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[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 7: Dream Jobs

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2012.08.18 19:04 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

For episode 7, Reply 1997 took it a bit slow on the romance (but still enough to make our hearts flutter) and focused more on showing us how our characters ended up how they are in 2012.

It explained how last place Sung Si Won ended up becoming a broadcast writer and how Yoon Yoon Jae became a high and almighty judge (although, no one would have expected less).

It covered what we hope for and what is realistic, and totally took us back to our senior years in high school, when applying for colleges and figuring out what we wanted to do with the rest of our lives were the only important things in mind.

So without further ado, we begin again at the 2012 high school reunion.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 7: Dream Jobs

Tae Woong gets called to move his car and Si Won asks if he can grab her cardigan while he’s there.

Yoo Jung is surprised that Si Won still calls Tae Woong “oppa,” especially since he’s a…presidential candidate for the upcoming election. It turns out Tae Woong has already set records in being the youngest mayor and whatnot and is earning lots of popularity with his gentle image. Si Won smiles in approval as her friends talk.

Meanwhile, Yoon Jae tries to take off Si Won’s phone case and ends up breaking it, receiving blow after blow from Si Won for ruining her expensive case.

The news reports about Tae Woong’s candidacy and talks briefly about Yoon Jae, being a cold but rightful judge even at the young age of 33.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 7: Dream Jobs

We’re taken to February 1998.

On the television, the presidential inauguration of Kim Dae Joong is taking place, as Yoo Jung is angrily eating crab, suggesting to Hak Chan that they break up.

The reason: He holds his crab with three fingers on each hand.

It’s May 1998. The television is now talking about the cyber singer Adam (We totally drank so many of those lemon drinks that he advertised. He was the coolest thing at the time. Sighhhhhhh…) and Yoo Jung is still unhappy and once again says they break up.

Hak Chan is confused, since he’s only using a total of four fingers. It turns out it’s because Hak Chan wore a v-neck shirt with a v-neck shirt. The boys are speechless at the stupid reasons.

October 1998. Fin.K.L has made a smashing debut and is taking the nation by storm.

Yoo Jung once again suggests they break up, and Hak Chan is completely confused at the reason why, since he’s eating crabs the right way, isn’t wearing a v-neck on top of a v-neck, but this time, Yoo Jung won’t give him a reason why.

The boys try to put their heads together, but can’t think of a good reason why she would want to break up.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 7: Dream Jobs

Tae Woong is meeting with students to talk about their future goals and dreams.

Eun Dokki wants to go to Yonsei University and become a doctor because it’s been her dream since middle school. Tae Woong tells her to rewrite her goals, since her grades won’t allow her near the school.

Yoo Jung is manually straightening out her hair with cardboard paper and bobby pins, when she notices Jang Woo Dong (nickname for H.O.T’s Jang Woo Hyuk) entering their classroom. Jang Woo Dong freaks out that Si Won is the one who’s been writing a popular fanfic on the internet and begs to know what happens next in the story.

After much coaxing, Si Won hands Jang Woo Dong a good ol’ floppy disk.

Turns out Si Won’s fanfics are about the romantic relationship between the H.O.T members and Jang Woo Dong tells Si Won that Woo Hyuk and Hee Jung can’t get together and must be Woo Hyuk and Tony forever.

Tae Woong is continuing appointments and this time with a student who wants to be an announcer. He tells her that in order to be an announcer, she needs to use the standard language and tells her to read part of an article. She does so, almost perfectly, but complete with a thick Busan accent.

It’s Danji’s turn and she says wants to be an artist. Without saying a word, Tae Woong picks up a picture Danji drew, and she says quietly that she’ll come back with a new dream goal.

Tae Woong then tells the three girls individually life would be so easy if things worked out the way it did, but in reality it doesn’t. So instead of chasing after things that are near impossible, he encourages his students to find goals that they can realistically achieve.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 7: Dream Jobs

Hak Chan is still in low spirits, unable to find a reason why Yoo Jung wants to break up with him. The boys suggest this and that, but Hak Chan is sure it’s none of those. Sung Jae suggests he just break up and raise a Tamagotchi instead, since it at least tells you what it’s upset about.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 7: Dream Jobs

Tae Woong meets with Si Won and tries to encourage her to go the athletic route. Si Won asks if there’s no chance of her going to Dongguk University, since it’s her dream to go to the same college as Tony. Tae Woong puts on his teacher voice and says trying to get in there is kind of difficult.

Si Won asks him to be honest, and Tae Woong replies, “Forget Dongguk University. You just can’t go to college.”

Tae Woong then tells her that there’s something that she does better than anyone else. She just needs to find what that is.

As Si Won sulks that she’ll never get to go to school with Tony, Yoon Jae reminds her that Tony is probably a ghost student anyways, which Si Won fervently denies. He asks if she would marry Tony if he asked, and she says no…. because she’s not good enough for Tony oppa.

