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[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 9: “The Thread of Fate”

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2012.08.22 18:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

This drama keeps us sane during the beginning of the week, especially when Mondays are so rough (Ugh) and like every other week, this week’s episodes had us screaming in anticipation and rolling on the floor in laughter.

We love that everything is tying together nicely and there are no loose threads being left behind. But even if there are, we’re certain that the writers will have them tied into a pretty little bow by the 16th episode.

Which reminds us that there are only seven more episodes (seven!) and it makes us really sad that it’ll be ending soon. (What will we do when it’s over??)

And talk about a star-studded week. We’ve had so many cameo appearances that we kind of lost track – there are 18 supposedly - so forgive us if we forget to mention someone.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 9: “The Thread of Fate”

Before episode nine officially begins, we starts off in present day, with an ultra-tantalizing clip teasing us about the identity of Siwon′s baby daddy. Torture, we say, torture!

But moving on to 1998. Papa Sung is trying to find the nail clippers. He yells for help, but Mama Sung just tells him to keep searching (this scenario happens way too much in our households too).

Papa Sung opens a drawer and finds an old photo frame of the Sung and Yoon family together. He laughs, happy to see his friends, as he reminisces of their past together.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 9: “The Thread of Fate”

We rewind all the way back to 1968 Kwangju, where young Papa Sung (cameo by Noel’s Kang Kyun Sung) and his friend, Yoon Joon Hyuk (cameo by MBC The Greatest Birth′s Son Jin Young), are eating some delicious tteokboki and soondae.

At a table behind them sits Mama Sung and her friend (cameo by A Pink’s Cho Rong and Bomi, helping their A Pink member out!). Her friend is checking out Yoon Joon Hyuk, wearing a baseball jacket that reads ’24.’ She loves him already, despite Mama Sung saying he looks like a gorilla.

Her friend wants Mama Sung to give number 24 a love letter, since Mama Sung is only visiting Kwangju and will be leaving for Busan soon.

Mama Sung sighs and gets up to pay, asking how much the meal was in a thick Busan accent. All heads lift up and Mama Sung and her friend leave the restaurant in embarrassment.

Papa Sung tells Joon Hyuk to stop pigging out, who defends himself by saying that an airplane pilot must keep his body in check as he stuffs his face with ramen. Then we find out that Joon Hyuk was only borrowing Papa Sung’s ‘24’ jacket.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 9: “The Thread of Fate”

On his way home, Mama Sung runs into Papa Sung and hands over her friend’s love letter after checking the number on his jacket.

He’s curious about her Busan accent, but she ignores him and passes him the love letter, before leaving Papa Sung in confusion.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 9: “The Thread of Fate”

We return to 1998.

Papa Sung is rummaging through the refrigerator when Si Won pops out, wearing makeup and sporting S.E.S Bada’s hairstyle, complete with the giant pom-poms (Not going to lie and say we didn′t try that hairstyle before...).

Si Won asks him if she looks pretty and Papa Sung replies with “Is that even a face?”

Si Won asks for money and Papa Sung says he’ll give it to her after he’s completely shaven her hair off. Si Won runs away.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 9: “The Thread of Fate”

Yoon Jae and Joon Hee are playing with Yoon Jae Jr.

Yoon Jae has decided to give Yoon Jae Jr. to Joon Hee because he’s unable to give the puppy to Si Won anymore.

Yoon Jae tells Joon Hee to rename the puppy, but Joon Hee decides to keep the name, since the puppy looks so much like Yoon Jae. He gives the puppy a little kiss.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 9: “The Thread of Fate”

Fin.K.L’s To My Boyfriend plays as we pan into a disgusting room with empty cola and beer cans and left over food sprawled out everywhere.

To our surprise it’s Tae Woong’s room.

And to our shock, he’s still wearing his pajamas and ogling over Fin.K.L. playing on television. In his hand is a chicken drumstick and his mouth is covered in sauce stains. Where did the gentle and clean teacher Tae Woong go? We liked him better…

Si Won pops into the room, surprising Tae Woong. She sees Fin.K.L on stage and quickly changes the channel to the news, before giving him a stern warning: "D.S.P is a no.”

(D.S.P Entertainment used to house both Fin.K.L and Sechs Kies)

Si Won asks for money from Tae Woong and he readily points to his wallet on the floor.

It’s filled with bills.
Where…did he get all this money?

Si Won happily takes money out, but from the look on her face, she definitely took more than she needed.

Si Won asks about their dinner plans and she says she loves him and that he’s her ideal guy when he offers to buy her beef. He notices right away that she took more money from his wallet.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 9: “The Thread of Fate”

The news reports that Tae Woong had created a popular website called ‘www.ilikeschool.co.kr,’ where users can find their old schoolmates and the total members have now exceeded 5 million. The news says that the site is now worth 133 hundred million won, which baffles Si Won.

