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[Video] Nelly Furtado Wanted to Work With Big Bang’s T.O.P

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2012.08.14 16:00 Mwave Stewart Ho

Nelly Furtado dropped by Singapore on August 14 to hold a showcase and promote her upcoming album, The Spirit Indestructible.

During the press conference’s interview portion, Nelly Furtado revealed she too was a fan of K-Pop, saying, “I’ve already enjoyed K-Pop over the years. I’m really lucky enough to live in a city where you can go to a little Korean barbeque place and watch as many K-pop videos you want on the TV screen.”

She also shared she had just recently been shown the music video for Gangnam Style by Psy, although she did momentarily forget the title of the saying, “[My driver showed me] the video of the new one that went viral, it’s like the guy doing the horse move, what’s that called again?” and was immediately responded with a chorus of members of the press and staff responding, “Gangnam style!”

When later asked if she had a favorite K-Pop artist, Nelly Furtado shared, “Well, it’s kind of interesting because there’s the cultural divide where we’re so far in Canada and all the artists are really making their careers over here in Asia so the average K-Pop artist is not that easy to phone up on the phone.”

She then went on to reveal, “I wanted T.O.P on Big Hoops!” revealing her fandom of the Big Bang member.

Nelly Furtado shared her close friend, a year or so ago, had sent some links of T.O.P and found them “amazing.” She added that she envisioned that a collaboration would happen at some point between her and a K-Pop or J-Pop artist.

[Video] Nelly Furtado Wanted to Work With Big Bang’s T.O.P

Watch the full interview clip here on Xin MSN.

You can also watch the music video for Big Hoops below, which, had things gone the way Nelly Furtado had wanted, would have featured none other than Big Bang’s T.O.P!

Photo credit: Nelly Furtado’s Facebook, YG Entertainment

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