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[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 10: “The Reason I Like You’’

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2012.08.23 21:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

If you haven’t read our recap for episode 9, go here!

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 10: “The Reason I Like You’’

Si Won is inside Tae Woong’s messy room, looking for a small white envelope for him. She looks through all of his drawers and manages to find a photo of Tae Woong and her older sister.

She smiles, seeing her sister for the first time in a while. Then she notices a small post-it note from Song Joo to Tae Woong, where Song Joo signed off as ‘Your future wife.’ Si Won’s face falls.

Yoon Jae comes home and sees Si Won struggling to find the envelope.
After sitting in jealousy and anger, Yoon Jae finally gets up and finds the envelope for her without saying a word.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 10: “The Reason I Like You’’

Feeling playful, Si Won jumps on his back, saying, “What would I do without you?”

When Si Won doesn’t get off when he tells her to, Yoon Jae yells at her, telling her to watch what she does, since Tae Woong doesn’t like it when girls do things like that to other guys.

In frustration, Yoon Jae goes to the bathroom and angrily washes his face, not knowing what to do about his situation.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 10: “The Reason I Like You’’

Fast forward to the 2012 high school reunion, Eun Dokki and Eun Gakha (Eun Ji Won President) arrive on scene. Sung Jae immediately becomes mesmerized by Eun Gakha’s beauty as he welcomes her, asking if she remembers him since his heart was pounding only for her at one point.

But poor Sung Jae. Eun Gakha tells him to shut up since her husband will be coming soon.

Eun Gakha and Eun Dokki’s husbands arrive in some of the night′s best cameos - comedians Yoon Hyung Bin and Yoon Se Hyung.

This scene is especially hilarious, because Jung Kyung Mi, who is playing Eun Dokki, has actually been dating Yoon Hyung Bin in real life for many years, yet in the drama, the couples are switched up.

As Eun Dokki and husband spew cheesy comments at each other, Yoon Hyung Bin becomes jealous and asks for more cold water to cut off Yoon Se Hyung.

The husbands organize the H.O.T line and Sechs Kies line, then point out that Yoo Jung is a bat, that hangs on both lines.

Yoo Jung claims that she was the peacemaker in the past, which Eun Dokki says is a lie, since when Sechs Kies broke up, she wrecked reporter Jo Young Goo’s car, thinking it was the car of the CEO of DSP Entertainment (True story - a fan actually did this out of anger over the controversial break up).

Yoo Jung and Si Won then ask Eun Dokki’s husband why he loves his wife so much and we rewind back to 1998.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 10: “The Reason I Like You’’

As Turbo’s Recollection plays in the car, Si Won asks why Tae Woong likes her.

At the same time, listening to Fin.K.L’s Blue Rain, Yoo Jung asks if Hak Chan likes her or Fin.K.L more. Almost immediately, Hak Chan points to Yoo Jung, who then asks why Hak Chan likes her.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 10: “The Reason I Like You’’

Days before, the boys meet up at a Cola Tech (a club created for underage minors that serves non-alcoholic beverages). While Yoon Jae, Joon Hee, and Hak Chan are bundled up with their coats, Sung Jae wears a thin track suit, claiming that it’s exactly what he needs to attract the chicks. He vows to make a girlfriend, despite freezing outside.

To the boys’ surprise, Sung Jae had invited Si Won and Yoo Jung, since Hak Chan will eventually get caught by Yoon Jung anyways, and Si Won really wanted to see Hak Chan dancing. The boys aren’t exactly pleased to hear that the girls are coming, with Hak Chan swearing to kill Sung Jae.

Inside the Cola-Tech, Jinusean’s Tell Me quickly changes to Yoo Seung Joon’s Hold My Hand. On the stage is Eun Gakha, and Sung Jae becomes mesmerized by her dancing - with good reason, since Eun Gakha is rocking the stage with original choreography.

Si Won and Yoo Jung arrive at the Cola-Tech, and Si Won plays a game of Guess Who with Yoon Jae, who pushes her away irritated. A stream of awkwardness flows in between the best friends and Yoon Jung asks if they fought.

The music switches to Deux’s Look Back at Me and Joon Hee takes the stage.

Unlike his usual quiet nature, Joon Hee puts on a fierce and close-to-perfect performance, even inserting Infinite’s signature ‘scorpion’ dance while he’s at it.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 10: “The Reason I Like You’’

Everyone in the club screams, but not as loudly as Yoo Jung and Si Won, who scream things like, “You’re the owner of my soul!” and “Kang Joon Hee! I’ll take responsibility for you!”