(There is an actual Korean website called ‘I Love School’ where people can find their old classmates and do good deeds while searching. It’s still running to this day!)

As the news talks about all of Tae Woong’s accomplishments, he sits on his bed, disgustingly drinking Coca-Cola right out of the bottle and drooling all over himself. Oh, the irony.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 9: “The Thread of Fate”

Joon Hee is at the park playing with Yoon Jae Jr, when a young girl begins playing with the puppy, calling him Moongchi.

Joon Hee watches as the mother pulls the crying child away, saying it’s not Moongchi.

Another day passes and Joon Hee plays with Yoon Jae Jr. at the park, affectionately calling the puppy, “Our Yoon Jae.”

The little girl comes back and hugs Yoon Jae Jr. again, claiming that it’s Moongchi.

It turns out that the girl had lost her puppy, which looks just like Yoon Jae Jr., at the park.

Moongchi was given to her when her father left for a long business trip and was like her little brother.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 9: “The Thread of Fate”

Back to 1968 Kwangju.

Mama Sung delivers another love letter to Papa Sung, still disgusted that her best friend could like such a scrawny and unattractive guy. Papa Sung continues being confused.

Mama Sung plays the messenger many times, telling him to read the letters carefully and to reply once in awhile to her friend.

Then one day, Mama Sung finds Papa Sung waiting for her in front of her house. He calls her Busan.

He hands her an envelope.
“It’s a reply.”

Mama Sung is excited because now her friend, Jung Mi, will be happy, but Papa Sung says not to give it to her.

“It’s a reply to you. It’s yours.”

Mama Sung is surprised, as they both stand there awkwardly.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 9: “The Thread of Fate”

And Sechs Kies’ Couple begins to play (What a perfect song to play in this scene. Just warms up our hearts.), but we soon return to 1998, when Mama Sung is stressed out over the card bills.

Papa Sung had spent way over the monthly limit and she begins torturing him. Luckily, Yoon Jae comes home and Papa Sung greets him excitedly.

Papa Sung tells Yoon Jae to marry a gentle and kind woman or he’ll end up living like Papa Sung.

Too bad he′s madly in love with your daughter!

Just then, Si Won pops out from her room, still with her makeup on and sporting the Bada hairstyle that Papa Sung disapprove of. He threatens to bleach the makeup off of her face, and Yoon Jae reminds him about the hair as they both look at Si Won in disapproval.

Mama Sung rushes to her daughter’s side and starts yelling back, defending her daughter’s new style. Both boys are no match for Mama Sung as they flinch and whimper back into TV watching mode. Power to Mama Sung!

As Yoon Jae sets the table, he overhears Si Won saying that she has dinner plans with Tae Woong and Yoon Jae’s face falls.

Papa Sung tells Yoon Jae to watch over her in Seoul and he replies that she’s old enough and probably knows what to do.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 9: “The Thread of Fate”

As Si Won leaves the house, she tells Yoon Jae to take care of her Yoon Jae.

Yoon Jae is confused until he sees another adorable furry puppy who looks just like Yoon Jae. Papa Sung explains that Si Won found him at the park and she couldn’t leave him behind because he looks like Yoon Jae. (OMG it’s Moongchi!)

Tae Woong is waiting for Si Won outside the house, having cleaned up nicely in a suit. Si Won is extremely impressed and says he looks like Park Shin Yang, the heartthrob at the time.

Yoon Jae eats with Si Won’s Yoon Jae/Moongchi as Joon Hee allows the little girl to play with Yoon Jae Jr. (So confusing with all these puppies that look similar and have the same names….)

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 9: “The Thread of Fate”

Si Won and Tae Woong are feasting on beef at the restaurant. As he pays, she comes out of the bathroom with wet hands, before proceeding to wipe them on Tae Woong’s jacket.

They go to the arcade and play a punching game. Unsurprisingly, Si Won gets a higher score than Tae Woong. Must be from all the times she beat up Yoon Jae and the Sechs Kies fans.

After dinner, they go to another restaurant, where they eat tteokbokki and soondae. Tae Woong smiles at her crazy appetite.

They head to the cell phone shop, where an eager salesman (cameo by comedian Kim Ki Wook) tries to sell Tae Woong the latest models. The salesman finally succeeds in persuading Tae Woong. As Tae Woong is filling out the forms, he checks the box for a couple plan.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 9: “The Thread of Fate”

Sechs Kies’ Couple plays again and we go back to 1968.

Mama Sung is on a bus headed back to Busan. She finally builds up the courage to open up Papa Sung’s reply.

