ‘Superstar K 3′ Shocks Park Jung Hyun

According to officials, their ‘rookie mindset’ isn’t just a ‘mindset’; it also shines through their actions. The Noel members are not only respectful toward the producers, but also toward their juniors.

They laugh and remarked, “We’re the ones who actually bow to our juniors and feel uncomfortable near them.”

They’re also taking on everything they can, even appearing on the KBS2 comedy program Gag Concert. “Because we’ve gone through so much we want to talk about a lot of things on talk shows such as Radio Star,” they say.

The members also remembered to keep busy in other aspects during their long time off. Na Sung Ho, who graduated from the Russian Language Major of the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, continued on to grad school to study arts management. Na is also fluent not only in Russian, but in English and Japanese. The members boasted, “If we ever go overseas, we’re going to have it easy, thanks to Na Sung Ho.”

But though the comment was in jest, Na and the rest of the members all seem willing try the venture overseas.

“The scale of the scene is different compared to how it was when we were active. Groups are going overseas a lot," said Na. "If we have the chance, I hope we can go overseas someday. I’m especially interested in stages in Japan.”

They’re all for going overseas and taking on other challenges, but first, they make their December concert a success. Noel will be performing for the first time in five years in its own live concert at the Yongsan Art Center from December 23-25.

“Since we’ve started up after a long rest, we’ll have to show that we’re really together again. We’ll sing you great harmonies. Please look forward to it.”

Photo credit: IMT Entertainment
Translation credit: Erika Kim

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