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[Interview Part II] SNSD Tiffany on Taetiseo, Style and her Dreams

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2012.08.08 01:00 Mwave 1st Look Magazine Translation Credit : Erika Kim

This is Part II of 1st Look′s interview with SNSD′s Tiffany. Read Part I here.

You’re wearing the clothes for your fashion photo shoot today. How are your usual styles?

They differ every day, but recently I got so lazy I kept appearing in slippers and training suits. (Laugh) I usually wear feminine clothes, though. I love girly and romantic styles, like skirts and one-piece dresses. I love long jump suits, too. Since we have to stay in the plane for a long time when we’re going overseas for shoots or performances, jump suits are the best.

SNSD has nine people, and Taetiseo has three. Taetiseo was the group’s first unit group. I wonder how you feel about the unit.

We worked hard to showcase a stage full not only with [the number of people], but with our voices. I was happy to put on styles and music that we never got to put onstage, and which I personally like very much. I’m sad it went by so quickly, and I also feel like I want to start promoting again.

Still, I’m happiest when the nine of us are together. In the beginning of the year most of the members were on their solo ventures. The three of us [in Taetiseo] were the least lonely [of them all]. We travelled overseas together for the first time in a long time, and though the members usually use separate rooms, the nine of us stuck together and ate together. As happy as we were during our solo promotions, we learned how precious we are to each other.

What songs do you listen to the most these days?

I listened to electronic a lot because I was really into the genre. I recently went to Wonder Girls’ concert, and so I listen to all of the songs in Wonder Girls’ album. I personally love their music. These days I’m into Ne-Yo again. I think I listen to his songs more because they’re somewhere between electronic and R&B. I recommend them. (Laugh)

What do you do when you have no schedules at all?

These days there are a lot of days like that, because our promotions for Taetiseo are over. I actually have nothing to do even though I have the time, and so on the days I have off, I go to polish something.

I visit the dermatologist, and get my hair treated. I personally believe a woman is all about her skin and her hair. I could go home if I had a long vacation, but because I only get a few free days at a time I just invest that time in me.

[Interview Part II] SNSD Tiffany on Taetiseo, Style and her Dreams

You’re much loved by the public, but do you dream sometimes of being a normal girl?

(After some thought) Of course I do. I want to walk around, shop or eat outside alone and personally. This is, however, the road I chose to walk, and my work now is as precious to me as much as I want to do these other things. That’s why I try to be more responsible about myself, and try to enjoy my life.

In a different interview, I saw you said it was like you had “launched a brand named Tiffany inside the brand of SNSD.” I nodded my head at that comparison. I believe you would dream of your own personal future as much as you dream of SNSD’s.

I think that my dreams are huge myself. (Laugh) I want to fulfill my dreams as a member of SNSD, show off my musical skills as Tiffany and try roles in dramas or musicals that fit me. Fashion, too! I want to express the fashions I love as much as I want.

[Interview Part II] SNSD Tiffany on Taetiseo, Style and her Dreams

I remember the time SNSD first left an impression in my memory. It was at a bus stop sitting next to a broad road in Sinsa-dong, when Gee and Genie were so popular it was like a social phenomenon. Posters showing the girls wearing white t-shirts and skinny jeans had been plastered all over the bus stop.

Just when the sun started to set, the bus stop, with the posters reflecting the light from the sunset, looked like a piece of art set there by an installation artist.

Those girls that had stood in the posters now stand proud as the leaders of the Korean wave. Tiffany ventured to Korea when she was still in middle school, debuted when she was in high school and is now a full-grown woman in her 20s.

This girl with her trademark smile matured enough to say she now wished to show everyone how she looks like in the dandy woman style she never got to try. Tiffany can now unveil herself with her own hands.

Editor: Yoon Min Jung, Contributing Writer: Hong Seok Woo, Stylist: Seo Soo Kyung, Hair: Hee Won by Soon Soo, Makeup: Seo Ok by Soon Soo

Photo credit: Kim Young Joon

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