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[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

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2012.08.09 19:00 Mwave Grace Danbi Hong

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[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

It’s December 1997.

Although Papa Sung’s tumor removal surgery was a success, he stays in the hospital to be safe, and unfortunately for him, he gets stuck in a room full of loud ajummas.

Tae Woong is passing out bread to the other patients in the room as they squeal over how handsome he is and how it’s a shame that he’s not married yet.

Papa Sung complains about the room arrangement and Mama Sung tells him that due to the IMF crisis, his salary was reduced for the month. Tae Woong chimes that it’s better to be in a cancer ward with a bright atmosphere and a lot of chatter.

Mama Sung appreciates the comment and brings the attention of the room back to Tae Woong, bragging about all of Tae Woong’s educational achievements in Busan, which all the ajummas remember from the past and freak out about.

Papa Sung silently escapes the commotion.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

Hak Chan waits at the bus stop.

When the bus comes, we see Yoo Jung sitting in the back seat. She excitedly waves for him to sit next to her, but upon seeing her, Hak Chan has a minor freak out and avoids her eyes before sitting in a seat far, far away from her.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

In the hospital, Papa Sung has a case of the hospital blues, expressing his worries that something actually went wrong with the surgery, since the tests results for his cancer have not come out yet. He believes the doctors are all lying to him and makes Mama Sung promise to tell him the truth if the results are bad.

Mama Sung’s face falls at this comment.

The other cancer patients in the ward call Mama Sung over to watch the hit drama The Man Next Door. They fangirl about the man from Seoul who takes good care of his women. They joke and laugh as Papa Sung continues to sulk in his own pessimism.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

As soon as the lunch bell rings, Eun Dokki (Dokki means ax and the nickname refers to her having picked Eun Ji Won) and Si Won race to the television set to put in their videos. Si Won holds a recording of H.O.T while Eun Dokki (cameo by comedienne Jung Kyung Mi) holds one of Sechs Kies.

It’s a tie as they start badmouthing each other’s groups.

“I can’t watch a group that barely has 1,000 fans.”
“Those country bumpkins in H.O.T are no match for our Sechs Kies oppas’ faces.”

Eun Dokki and Si Won continue with the exchange, until Eun Dokki loses her cool when Si Won says Sechs Kies are only copy cats of H.O.T.

Eun Dokki grabs Si Won’s hair and the two girls fall to the floor.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

Outside on the basketball court, Hak Chan and Sung Jae are getting their butts kicked by Yoon Jae and Joon Hee. Hak Chan charismatically scolds Sung Jae for not knowing how to play basketball.

But that cool face cracks at the sight of Yoo Jung running towards them.
She yells that Si Won is fighting with Eun Dokki and tells the boys to stop Si Won before she kills Eun Dokki.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

Just as Yoo Jung said, Si Won is in the middle of pulling off a wrestling move on Eun Dokki. Yoon Jae pulls her away, long enough for Si Won to notice her bloody nose. Yoon Jae has to literally carry her out in order to save Eun Dokki’s life.

Hak Chan enters the classroom late and Yoo Jung urges him to do something about Eun Dokki, who is still on the ground.

Eun Dokki takes one look at Hak Chan and she mutters, “(Eun) Ji Won oppa….?” And she faints with Yoo Jung shaking her head, saying Eun Dokki has finally lost her mind.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

At the hospital, Papa Sung and Mama Sung receive news from the doctor that Papa Sung is in the clear and may not even need chemotherapy. But Papa Sung thinks the doctor is lying. The doctor insists that he isn’t and tells Papa Sung to start exercising.

As soon as the doctor leaves, a smile bursts onto Papa Sung’s face as he tells Mama Sung to take him to exercise. The other patients in the ward congratulate Papa Sung as the drama continues to play in the background.

The happy couple in the drama is seen happily feeding each other, when all of a sudden, the man clutches his chests and faints. It turns out this man has cancer.

As the medical announcement is made on TV, all of the patients in the cancer ward scowl and turn away from the set. The smile disappears from Papa Sung’s face, and he crawls into bed.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

After school, Sung Jae, Hak Chan, and Yoon Jae are planning to go to a basketball game. Joon Hee says he can’t go because he promised Si Won to wait in line to get H.O.T tickets.

