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[Star of the Week] Five Moments when Lee Min Ho Let his Bad Boy Self Out

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2012.08.27 09:30 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

He smiles all the time. He takes care of his fans. He does good deeds.

But even a superstar like Lee Min Ho can’t be a gentleman all the time, so we’ve picked out five moments in Lee Min Ho’s career when he wasn’t the most romantic or gentle guy we know him as (but loved anyways).

Boys Over Flower: Gu Jun Pyo

[Star of the Week] Five Moments when Lee Min Ho Let his Bad Boy Self Out

That name alone should immediately trigger an alarm in your head, since Gu Jun Pyo was probably the worst high school student ever, who initiated and supported school bullying in the most terrifying ways.

Whether it was group violence or even attempted rape, Gu Jun Pyo had so many viewers cursing his name at the ridiculous things he ordered to be done at Shinhwa High School that Boys Before Flowers even received an official warning from the Korean Communications Standards Commission. Good going, Gu Jun Pyo.

Playboy Who Loses in his Own Game

Lee Min Ho featured in Sandara Park’s music video for Kiss and showed his bad boy player side. He bets his friends that he can seduce Sandara Park and kisses her on the cheek. He buys her all these expensive outfits and shoes and invites to her some fancy party. Maybe he does end up liking her for real at one point, but the joke’s on him, because Sandara Park ends up being the toying with him. That’s why you shouldn’t play games with the heart.

City Hunter: Lee Yoon Sung

Not a gentleman, but a complete badass in SBS’s City Hunter, Lee Min Ho sort of played the modern Robin Hood, who sought to clear out all the corrupt politicians.

We all know violence is not the answer, but for the record, he didn’t kill anyone - just beat down on them a bit. And he managed to keep his manners when he fought with a bad lady, but still taught her a stern lesson. He did what he had to do, even if it meant breaking all the rules.

No One is a Match for Lee Min Ho – He Can Only Fight Himself

Crashing weddings is one thing, but impersonating your twin brother to avoid going to prison? Yup, definitely not a gentleman thing to do. But don’t worry, because the trustworthy Camry will solve all of the problems.

And lastly…

Not Truly Badass Until You Have the James Dean Hairstyle

[Star of the Week] Five Moments when Lee Min Ho Let his Bad Boy Self Out

…which Lee Min Ho pulls off almost too well, as if he’s naturally a rebel without a cause. Just look at the look of discontent and bitterness he has for society burning in his eyes. We wonder what kind of trouble he′s up to today.

So there are our five bad boy moments for Lee Min Ho.
Which ones are your favorites? Are there other moments you know?

Photo Credit: KBS, Starhaus Entertainment

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