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T-ara’s Leader, So Yeon, Cries While Opening Up About Hwa Young for the First Time

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2012.08.13 13:00 Mwave Stewart Ho

T-ara’s leader, So Yeon, has opened up for the first time on the ‘Hwa Young outcast’ incident.

The Chosun Daily revealed a video interview with So Yeon on August 13 in which the T-ara member spoke candidly about her thoughts on the recent issue.

Regarding the video clips and images that were posted by netizens online as “evidence” of Hwa Young’s ostracizing, So Yeon shared she had seen them online too but explained, “During recording for broadcast shows there are prepared situations that are created for entertainment purposes and parts that are hidden as well, but [the “evidence”] had been edited and posted in a way that anyone seeing them would have thought [Hwa Young was being made an outcast]. I was so shocked and my heart was pained.”

She went on, “I really have no clue why they would choose to show things in that manner. We were merely just laughing and chatting together but I’m confused why they chose to show things like that. We’re individuals who have just begun in society but for our young hearts, it was a difficult thing to process.”

When asked if Hwa Young and So Yeon had bad relations, So Yeon dismissed the notion saying, “No. Of course I believe there must have been things that she may have been disappointed about. If, until now, there has been times that I wasn’t able to act as an unnie or disappointed her or unknowingly caused her pain, I think of it as very regrettable but I think there hasn’t been any instances I intentionally acted maliciously or did anything that could have caused [my actions and words] to be interpreted broadly.”

T-ara’s Leader, So Yeon, Cries While Opening Up About Hwa Young for the First Time

So Yeon also shared until the issue surfaced, she had no idea of how Hwa Young was being portrayed by the video clips online as she shared, “I had absolutely no idea Hwa Young was being shown [as a loner]. In the one and a half years we were together as members we truly thought of her as a dongseng so, like the division of water and oil, that sort of thought never entered our mind. I think that’s why this situation is that much more difficult and hard.”

So Yeon did, however, admit her regrets over how the other T-ara members publicly expressed their feelings via Twitter in the past, which had been the tipping point that had led to the Hwa Young incident being full-blown as So Yeon said, “I think the way the other members expressed their inner feelings in such a public manner was wrong. We are deeply self-reflecting on that aspect and because that became so broadly interpreted, the T-ara members, Hwa Young and our families are all continuing to receive hurt. How things have turned out is very difficult and painful.”

The T-ara leader then became emotional as she lastly added, “Until recently we were all practicing in the rehearsal room together and whether we were happy or sad we were together…” as she began tearing up. “[This issue] has been so difficult but it has been bearable as we have all been holding it in.”

Photo credit: Chosun Media

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