Yoon Jae scowls at Si Won’s immaturity as Sung Jae runs towards him, saying that the homeroom teacher is looking for Yoon Jae. He gets up to leave when an underclassman bashfully gives him a cake. Yoon Jae coldly rejects it because he doesn’t like sweet things.

Si Won curses at him and takes the cake instead of Yoon Jae.

The homeroom teacher’s ticked off because the top student at the school – Yoon Jae- will not go to Seoul University – the best school – to waste his brains by trying to enroll at the Air Force Academy.

Yoon Jae tells the teacher that he can fulfill his dreams by sending Joon Hee, but it turns out Joon Hee, who is ranked second at school, is also going to be enrolling in the Air Force Academy.

Yoon Jae is surprised and confused as he watches Joon Hee run around the track.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 7: Dream Jobs

During class, Dan Ji whispers to Si Won to hand her the printed version of Si Won’s fanfic, but as this is taking place, the homeroom teacher catches the girl and ends up reading a very racy scene - complete with sound effects - between Woo Hyuk and Tony aloud in class. Si Won hides her face in mortification.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 7: Dream Jobs

Tae Woong gets his hands on the fanfic and laughs. As Si Won hangs her head in embarrassment, Tae Woong smiles, saying that they’ve found a way for her to go to college.

A poster hung next to Tae Woong’s desk reads, “National High School Creative Writing Contest,” held by Dongguk University. First place winner will enter college, with the Korea′s version of the S.A.T only counting for 30 percent.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 7: Dream Jobs

Yoon Jae and Joon Hee sit on the field and talk about why they’re giving up going to Seoul University to go to the Air Force Academy. Yoon Jae shares that he’s only thought about going to the Air Force Academy because of his father but also because of someone else.

Joon Hee replies that he too wants to go to the Air Force Academy because of someone else. They both start running the field.

Sung Jae and Hak Chan continue trying to figure out why Yoo Jung wants to break up and Hak Chan says it’s not simple but something really important and detailed that they will never figure out.

At home, Tae Woong encourages Yoon Jae to rethink his dreams of going to the Air Force Academy. “Don’t just follow Dad’s dreams, but also think about Mom’s dreams. She only wanted for you to not to be a pilot. She’ll be upset.”

Yoon Jae replies that it’s not because of their dad, but because it’s something he wants to do. Then he tells Tae Woong to do whatever he wants after Yoon Jae graduates.

“Mom’s dream was to see you become a president.”

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 7: Dream Jobs

Once in his room, Yoon Jae tries on his father’s old Air Force uniform as he reminisces about his past.

He and Si Won were playing video games, when Tae Woong announced that their father has returned.

Yoon Jae runs to his father, fully dressed in his Air Force uniform, and embraces him.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 7: Dream Jobs

Si Won stares at Yoon Jae’s father in awe and promises herself that she’s going to marry a man in uniform, revealing why Yoon Jae is so adamant about going to the Air Force Academy.

As he changes out of the uniform, Si Won bursts into his room announcing that she can maybe go to college.

Yoon Jae reads Si Won’s fanfics and are completely disgusted at all the Rated R scenes, as Si Won tells him to read it as a piece of art.

Tae Woong and Si Won work hard to replace specific words with others to make the story become more appropriate for the contest.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 7: Dream Jobs

Not knowing the reason for the break up is driving Hak Chan mad, as he pours himself some soju during lunch time.

The boys continue to ponder, but give up saying that they’ll never be able to figure it out.

Just then, the underclassman who has a crush on Yoon Jae comes to give Yoon Jae a pillow that she hand-stitched. As he looks at the pillow, Si Won heads their way, and Yoon Jae stuffs the pillow under Hak Chan.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 7: Dream Jobs

Si Won wants Yoon Jae’s underwear because if she has the school’s top student’s underwear, she’ll have good luck when she mails in her contest entry.

He resists, but everyone gets on Si Won’s side and he promises to give it to her later.

Sung Jae complains that Si Won never does anything for Yoon Jae, when he does everything for her. He says that Si Won should buy something and present it to Yoon Jae, but Si Won replies that she has no money, since she spent it all while buying Yoo Jung’s birthday present.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 7: Dream Jobs

Light bulbs gradually flicker on for all the boys as Hak Chan’s face crumples up at his own stupidity. Si Won doesn’t notice and shares that Yoo Jung wouldn’t tell her what Hak Chan did for her, probably because it was so amazing.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 7: Dream Jobs

As she strolls off, the three boys get up and leave, each smacking Hak Chan’s head, cursing and telling him to go die, saying he’s not even human for forgetting his girlfriend’s birthday.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 7: Dream Jobs

After school, Hak Chan faces a still very angry Yoo Jung.

Hak Chan squeaks an apology for being a bit late, then proceeds to take something out of his backpack…. Yoon Jae’s hand-stitched pillow. Oh, Hak Chan…you sneaky jerk.

