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[Interview] Haha Reveals ‘Infinity Challenge’ Changed His Life

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2012.08.12 05:00 Mwave Kim, JiYeon Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

Nothing but disappointment was given to viewers after MBC’sInfinity Challenge was canceled for 24 weeks due to the MBC labor strikes.

After hitting the airwaves in 2006, there was no other program that lasted this long. In the process, Infinity Challenge has always satisfied viewers with laughter and there were no other instances like this.

That is why the empty spot of Infinity Challenge was felt by so many people.

If fans were feeling this, the people who suffered the most were the cast of Infinity Challenge, who were unable to film for more than four months.

[Interview] Haha Reveals ‘Infinity Challenge’ Changed His Life

During a recent interview with enews, Haha revealed that he had a hard time while he was resting from infinity Challenge.

While he showed his face on many other programs, Infinity Challenge held a different meaning for him.

Infinity Challenge is program that made me into a human being. I was able to be a good son to my parents. Infinity Challenge is a show, a drama, and a reality [program] that provokes the heart. Through this, I was able to learn humility, happiness and, most importantly, gratefulness. I’m always thankful that I’m still part of this.”

In addition, Haha said with a bashful laugh, “I know this is quite cheesy, but I’m an Infinity Challenge fan.

Just as he said, the comment was cheesy, but it showed that Haha was holding Infinity Challenge close to his heart, because the program had created him into a human.

Not to mention, Haha’s recent mini album Ya Man!!, featuring Skull, Korea’s representative reggae musicisn, was released with the strong support of Infinity Challenge.

Skull and Haha had previously worked together on a music competition on Infinity Challenge and upon coming in last at the competition, the two decided to release an album together.

“I’ve gained and learned so much from Infinity Challenge that it’s obvious that I am thankful for it. My one hope would be that, since Infinity Challenge’s initial goal and birth were based on laughter, I hope that people won’t view us so critically when the seven of us are together and we try to provide laughter, despite the humanism and the tears that are also included. Just watch comfortably. Since we’re professionals at giving laughter, cheerfully!”

Because Infinity Challenge was there for Haha, the show provided a certain weight, meaning it held Haha down from being rebellious and out-of-control.

Lastly, Haha shared, “Music is music, but on Infinity Challenge, I want to give as much laughter as I can to as many people as I can.”

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