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‘Superstar K4’ Premieres and is Already a Hot Topic

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2012.08.18 15:00 Mwave Park, HyunMin Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

The original audition program, Mnet’s Superstar K4 (SSK4) was able to capture attention with various topics and issues from the very first episode.

Not only was SSK4 on the real-time charts for most searched, but the names of participants of the show were also listed, completely conquering search engines. Twitter and other social networking sites also included thoughts and comments of viewers.

On August 17, SSK4 created so many headlines and topics to talk about that it showed a clear difference compared to other audition programs.

‘Superstar K4’ Premieres and is Already a  Hot Topic

Eye Candy. Musical Talents are Extra

In an audition program where only a short time is given for self-promotion, looks can also become a fierce weapon. That’s why so many of the participants that make it to the later rounds are overflowing with handsome and beautiful people.

In SSK4, there are some that stood out because of their warm looks: Jung Joon Young, who looked like Kang Dong Won, Roy Kim, who was the perfect umchinah (Mother’s friend’s son), and Yoo Seung Ho, who was the adorable avatar.

Jung Joon Young turned out to be a surprise, as his hidden personality was quite different from his handsome looks.

Roy Kim also shook the hearts of women when he revealed his three strong points – family (father is a CEO), education (Went to Georgetown University) and looks (no explanation necessary).

Yoo Seung Woo stole the hearts of nunas and aunts when he showed off his beautiful voice with his cute and fresh image as a sophomore in high school.

‘Superstar K4’ Premieres and is Already a  Hot Topic

Not an Audition about Stories, but the Tears Fall

On every audition program, there are always stories that bring more attention to the participants than their musical abilities.

Of course, as a production staff, it’s their job to prevent an audition program from becoming a sympathy festival, but sometimes, it’s hard to stop the heart from being pulled.

The spotlighted characters are Alice, who was in charge of the guide track for Baek Ji Young’s That Woman, ‘Crybaby Fighter,’ Yook Jin Soo, who sang his heart out for his son who cannot use his voice, Ahn Yeseul, who suffered a tragic past with facial paralysis, and Yeon Kyu Sung who was diagnosed with a vocal disorder.

Alice, who showed tears after living as only a guide vocalist, and Ahn Yeseul and Yeon Kyu Sung, who overcame their pasts and pain, passed to the next round, while Yoon Jin Soo was cut, but still earned the support and consolations from the judges.

‘Superstar K4’ Premieres and is Already a  Hot Topic

An Issue as Soon as They Arrive

Good-looking appearances, amazing singing abilities, and heart-touching stories are of course attention-grabbers, but there were other participants that focused all the spotlights on them.

To be more specific, it was ‘The King of Lawsuits,’ ex-politician, Kang Yong Suk and singer Joanne, who was once called the second BoA.

Kang Yong Suk showed his passion in music during a phone interview with the staff.

Perhaps the staff already predicted this kind of attention to these big names, as they briefly showed Kang Yong Suk’s face upon starting the show and even edited footage of the judges being surprised to see Joanne, but didn’t air Joanne’s performance and postponed for it for next week.

Also, SSK4 gathered even more attention with Psy, who is currently conquering the world with his Gangnam Style music video, as a judge, and special judges Yoon Gun, Seo In Young, Lee Ha Neul, Son Dambi, Kim Tae Woo and more.

Photo Credit: Mnet

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