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Expectations are High for Boom’s Variety Comeback

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2011.08.22 18:09 Mwave Kim, JiYeon

From what I can recollect, she was a normal girl who shot to top star fame. Lee Ji Hye was having the time of her life from 1990 to 2000 as a member of group S#arp, whose hit songs included Tell Me Tell Me and Close.

However, life doesn’t always go according to plan. S#arp disbanded in 2002 on a nasty note and Lee was forced to go her own way. From then on, she has weathered the storm alone.

Entertainer Boom has finally completed his mandatory military service and returned to civilian life.

Boom was discharged from the Defense Media Agency for Public Information Services in Yongsan on August 22, where he had been serving the mandatory two-year term since enlisting in October 2009.

Expectations are High for Boom’s Variety Comeback

Expectations are High for Boom’s Variety Comeback

Lee has struggled with her identity to the point that she threw the question “What am I? An entertainer? An actress? Or a singer?” out to a reporter. While she has appeared on numerous TV programs since the group’s disbandment, Lee has been unable to score a hit song on her own. Still, Lee, known for her biting remarks, has emerged as a promising entertainer.

The singer was taken by surprise when asked if she thought things were going well.

“To be honest, I had a lot of fears about doing music again,” revealed Lee. “I hesitated a lot wondering if I could do well again. Then I remembered [the expression] ‘live within your means’ and snapped out of it. Out of that, my longing for music grew, and I found a good agency that I’ve been able to start over with. I grabbed the opportunity to start anew as ‘Lee Ji Hye the singer,’ who had faded from people’s memory.”

That’s why Lee is prepared to give it all she’s got for her new digital single Rocket Power, which was released on November 8. Although she has dipped her feet in different areas, Lee, who said she always put herself first, engraved the title of ‘singer’ deep in her heart this time around. Many young people today remember Lee as an entertainer rather than a singer, and Lee is determined to set things straight.

“There are a lot of people who mistake me for an entertainer, and, to a certain extent, it’s inevitable because I’ve appeared on so many entertainment programs,” said Lee. “That’s why now I want to leave a strong impression as a singer and make right everything that’s wrong.”

She continued, “Of course, I’ve still got a long way to go, since I’ve already come this far as a TV personality. Still, I believe that if I work hard, people will come to understand me one day. The truth is I may not have had the opportunity to sing again, so I’m thankful that I’m even able to release a new song and stand on stage. I have to work harder.”

The entertainment industry has shown great interest in Boom, and many broadcast companies have already begun sending him love calls. Reporters swarmed the premises to meet the entertainer, further proving his popularity. Super Junior members Lee Teuk, Eunhyuk and Shindong, who appeared with Boom on SBS′ Strong Heart were also present, heightening interest in the event as well.

Boom greeted reporters energetically and revealed, “I′m more excited than burdened to make my variety comeback." A source close to the entertainer told enews, "Boom was very pleased to be discharged and received warmly by his fellow colleagues and reporters."

Meanwhile, Boom will make his official comeback via Strong Heart on September 1 and will also be the new DJ of SBS Power FM′s Young Street.

Expectations are High for Boom’s Variety Comeback

Lee has also braced herself for the girl group competition.

“I’m going to let the chips fall where they may,” said the singer. “The truth is, if you compare myself to friends like Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls, whew...(Laughs). My younger brother laughed at me. No matter what people think, I’m going to go my own way. I’m not going to rush myself, and if I just keep going, a new day will come.”

She sings of hope. Like the title of her new single, Rocket Power, Lee dreams of thrusting herself forward and finding her place again as a singer.

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Translation credit: Nancy Lee

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