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Choi Hyo Jong’s Mini Homepage Bombarded with Malicious Comments

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2011.10.28 14:49 Mwave Lee, JinHo

Choi Hyo Jong,who is currently participating on KBS2’s Gag Concert, is now trying to weather accusations of male discrimination.

Some netizens are continuously bombarding his mini homepage with comments such as ‘You’re discriminating men’, ‘Apologize’, and ‘I can’t watch Gag Concert because of The Man Who Fixes the Vague Stuff’. Many comments are also launching personal attacks against the comedian.

Choi Hyo Jong’s Mini Homepage Bombarded with Malicious Comments

It all started on October 23, with the broadcast of Gag Concert’s The Man Who Fixes the Vague Stuff. The episode′s sketch was titled ′date budgets,′ and at the time, Choi Hyo Jong made his audience laugh by saying, “I will be fair and assign half and half. Korean food should be paid for by the woman and foreign food by the man. If you had kimchijjigae and the lettuce in it is from China, the man should pay for it.”

As for films and alcohol, he continued, “Korean ones by the women, foreign ones by the men. But Korean films with English titles and so-maek (Soju+Beer) should be paid for by the men.”

The backlash was unexpectedly strong. Many men came forth to say that he was too biased toward women in one of the most sensitive issue among males and females in society, as lately, Korean males have been voicing protests against having to constantly take charge of finances in relationships.

Some filed complaints with the Korea Communications Commission that he violated ‘Article 30, Breach of Gender Equality’ of the Broadcast Censor Standards, and some even set up an internet café for anti-Choi Hyo Jong netizens.

The controversy is expected to grow with the issue of gender equality and with complaints by males about reverse discrimination through various policies from the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family.

Photo credit: KBS2

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