Joon Hee looks back at his friends and smile, but he’s only looking at Yoon Jae, who proudly applauds him.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 10: “The Reason I Like You’’

After his intense performance, Joon Hee is stopped by Eun Gakha who hands him water and her pager number. She asks if he has a girlfriend and when he says no, she says he should be her boyfriend. However, Joon Hee tells her he has someone who he likes and walks away, leaving Eun Gakha frustrated.

Sung Jae takes this chance to confess his feelings for her and he hands her his pager number. She looks like she’s disappointed, but later holds out her bag and asks what he’s doing, not following her. Sung Jae lights up and quickly takes her bag and follows her.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 10: “The Reason I Like You’’

In the ‘I Like School’ office, the employees are passed out as one worker complains about a bug that occurred. Tae Woong reassures them and says he’s fixed everything. He then tells them to go home early.

He asks if they don’t have girlfriends, and they respond negative, saying there’s no time. Tae Woong uses this opportunity to brag that he has a girlfriend.

He passes them a picture of Si Won and asks if she’s pretty, and the employees give an obvious lie of a yes. Tae Woong laughs and says he knows she’s not pretty and is really strong, but last in her class.

The employees are surprised to hear that Si Won’s still in high school, as Tae Woong goes out to meet with her.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 10: “The Reason I Like You’’

At the Cola-Tech, Joon Hee comes out with a prize of an awesome backpack and money. He tells the kids he’ll buy them sushi, but Sung Jae’s already gone with Eun Gakha, Hak Chan and Yoon Jung have a movie date (although Hak Chan looks like he wants sushi more), and Si Won also has a plan, leaving just Yoon Jae and Joon Hee together.

As Si Won leaves, she whispers into Joon Hee’s ear, “Have fun on your date.”

Joon Hee suggests that they just go home, but Yoon Jae insists that they go eat sushi. “We can just go on our date.”

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 10: “The Reason I Like You’’

Sung Jae is with Eun Gakha, watching the same movie as Yoo Jung and Hak Chan, and we cracked up as soon as we realized what movie they are watching.

It’s Seventeen, starring all of the Sechs Kies members, including an adorably young Eun Ji Won with highlighted and parted hair. His acting is so awkwardly terrible that we can’t stop cringing and laughing.

Hak Chan feels the same way, as he is totally not enjoying the movie at all, while Yoo Jung is fangirling her heart out at the sight of her Eun Ji Won oppa.

Hak Chan criticizes the bad acting and comments that he could do a better job than Eun Ji Won. (Ha!) Yoo Jung responds with the usual, they should break up, and Hak Chan quickly avoids answering by going to buy more soda.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 10: “The Reason I Like You’’

At the outdoor tent bar, Yoon Jae and Joon Hee are surrounded by plates of food. Joon Hee tells his older sister to stop giving them food, since they can’t finish it, older sister number seven,

Older sister number seven (played by announcer Park Ji Yoon, who was also sister number six) has a dirty mouth and a feisty temper but a large heart, even offering them a bottle of soju.

Yoon Jae sits amazed and asks if she’s the sister who caught him at the karaoke. Joon Hee says no, but that they’re identical twins. Yoon Jae then asks about his last sister, which Joon Hee reveals as his fraternal twin.

Yoon Jae is shocked that he’s never known this and asks if there are other things he doesn’t know about Joon Hee, like his father being a mafia member or about the person he’s crazily in love with.

When Joon Hee denies it, Yoon Jae says he should just say it loud and proud. Joon Hee asks why Yoon Jae didn’t give the puppy to Si Won, and Yoon Jae asks sister number seven for a bottle of soju.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 10: “The Reason I Like You’’

At the same time, Si Won is on a date with Tae Woong. She asks for a sip of her beer.

They talk about her plans to go to Seoul to see H.O.T at the award ceremony. Tae Woong asks if she likes H.O.T that much and Si Won smiles and goes on and on about how perfect they are.

Tae Woong asks, “What about me? Like me as much as you like H.O.T.”

Adorably, Si Won just nods.

When Tae Woong says he took a break from work just to see her, Si Won comments that he should work less since he probably doesn’t need all that money anyways, but Tae Woong says he does, since Si Won eats so much.

Si Won looks down at her ramen bowl, laced with half a can of tuna and rice. She asks if she eats a lot and tentatively asks if Tae Woong doesn’t like that.