Yoo Jung volunteers to go to the basketball game as she links arms with Hak Chan.

As Joon Hee and Si Won leave, Yoon Jae puts on an annoyed face.

Papa Sung is still sulking after the cancer-ridden drama, since dramas are based on reality and that if he has cancer, he’ll die soon.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

At the basketball game, everyone is cheering loudly except for Yoon Jae, who is still fuming in jealousy.

Hak Chan is coolly explaining the character statistics to Sung Jae when Yoo Jung returns to her seat and he freezes.

As the game continues, Yoo Jung starts spilling her basketball knowledge, impressing everyone except the very person she hopes to impress: Yoon Jae.

We see that Yoo Jung had studied basketball all night, reading aloud all of the terminology and rules...if only she studied like that for school.

When Yoo Jung tries to talk to Yoon Jae, Yoon Jae instead asks which bank Joon Hee and Si Won are waiting at. He decides to leave the basketball game, lying that he was supposed to take Si Won to the hospital.

Poor Hak Chan peers on as Yoo Jung sits in sadness.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

Yoon Jae runs to the line and abruptly sits in between Joon Hee and Si Won.
He comes up with the excuse that he missed Joon Hee so much that he needed to come see him. Joon Hee puts a blanket on top of Yoon Jae’s legs.

The crowd of H.O.T fans in line suddenly starts singing H.O.T’s You and I as Yoon Jae watches in surprise.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

Papa Sung wakes up in the middle of the night with a dry throat and asks for water, but when he opens his eyes, Mama Sung is nowhere in sight.

Instead, she’s at a payphone, rapidly cursing at someone. On the other line, a woman at a typewriter listens to Mama Sung’s rants about writing such a crappy plot for a drama. The woman hangs up and Mama Sung calls again to continue yelling.

“Is cancer the only solution?” asks Mama Sung.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

The H.O.T fans are still singing and Yoon Jae is waving his balloon, appearing a bit awkward and uncomfortable.

Following the song, the Busan H.O.T fan club president (cameo by comedienne Shin Bong Sun) announces that one of the board members was kicked out of the country by her father for obsessing too much about Kangta oppa and now there is an open spot on the fan club board. Once on the board, the new member will have close access to the H.O.T members.

“I’m going to be picking one of the fans here,” says the club president. “I’ll pick a person who can love our oppas passionately.”

Fans start screaming out that they’ve camped outside H.O.T’s house in tents for many days or that instead of going to a college interview, they went to a H.O.T concert instead, but the president is unimpressed, saying they shouldn’t have acted like a stalker and should have gone to college to spread the word about H.O.T.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

But the president wavers when a girl says that her sister’s boyfriend’s sister is actually H.O.T’s fashion coordinator. As the members of the board discuss the possibility of giving her the position, a look of desperation falls on Si Won’s face as she raises her hand.

“I can write a pledge with my blood!”

Everyone turns to her in surprise.

Si Won writes, “I Love Tony” with her bloody finger as both Joon Hee and Yoon Jae shake their heads in shock that she actually went through with it.

Papa Sung wakes up again with an uncomfortable back but once again, Mama Sung is not by his side.

She’s at the payphone again, still yelling at the writer, even threatening her to change the story.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

Si Won smiles, with her bandaged finger, at her new executive club member ID.

Joon Hee goes to buy some coffee and medicine for Si Won’s finger, as Yoon Jae takes off his scarf to give to Si Won.

Yoon Jae carefully asks, “If Tony and I fell into the water, who would you save first?”

Si Won ponders as Yoon Jae is taken aback that she’s actually thinking about it.

Si Won answers, Yoon Jae, causing the cutest mixed expression of pure joy and relief to sweep across his face, but before he can completely accept the feeling, Si Won adds, “Tony oppa knows how to swim.”

Si Won tells him not to compare Tony oppa to himself.

After scowling about Si Won’s choice, Yoon Jae wraps the scarf around her neck, telling her not to take it off. He’s worn it the entire day and it may smell a bit like him.

