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Controversy over Soo Ae’s Expensive Sponsor Items

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2011.10.27 11:12 Mwave Lee, InKyung

Soo Ae has found herself in the middle of a controversy over her designer brand clothing, which doesn′t exactly fit the character for her drama.

Soo Ae is currently starring in the SBS drama A Thousand Days’ Promise, and has earned accolades for her impressive acting skills, innocent look and stylish fashion. But some viewers have started to point out that the expensive designer label clothes and accessories she′s received from various clothing sponsors "don’t fit her because they’re the opposite of what her character in the drama should be [wearing].”

Controversy over Soo Ae’s Expensive Sponsor Items

The items that the viewers have fixed their eyes on are the incredibly expensive luxury brand items, which costs millions of won. Soo Ae is constantly showing surrounded by items like Hermes bags, Louboutin shoes and riding in new cars. The only problem is, her character is a 30-year-old employee of a publishing company, who lives with her younger brother and pays for everything without the help of anyone else.

At one point in the drama, her character even says,“Now that we’re done paying out our debts, we can order large-sized pizzas.”

The viewer message boards are covered with comments which put their finger on the issue, from “I heard Kim Su Hyun’s dramas cared a lot for every prop and sponsor item, but Soo Ae must be an exception,” “Does she use all of her bonuses from the President to buy designer label items? Clothes aside, the bags, watches and even the cars are clearly brand name products. Do the producers think that it’s normal to own such items regardless of circumstance?” “Wasn’t Soo Ae supposed to be a common person? She’s too extravagant. She has so many expensive clothes on, the Jung Yu Mi character looks more like a commoner,” to “The Hermes bags are way overboard. I heard Kim Su Hyun dramas cared for their props, but what’s this?”

Gu Hye Sun was also previously criticized by the public when she was starring in the KBS drama Boys over Flowers, on the same points that her expensive clothing and shoes didn’t fit the ordinary Geum Jan Di role. An official said on the issue, “It’s natural that actresses want to look pretty in dramas. It’s okay to receive sponsor items to a certain level, but if the items start to stand out on their own there’s a problem there.”

Considering that Hermes bags cost an arm and a leg (and maybe another leg), we′ve got to say...the netizens may have a point.

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