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‘Heartstrings’ Jung Yong Hwa & Park Shin Hye, “Thank you for the precious times”

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2011.08.25 18:55 Mwave Choe, MinJi

Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye, the lead actors for MBC′s Heartstrings talked about how they felt after the drama came to a close on August 18.

In the final episode, Lee Shin (Jung Yong Hwa) and Lee Kyu Won (Park Shin Hye) created a joyous harmony with guitar and singing on stage at Catharsis. It was a happy ending befitting the fresh ‘Dooly’ (Two-Lees) couple.

‘Heartstrings’ Jung Yong Hwa & Park Shin Hye, “Thank you for the precious times”

"It seems like just yesterday, I first stood in front of the camera as Lee Shin, but now it′s already over," said Jung, who acted as the lead for the first time in ′Heartstrings.′ "It helped me learn, one by one, the things I could improve, and I′m thankful I got to know all the great senior actors, the director, the writer, and each member of the staff. I also thank our viewers, who cheered me on despite my many shortcomings."

Park Shin Hye, who showed a great deal of responsibility and tenacity by continuing to play Lee Kyu Won despite her car accident, also shared her thoughts and said, "The four months I spent as Lee Kyu Won was a very precious time for me. I feel sorry that I have to let Kyu Won go when she′s grown on me so much, but I will remember the drama as a happy one, thanks to our senior actors, colleagues and staff and who worked so hard behind the scenes for our drama."

An official from drama production company, JS Pictures, stated, "We thank all the actors and staff for their great teamwork and for building a happy atmosphere, which helped the drama come to a successful close, despite the bad weather and packed schedule," and also added that they "thank the viewers who saw the drama through to its end, despite its ups and downs."

Heartstrings follow-up drama, Can′t Lose! will begin airing on August 24th.

Photo credit: JS Pictures

She has a certain liveliness about her and her smile is contagious. Kim Sun Ah knows how to keep her spirits up despite a hectic schedule, and never fails to take care of her co-workers.

Perhaps that′s how she earned the title, "RomCom Queen". She′s always been ready to make sacrifices for her role - including gaining an unbelievable amount of weight for the benefit of a drama and the enjoyment of the audience.

‘Heartstrings’ Jung Yong Hwa & Park Shin Hye, “Thank you for the precious times”

And now, Kim Sun Ah is back once again - acting as the female lead in SBS′s Scent of a Woman which premiered on August 23rd.


Kim Sun Ah’s debut was promising from the start. While back in Korea for summer vacation, she stood in for her friend as a model. Even though she was a complete unknown, she was subsequently scouted to appear in a cosmetics commercial with the slogan, "I felt his scent on a strange woman′ - which jump started her career.

After appearing in a series of commercials for fashion brands such as ‘Young Age Simplet’, she officially began her career as an actress in MBC’s drama Bangwoori. Although her beginnings were in modeling, she made a perfect transition to acting, appearing in works such as Forever Yours and Love and Success, pulling off a diverse array of characters and showing her versatility as an actress.

Like many other people in entertainment, Kim also dreamed of becoming a singer, and was even set to become the only female member of the popular male vocal group, g.o.d. With her model bod, supreme acting talent and impressive singing skills, she is an all-around entertainer. On top of that, as a Korean born native who was raised in Japan and schooled in the States, Kim′s fluency in three languages also adds to her versatility.

‘Heartstrings’ Jung Yong Hwa & Park Shin Hye, “Thank you for the precious times”

In 2005, Kim Sun Ah showed off her multi-faceted charms in MBC’s drama, My Lovely Sam Soon. While most actresses dream of looking thin and beautiful on screen, Kim sacrificed herself to play the comical character, Sam Soon.

Kim played Sam Soon, a Bridget Jones-like character that audiences found easy to sympathize with, to perfection, and the show ended up raising Kim to international stardom, but in our hearts, she still remains the girl next door.

Due to her excellent performance, My Lovely Sam Soon not only garnered top ratings but also played a role in bringing important socioeconomic and cultural issues to the forefront.

Since then, Kim has been building her filmography, starring in dramas such as Every Night and City Hall and movies such as She′s on Duty, Girl Scout and Sweet Lies.

Breaking her dry streak this year, Kim is ready to shake off her former Sam Soon glory and begin anew with Scent of a Woman. From the very beginning, Kim surprised and captured viewers with her sexy new figure, showing off the results her hardcore diet, and once again, her comic timing bodes well for the drama.

We look forward to her comeback, as she proves once again why she deserves her title of top star.

‘Heartstrings’ Jung Yong Hwa & Park Shin Hye, “Thank you for the precious times”


Kim Sun Ah’s biggest charm is her cheerful personality. She is one of very few actresses whose presence is enough to lighten up the mood.

For some actors, friendships on set stay on set, but not for Kim Sun Ah. Kim recently revealed a photo that she took with Cha Seung Won, lead star of the recent hit drama The Greatest Love, showing her talent for keeping friendly connections. Kim played Cha’s love interest back in 2009, in SBS’s City Hall.

Due to her affable personality, Kim is the most often sought-out actress among younger male actors. Yoon Shi Yoon, who made his mark with King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo, picked Kim as his first choice of acting partner, adding that he would love to work with someone so likeable and easy-going.

Kim may seem like the girl next door, but in real life, she is a woman of many talents. In Scent of a Woman, Kim wowed audiences with a realistic performance, showing off her fluent Japanese for her scenes in Japan.

She is also a talented dancer. In 2008, she surprised audiences with a tango performance with singer Rain, her mature dance moves revealing her hidden sensuality.

‘Heartstrings’ Jung Yong Hwa & Park Shin Hye, “Thank you for the precious times”


Just when she thought nothing could go wrong, she went through a moment of crisis. In 2007, she found herself at the center of scandal, the media accusing her of having had an affair with veteran trot singer, Na Hoon Ah, and being a secret mistress of a yakuza (Japanese gang) member.

At the Girl Scout production briefing, Kim revealed her honest feelings about the scandal, confessing, "I′ve been through thick and thin, but this scandal was especially difficult to handle." She also added that she "agonized over whether she should continue to work despite the emotional stress she had to endure."

While the senseless rumor almost led the actress to consider retirement, Kim Sun Ah matured through her growing pains. In May 2008, Kim appeared on MBC′s Golden Fishery - Knee-drop Guru and explained that her boyfriend was with her at the Nah Hoon Ah concert and she had even introduced him to the singer. "And then, one day, my boyfriend was supposedly a Japanese yakuza. It was an unpleasantly hilarious situation."

The circumstances warned her about the power of gossip and false rumors, but fortunately, Kim overcame these tribulations through by thinking positively, pursuing diverse hobbies, and finally resuming an active career as an actress.

Photo credit: MBC, SBS

Translation credit: Hyemin Koo

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