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Did SHINee’s Minho Figure Out f(x) Sulli’s Identity in ‘To the Beautiful You’?

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2012.08.23 14:17 Mwave Lee, KyungNam Translation Credit : Erika Kim

The harsh Kang Tae Jun (Minho) became a gentleman for Koo Jae Hee (Sulli).

The August 22 broadcast of SBS’ To the Beautiful You showed how Tae Jun and Jae Hee had become a bit closer thanks to (?) their kiss incident. Tae Jun started showing consideration for Jae Hee, as if he knows Jae Hee is actually a girl.

Did SHINee’s Minho Figure Out f(x) Sulli’s Identity in ‘To the Beautiful You’?

Tae Jun was originally harsh toward Jae Hee, who didn’t get along with her classmates, said whatever was on her mind, and acted like she was close with Tae Jun, despite barely knowing him.

From some point, however, Tae Jun started to protect Jae Hee.

When he met Jae Hee while she was chasing her dog, a bus veered and showered them with water from a puddle, but Tae Jun covered Jae Hee up with his own body, preventing her from getting wet.

Tae Jun also acted the same way at the pension where they were staying on vacation. When Jae Hee didn’t have her shirt on properly, showing her shoulders, Tae Jun took off his own clothes and covered them up. He told Jae Hee to “put it back in [his] room,” but it seemed to be a display of consideration to stop Jae Hee from revealing her identity.

He especially couldn’t keep his eyes off of how the owner of the pension continued to get close to Jae Hee. The scenes have been sparking curiosity among viewers as to whether Tae Jun knows Jae Hee is a girl, as is so in the original, or whether he’s just acting on the emotions that have been pulling him to Jae Hee.

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