Si Won stares at him strangely, but doesn’t say anything. She takes a couple of sniffs of the scarf before turning to her membership badge again.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

At the basketball game, all the spectators are gone, except for Yoo Jung and Hak Chan, but only because Yoo Jung has fallen asleep on top of Hak Chan’s legs and he doesn’t dare to move (or even touch) her. He licks his finger and touches his nose in an attempt to wake up his sleeping knee.

The overdramatic cancer drama continues with the doctor telling the heroine that her husband will die.

Mama Sung turns off the TV angrily, saying that no one else is watching.
She grabs her wallet and heads out again.

Mama Sung continues to complain about the writing, telling the writer, who has now set the telephone on the desk, that she has no right to kill a perfectly healthy person.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

Hak Chan gets on the bus again, with Yoo Jung happily waving at him to sit next to her at the back of the bus. When he ignores her again, Yoo Jung gets up and sits behind him, scaring the bejeezus out of him.

She wants to make a deal with him - she’ll give him tickets to the Next concert, if he can make sure that everyone ends up not going to the next basketball game, leaving Yoon Jae and Yoo Jung with some alone time.

Completely terrified by their close contact, Hak Chan quickly agrees to do what she says when she threatens to give him a big fat kiss if he doesn’t say yes to the plan.

She gives him a hug and rubs her hands on his cheeks, and Hak Chan freezes up in horror, which slowly melts into an awkward smile.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

It’s naptime at school, as Si Won sleeps through Yoo Jung chatting up a storm to Eun Dokki that Si Won is now on the executive board for Club H.O.T after writing her love confession with her blood.

In the boys’ classroom, Yoon Jae and Joon Hee are also sleeping. Joon Hee opens his eyes to gaze at a sleeping Yoon Jae before closing his eyes again. Yoon Jae continues to sleep, as the camera pans to H.O.T’s tapes, implying Yoon Jae’s newfound interest in Si Won’s favorite group.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

During class, Si Won hides her earphones in her uniform jacket to listen to a radio show, where Tony is appearing as a guest.

The radio hosts asks about some of the most ridiculous things fans have done and Tony hesitantly talks about how a fan from Busan who sent him a letter written in blood and how disgusted and disturbed he was at the sight of it.

As Tony rejects Si Won’s love for him, her face scrunches up in agony and embarrassment as Eun Dokki laughs aloud.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

Hearing what happened to Si Won, Yoon Jae heads to comfort Si Won, but he’s a step late, as Joon Hee is already there giving her a hug.

Yoon Jae closes the door quietly with a serious expression on his face.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

Yoo Jung announces that she has tickets to the basketball game and asks if Yoon Jae will come along. Yoon Jae, still disturbed by what he saw earlier, asks Yoo Jung if he can have all four tickets and take Si Won and her family to make her feel better.

Although she’s clearly disappointed, Yoo Jung hands the tickets to him and quickly walks away. Sung Jae bickers that Yoon Jae ruined all of his plans.

Hak Chan, angered by Yoon Jae’s lack of common sense, throws a basketball at Yoon Jae’s head before storming away.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

The writer wakes up and plays a message recorded on her answering machine. She’s about to turn it off at the sound of Mama’s Sung voice, but stops at what Mama Sung has to say.

“Hello, writer. It’s Si Won’s mom again. My husband has stomach cancer,“ says Mama Sung. She confesses to the writer that she felt like her entire world would fall apart at the news, but still found herself laughing while watching TV.

Mama Sung compliments the writer, saying she’s an amazing person who allows cancer patients who are going through chemotherapy or just waiting to die to laugh and smile when her drama airs.

“But once the character got cancer, the laughter in our ward died. Please don’t think of this as a rant by a crazy person, but can you please allow this character to live. Can you please show that a cancer patient can survive and live healthily, just this once?”

Mama Sung cries as she begs the writer to just let these people laugh one more time because it’s all she can do for her husband.

“For the people we love, the easiest thing we can do is to throw away ourselves. The strength that makes me do things that aren’t me. It’s love.”

As she hangs up the phone, Papa Sung stands behind the corner, having heard the entire conversation.

He sits next to her, and says he couldn’t sleep because he didn’t give her his arm pillow. He brings her closer to him and hugs her.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

Yoo Jung silently heads to her usual seat at the back of the bus before bursting into painful tears.