Tae Woong says no, just as the convenience store owners tells Si Won to come get her dumplings.

Back at the tent bar, over shots of soju , Joon Hee says it’s obvious that Yoon Jae likes Si Won. Yoon Jae then asks why he hasn’t confessed to Si Won, and Joon Hee doesn’t say anything but takes a shot.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 10: “The Reason I Like You’’

At school, Si Won and Dan Ji are carefully cutting out H.O.T pictures from a magazine, when an angry Eun Gakha throws a ruined Sechs Kies sign at Si Won’s desk.

Someone had torn a part of the letters to makes ‘Sechs Kies, I love you,” into “Bastards (Sech ki), I love you.”

Si Won swears that she didn’t do such a childish thing, but Eun Gakha claims that there’s no one else who would do such a thing. One thing leads to another, and Si Won uses her strength to kick some butt again, as the camera pans on the missing part of the sign in Dan Ji’s desk.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 10: “The Reason I Like You’’

It’s December 5, the day of the music award ceremony.

At the National Theater, there are strings of signs created by H.O.T and Sechs Kies fans, saving their spots in front of the building.

As the fans wait in the freezing cold, inside the theater, the production staff calls off the list of candidates for the daesang, or the biggest award. They talk about how tough it is to select the winner and wonder if it’ll be H.O.T or Sechs Kies to take the trophy.

The H.O.T and Sechs Kies are split in white and yellow, and suddenly, one yellow person cross the line and into H.O.T territory. It turns out to be Yoo Jung, and Si Won and Dan Ji freak out that Yoo Jung’s asking for a death sentence.

They talk about the decision for the daesang, and Si Won is certain that H.O.T has gotten the win, although Yoo Jung has heard that the winner is actually Sechs Kies. Si Won shoos Yoo Jung away, as she runs over to the Sechs Kies side and informs the other members about how H.O.T might get the win.

Eun Dokki and Eun Gakha deny the news and firmly believe the winner’s Sechs Kies.

Just then a drop of rain falls on Yoo Jung’s nose.
(Good thing they’re all wearing raincoats.)

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 10: “The Reason I Like You’’

It begins to pour, which creates a deadly vibe between the two fanclubs.
The club presidents (cameo by comediennes Ahn Young Mi and Kang Yu Mi) from both sides step up and start insulting each other, suggesting each side go home to save themselves from embarrassment.

The insults get more and more severe (and even more childish) as the two fanclubs are ready to beat down on each other, when one of the staff members nonchalantly announces that the fanclubs are allowed to enter the building.

(Fun Fact: These crazy fights between the H.O.T and Sechs Kies fans happened numerous times during the group′s active years. Some were so severe that they ended up being reported on the 9 O′clock news.)

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 10: “The Reason I Like You’’

Inside the theater, there are fans cheering for S.E.S, Fin.K.L, and even the less popular Kim Kyung Ho and Taesaja, but the majority of the audience is H.O.T and Sechs Kies fan as shown by their colors.

Club H.O.T and D.S.F (Dear Sechs Kies Friend) are already at each others’ throats, with Si Won and Yoo Jung yelling at each other.

While his daughter is about to kill someone, Papa Sung is watching the ceremony at home, dancing along to Kim Hyun Jung.

He says that Kim Hyun Jung will sweep all the awards, and Mama Sung warns him to never tell Si Won that. Papa Sung gets fired up, defending his love for Kim Hyun Jung as agape love, and not the crazy that Si Won’s is.

Back at the ceremony, MC Shin Dong Hyup is ready to announce the winners. The fans get even more riled up, and Shin Dong Yeop keeps trolling them, asking the audience who they think the winner will be.

“Should we just give it to H.O.T? Maybe we should just give it to Sechs Kies. No, I think H.O.T will get it!”

Papa Sung comments that Shin Dong Yeop is just a jerk for playing around with the fans, but Mama Sung says Shin Dong Yeop’s doing a good job with the suspense and compliments him on his acting in the sitcom Three men, Three Women.

Then all of the sudden, they see Si Won on television. Mama Sung starts laughing giddily while Papa Sung swears to kill Si Won.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 10: “The Reason I Like You’’

The drum rolls and the moment of truth closely approaches.

Yoo Jung and Si Won are all praying to have their biases win the biggest award of the year.

Shin Dong Yeop finally stops trolling and announces the winner…. as…. Kim Jong Hwan for his song For Love.