The pillow is more than enough to melt all of Yoo Jung’s sorrows away as she cries and hugs him.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 7: Dream Jobs

A month later, Yoon Jae and Joon Hee are at a motel near by the Air Force Academy for their entrance interview.

Joon Hee is reading possible interview questions and Yoon Jae starts asking him questions.

Things are going fine with the fake interview, until Yoon Jae asks “Do you currently like someone?”

Joon Hee asks if there’s a question like that, and Yoon Jae lies that there is.

Joon Hee replies yes, alarming Yoon Jae.

“Do I know this person?” Yoon Jae asks more seriously.
Joon Hee hesitates, but affirms it.

After a few moments, Yoon Jae asks, “Is it Sung Si Won?”

Joon Hee turns away and says he’s going to go wash up now, leaving Yoon Jae alone with all sorts of thoughts.

When Joon Hee comes back from the bathroom, Yoon Jae is already asleep. Joon Hee lays down besides Yoon Jae and closes his eyes to sleep.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 7: Dream Jobs

We’re taken back two years when the boys first enrolled in high school.
The seating arrangements were made according to the student’s ranking in the class – the top students in the front, the worst in the back.

As always, Sung Jae is complaining that he has to sit in the back. A scary teacher overhears Sung Jae and scolds the students for complaining.

Yoon Jae then challenges the teacher and asks that the teachers all get ranked as well as for their university grades. Joon Hee, the new student, watches Yoon Jae continuously talk back at the teacher.

The teacher raises his hand, only to be stopped by Tae Woong, who says he’ll take care of it since Yoon Jae is his student.

Joon Hee walks away, still captivated by Yoon Jae’s bravery.

When all the students are gone, Tae Woong shares that he almost peed in his pants in fear. Yoon Jae smiles but tells his older brother that ranking students by grades is still wrong.

In the classroom, Joon Hee overhears two students talking about how their class’ top student is the top student in the entire school and also the crazy guy who talked back to the teacher.

Just then, Yoon Jae casually strolls into the room and sits down. He asks Joon Hee if he has an English dictionary.

Joon Hee takes it out of his backpack and Yoon Jae uses it as a pillow.

And that is how it all started.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 7: Dream Jobs

At the Air Force Academy, Yoon Jae is going through medical exams.

He’s taking an eye test and unfortunately fails because his eye sight sucks.
It turns out the eye doctor in his neighborhood had messed up the test because the doctor also couldn’t see the tiny letters.

Yoon Jae and Joon Hee head back home on the bus, talking about how they both failed - Joon Hee on the test, but Yoon Jae more embarrassingly with the eye exam.

It turns out that Joon Hee didn’t fail the test, but didn’t even turn up for the test.

Tae Woong narrates, “A person needs to be satisfied with a goal that is near them. Aiming for something so far away is only greed and will cause so much pain. It’ll only end up as a scar in your heart. That’s why the stupidest thing you can do in the world is love one-sidedly..”

They talk about how their homeroom teacher’s going to make fun of them. Yoon Jae says he’s worried more about Si Won making fun of him.

At home, Si Won gets a call that she’s actually won the first place at the creative writing contest and she calls out to her mom that she’s going to college.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 7: Dream Jobs

“But the reason why that stupid one-sided love is worthy trying is because sometimes that passion creates miracles and sometimes it comes true after going around and around. It also offers chances to get close to that dream, even if that dream itself is impossible to achieve.”

In 2012, we see that Kim Sun Ah, who wanted to be an announcer, is a sportscaster for a Busan baseball team and Dan Ji, who wanted to be an artist, ended up becoming an art museum curator.

In the past, as Tae Woong counsels students about their future dreams, we see that on his desk, tucked in between a book, is a letter of resignation.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 7: Dream Jobs

Back at the high school reunion, Yoo Jung brags about how Hak Chan is so sweet for hand-stitching a pillow and everyone puts on a “Whaaaaat?” face before Hak Chan quickly changes the subject.

Sung Jae asks Si Won if she’s still writing fanfics and she replies negative. Hak Chan asks what a fanfic is and Yoo Jung explains that they’re pretty much love stories between two members in a group.

Hak Chan crumples his face in disgust and tells them not to write such things because the members don’t enjoy it (a sneaky reference to Eun Ji Won′s own reaction to the many fanfics about the Sechs Kies members, haha) Before anyone can ask what that means, Hak Chan raises his glass once more to change the subject.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 7: Dream Jobs

Who’s the Baby Daddy?

It’s still a mystery, but we have a good feeling that it’s not Joon Hee.
If he was willing change his future for Yoon Jae, we doubt that he would go and marry Si Won for whatever reason.

As adorable and sincere as Joon Hee’s crush on Yoon Jae is, we don’t look forward to the heartbreak that he will soon experience, since Yoon Jae is so in love with Si Won, especially since he’s also willing to change his future so that he can be her dream man.

At the end of all this, Joon Hee’s going to be heartbroken... and maybe even Yoon Jae as well, since Tae Woong is still a good candidate to be Si Won’s husband.

Sigh. High school love.

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