Hak Chan gets on after her and slowly heads to the back as well.
He sits down and carefully inserts an ear bud into Yoo Jung’s ear.

Sech Kies’ To You, Whom I Love plays gently in the background.

Still avoiding her eyes, he asks her if she wants to go to the Next concert. Yoo Jung says she doesn’t like Next as he rips up the concert tickets.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

“Then… let’s meet at the department store on Saturday at 2pm. We’ll do whatever you want. Not basketball or Next, but anything you want to do.”

Yoo Jung stares at Hak Chan in surprise, and before she knows it, she gives him a small kiss on his cheek, making his eyes grow wide in shock.
The shock is shared by Yoo Jung herself as she realizes what she just did.

At the 2012 high school reunion, Sung Jae is reading off the wedding invitation.

“Groom, Do Hak Chan, Bride Mo Yoo Jung.”

Sung Jae then asks if they caused an accident and that’s why they’re getting married.

Yoo Jung shouts at Sung Jae, saying that they didn’t even kiss yet.

Everyone at the table scowls at her, knowing she’s lying and Hak Chan replies that they kissed on their first date.

Yoon Jae remarks that when Hak Chan first met Yoo Jung, he couldn’t even look her in the eyes. He then lifts up his glass to congratulate the couple.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

Si Won slyly reaches over for a glass of beer, before Yoo Jung slips in and hands her a glass of orange juice.

“What are you going to do, Si Won, not being able to drink the alcohol that you love so dearly.”

Sung Jae comments that pregnancy must be a scary thing if it means Si Won can’t drink.

Si Won then turns to someone at the table and says, “Honey, can I really not even have a little sip?”

In return, three men reply back with a no: Tae Woong, Yoon Jae, and Joon Hee.

Si Won narrates that Hak Chan and Yoo Jung announced their marriage at the reunion and that her own husband is also at the table.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

The atmosphere at the cancer ward is depressing.

Someone comes in and turns on the television to watch The Man Next Door. No one’s really excited to watch the last episode, since the main character will probably die of cancer.

But to their surprise, the drama doctor announces a miracle, where the character’s tumor has grown a lot smaller and can be removed with surgery.

The entire room bursts into cheers, as Mama Sung’s face lights up and she tears up in happiness, while Papa Sung smiles and takes Mama Sung to exercise around the hospital.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

At the basketball game, Yoon Jae is sitting and muttering to himself.

“I know this is really embarrassing to say as a guy, but don’t hang out too closely with Joon Hee. It really bothers me.”

The camera pans out to a really bored looking Si Won. She lifts her head and asks, “Did you say something?” to which Yoon Jae denies having said anything.

He takes her soda and hands her the popcorn as Si Won continues to hate herself for writing the bloody letter to Tony.

[RECAP: Reply 1997] Episode 6: “Love Makes You Do Things You’ve Never Done”

Mystery Couple: Hak Chan and Yoo Jung

Well then.

We sort of can’t believe that the drama actually announced the marrying couple right away.

We’re only on episode six with 10 more episodes to go, so this is quite the surprise to find out who’s getting married already.

But we love the result, since it felt like Hak Chan and Yoo Jung were just destined to get together, ever since he sat down next to her at the lunch table and she spazzed out about his long eyelashes.

So freaking adorable. We completely approve.

But now the mystery leads back to Si Won.

We would have never imagined that Si Won was pregnant, especially since we were so focused on finding out about the marrying couple. This kind of twist is actually exciting to see since it means Si Won has already found her husband, is happily in love and ready to start her own family.

Now all that’s left is finding out the identity of her husband.

Tae Woong. Yoon Jae. Or Joon Hee.

We think that it’s going to be between Tae Woong and Yoon Jae, because judging from this episode, Joon Hee is still head-over-heels for Yoon Jae.

Then it’ll be a battle between the brothers.

Will it be the older brother who dated her older sister or the young brother who’s been by her side since birth?

Or could it even just be Joon Hee?

We guess we can’t just take Joon Hee out of the running since this drama has already hit us with so many unexpected twists.

Oh dear.

This drama is going to take us on quite a ride in the upcoming episodes.

Are you ready?

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