Both fanclubs look ahead in utter shock.

All the fanclub members look as if someone died. Even the fanclub presidents consol each other on the losses, but Mama Sung celebrates at home. Papa Sung gets two tangerines and plugs his ears.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 10: “The Reason I Like You’’

The boys back in Busan are playing a quick game of basketball when Sung Jae’s pager goes off, signaling Eun Gakha’s return. Hak Chan follows, saying that Yoon Jung is probably back too, leaving Hak Chan and Yoon Jae alone again.

Joon Hee asks if Yoon Jae doesn’t have to go to Si Won, and Si Won says that there’s someone else to go to her.

Yoon Jae asks why Joon Hee likes Si Won, and Yoon Jae asks the same question back.

Joon Hee confesses that when he first met the two, he thought they were twins just like him, because they would always fight with each other but still end up going home together.

“Like a twin, isn’t Si Won the closest person in the world to you? When you’re together, it’s comfortable and nice. Even if you’re not doing anything, it’s not uncomfortable at all. That’s what I was most jealous of. Isn’t that why you like her?”

Yoon Jae says no.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 10: “The Reason I Like You’’

Going back to the beginning scenes of the episode when Yoo Jung and Si Won are asking about why their boyfriends like them.

Si Won asks if it’s because she looks like Song Joo.

Joon Hee asks again, and Yoon Jae finally replies, “Because she’s pretty. She’s beautiful in my eyes.”

Hak Chan answers the same thing, making Yoo Jung glow in happiness.

Tae Woong smiles at Si Won’s question and admits that at first it was because she looked like Song Joo, but not anymore. “It’s because you’re pretty. Our Si Won is pretty and that’s why I like you.”

Eun Gakha asks why Sung Jae likes her, and he replies… “Because of your boobs.”

Oh Sung Jae…that’s why you can’t get a girl

Eun Gakha angrily drops her chopsticks on the table and quickly leaves.
Sung Jae adds that her legs and arms are also pretty, but it’s too late.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 10: “The Reason I Like You’’

We return to the high school reunion.

Yoo Jung and Si Won are asking Eun Dokki’s husband why he likes her. He replies that she’s pretty, from head to toe, from her accent to the wrinkles around her eyes.

Behind her, Eun Gakha’s husband hilariously cringes in anger.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 10: “The Reason I Like You’’

Returning back to the basketball courts, Yoon Jae confesses that Si Won is just pretty in his eyes. He asks about Joon Hee’s reason and Joon Hee replies that he doesn’t like Si Won and that he likes someone else.

Yoon Jae asks about who it is…and after a moment of hesitation, Joon Hee replies, “You.” (KYYYAAAAAAA)

A shocked expression washes over Yoon Jae’s face as the two sit there in silence.

But soon Yoon Jae hits Joon Hee on the back of the head, laughing that Joon Hee is crazy and to stop joking. Joon Hee asks if Yoon Jae fell for it.

Joon Hee narrates, “The reason why I like you? Because you’re that person. You are you. Is there another reason aside from that? I wish I knew that reason because then I think I could find a reason to not like you anymore. If I can’t avoid it, there’s only one thing that I want…that you’ll end up as someone that I can love for a long time without a change of heart. For love that′s breaking our hearts.”

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 10: “The Reason I Like You’’

Who’s the Baby Daddy?

There weren’t a lot of clues in this episode this time, but with episode nine’s bomb introduction with the baby ultrasound picture, episode ten didn’t need any more clues about the baby daddy.

We like how this episode played out – more focused on the friendship and love between our kids, especially Yoon Jae and Joon Hee, since they were able to have a bit more alone time than usual.

The whole “I like you because it’s you” was really adorable, but with Joon Hee, it felt like it had a completely different meaning.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 10: “The Reason I Like You’’

It was puppy love for Yoo Jung and Si Won, but for Joon Hee, it’s a little bit more. He doesn’t really have an explanation for why he likes Yoon Jae or how he’s come to like Yoon Jae, but it doesn’t necessarily bother him.

Just like Yoon Jae likes Si Won because she’s pretty, Joon Hee just innocently likes Yoon Jae as well. As endearing as Joon Hee’s feelings towards Yoon Jae are, it makes us that much sadder that a romantic relationship between them will probably never work out. It′s even a little more poignant that Joon Hee already knows that and yet, he’s willing to let himself suffer as long as Yoon Jae is by him.

Sigh. Drama, why must you make it so hard for poor little Joon Hee.

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