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Tijinyo Continues to Demand Answers from Core Contents Media

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2012.08.13 15:40 Mwave Park, HyunMin Translation Credit : Erika Kim

The T-ara incident has considerably calmed down on the web, but Tijinyo (We Want the Truth from T-ara) and its 340,000 members have still been contacting Core Contents Media to voice their opinions.

The manager of Tijinyo revealed that the café had been keeping in touch with the agency through notices posted on August 10 and 12.

On August 12, the manager opened up on the café’s stance through a notice titled ‘We Wish to Say This to Core Contents Media’.

Tijinyo Continues to Demand Answers from Core Contents Media

The post demanded that T-ara, not Core Contents Media, speak up on the incident, saying, ‘So is Core not going to have T-ara speak up on the outcast rumors just because it thinks no one will believe it? There are still people who believe in T-ara and so are waiting for a reply. Could you please consider it for those who are waiting?’

It then warned, ‘If T-ara continues to [stay quiet] and starts up promoting in this situation, we can’t help it if the group gains more anti-fans.’

The post also contained the message that Core Contents Media had sent the café. Core had said in the message, ‘We want to make clear one thing. As this café says clearly that it’s not a T-ara anti café, we hope the manager of this café doesn’t sway toward one opinion and makes his/her judgments neutrally, so that he/she doesn’t stray from the aim of this café.’

Tijinyo Continues to Demand Answers from Core Contents Media

The notice posted two days before on August 10, titled ‘A Message from Core Contents Media’, had contained more of the message that had come from the agency.

Core Contents Media had said, ‘No matter how much we tell the truth, no one believes us, so do you think that the netizens, who have already reached their own conclusions, will believe T-ara when it tells the truth?’ It then added, ‘Even the best of friends and family can fight; don’t you think the netizens are only continuing to insult T-ara with the belief that they’re upholding the justice of society?’

The manager had added to the notice that it was ‘confirmed the message is from Core Contents Media according to a rep in Core.’

After Hwa Young’s contract was cancelled when outcast rumors blew up through the T-ara members’ social networks, Core Contents Media has tried to appease public opinion through press releases and a handwritten letter by Head CEO Kim Kwang Soo, but failed.

Members of not only Tijinyo, but also the Today’s Humor forums joined in taking actual movements against Core by gathering on August 4.

They demanded answers to the T-ara incident and a stop to school violence in one-man protests near the agency’s office building. Although T-ara cancelled its exclusive concert that was to be held on August 11, the members have been appearing in their individual dramas.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

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