Inside, it reads, “Shall we be a couple?”
A smile gradually appears on Mama Sung’s face.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 9: “The Thread of Fate”

Back in 1998, Tae Woong shows Si Won around his empty and dirty office, which only has two computers. He works alone for now and Si Won is sad for him, since he has to work by himself.

Tae Woong comments that she’s matured, and Si Won remarks that he’s the only one who doesn’t know she’s an adult. Tae Woong looks up and says, “Do you think I really don’t know?”

He glances over to her and hands her one of the cell phones he bought.
“It’s yours,” says Tae Woong. Si Won takes it, looking a bit confused.

He says that he saved his number in it, under speed dial one. Si Won is still confused.

Tae Woong squats down below her eye level and calls out her name.

“Si Won… do you want to go out with me?”

Si Won, with an almost emotionless face, manages to mutter out if she has to decide right this instant. Tae Woong smiles and says no. He gives her his hand, which she doesn’t take, still caught in surprise.

Tae Woong instead takes her hand and leads her outside.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 9: “The Thread of Fate”

At home, Yoon Jae watches the drama Innocence, starring Ryu Si Won and Myung Se Bin, as Mama and Papa Sung are enjoying each other’s company.

The puppy nibbles at Yoon Jae’s fingers.

Papa Sung has stomach problems again and ends up farting in Mama Sung’s face, but instead of being completely disgusted, she laughs it off, asking if he pooped in his pants.

Yoon Jae narrates, “People say that they are born with an invisible red thread tied to their pinkies. The other end of that thread is tied to the pinky of the person they’re destined with, but because the thread is so tangled up, it’s very hard to find the end.”

Tae Woong waits at home for Si Won’s phone call, when his eyes fall on a photo of Song Joo and himself. He opens his desk drawer and puts the photo frame inside as Toy’s Hope plays in the background.

Si Won sits on a bench outside, fiddling with her new phone.

After contemplating, she finally presses down the 1 key and calls Tae Woong, who leaps up to pick it up.

She asks if he was waiting for her phone call and they start talking with smiles on their faces.

“The tangles created by everyone’s threads. If I continue to untangle everything, I, too will end up meeting the person I am fated to be with.”

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 9: “The Thread of Fate”

In 1968, Mama Sung’s friend Jung Mi is eating at the snack bar. When she goes up to pay, she realizes she doesn’t have her wallet and panics, when Yoon Joon Hyuk tells the owner that he’ll pay for her meal too.

The two bashfully smile at each other and that’s how Yoon Jae’s parents met.

“If a red thread really does exist in fate, who is at the end of my red thread?”

The two Yoon Jae puppies are playing at the park, where the little girl finally finds her Moongchi and carries him away.

A little while after, Si Won also runs to the area looking for her Yoon Jae. She finds him and scolds him for running away.

And Yoon Jae’s Yoon Jae Jr. falls into the hands of its rightful owner.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 9: “The Thread of Fate”

The Sung and the Yoon family gather together in Busan in 1988.

It’s been awhile since the families have been together due to Yoon Joon Hyuk’s busy schedules. Yoon Joon Hyuk suggests that they take a picture together and Papa Sung agrees, because if they ever become in-laws, they’ll have a nice family portrait to look back on.

Jung Mi remarks that it would be perfect if their daughters and sons all married each other, and Mama Sung replies that it would be great, but who knows if they’ll get married according to their ages. (Is that a hint Mama Sung??)

The families sit together in front of the camera and put on their brightest smiles.

The photo frame, instead of gathering dust inside the drawer, now sits at the top of the drawer.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 9: “The Thread of Fate”

Who’s the Baby Daddy?

We cannot believe the Si Won-Tae Woong couple is actually happening.

Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love Tae Woong and his dorkiness (especially when he’s drooling over Fin.K.L.. It reminds us that he’s a guy after all).

They’re absolutely cute together that we were ready to jump ship….but we know that deep down in our hearts, we really just want Yoon Jae to be happy.

This episode was beautifully symbolic in so many ways.

We love the red thread of fate reference and also the puppies. Who can forget about the puppies?

Si Won found little lost Moongchi at the park and couldn’t let him go because he reminded her of Yoon Jae, and later, Si Won ends up taking Yoon Jae’s Yoon Jae Jr. in that little switcheroo that happened with Moongchi.

If that’s not fate, we don’t know what it is.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 9: “The Thread of Fate”

Also, we believe that this episode sort of hinted that Joon Hee is never going to get his love because Yoon Jae gives Yoon Jae Jr. to Joon Hee, but in the end, Joon Hee loses Yoon Jae Jr, and not to anyone random, but to Si Won, who was the original owner in the first place.

So perhaps this is saying that after Yoon Jae is done untangling his red thread, Si Won will be tied to the end of it. And that the Si Won-Tae Woong match in this episode is just merely a knot on Yoon Jae’s thread.

Hopefully, it’ll get sorted right away.

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