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‘Five Fingers’ Producers Cause Confusion with Announcement of Eun Jung’s Departure

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2012.08.23 14:03 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Erika Kim

It turned out T-ara’s Eun Jung didn’t leave her lead role of SBS’ Five Fingers willingly, but was merely notified of her departure from the drama without consent.

‘Five Fingers’ Producers Cause Confusion with Announcement of Eun Jung’s Departure

Until August 21, Eun Jung spent her time reading her script and practicing the piano for the drama, but just a day later, on August 22, she learned she had been dropped from the drama through news reports.

It seems Five Fingers’ production company Yein E&M decided to drop Eun Jung from the drama without discussing it with her or her agency, and contacted actress Jin Se Yeon to take her place immediately after.

According to sources close to Eun Jung, Yein E&M sent a notice to Eun Jung’s agency beforehand, saying it should ‘take responsibility if there proves to be a problem in gathering product placements’ when the T-ara incident occurred.

When Eun Jung’s side and the production company continued to clash, SBS officially announced through press releases on August 22, “The producers of Five Fingers have decided to have Ham Eun Jung leave her role of Hong Da Mi after much consideration and discussion. They are currently looking over actors to take her place, and will make a decision quickly to live up to the expectations of the viewers of Five Fingers.”

Considering how the filming for the adult actors must start on August 23, it seems actress Jin Se Yeon, whose name was mentioned when the issue first came to light, will join filming immediately.

This was how the Eun Jung issue came to a close. Yein E&M, however, can’t avoid accusations that it didn’t keep true to its contract with Eun Jung nor show proper manners in handling the situation.

First, Yein E&M reported the change in cast through the press before talking it over with Eun Jung’s side. If the T-ara incident had sparked before the contract with Eun Jung was signed, this may not prove to be such a big fault on Yein’s side, but as both sides have already signed the contract, they must both keep to the proper procedures.

The producers also made the viewers confused by contacting actress Jin Se Yeon before the issue of Eun Jung’s departure was wrapped up.

Viewers have the right to watch quality dramas, but Yein E&M’s decision to write Eun Jung off the cast without keeping to proper procedure led to suspicions on whether the drama could be trusted.

Joo Ji Hoon and Ji Chang Wook may also come to harm because they’ve already started filming, and as Jin Se Yeon is still a rookie and was a sudden addition, it’s unlikely that she will be able to pull off her role with as much great prowess as expected.

The producers of Five Fingers could’ve handed the situation better, a fact which leaves a bitter aftertaste with Eun Jung’s sudden departure.

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