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The T-ara Incident: “Facts with No Truth,” and Honesty

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2012.08.08 03:00 Mwave Tak Suk San Translation Credit : Erika Kim

The T-ara incident is still making headlines in the papers.

Kim Kwang Soo first said when the issue arose that he would be making an important announcement, and as soon as the announcement turned out to be one saying Hwa Young would be leaving the group, Hwa Young left a short message that read, ‘Facts with no truth.’

The message seems to mean that she admits the facts are indeed facts, but that they’re not the truth. How can facts, however, not be truths? Won’t testifying to the facts as they are make them true?

People usually think that facts and the truth are the same thing, but like the T-ara incident teaches us, a list of facts may not always reveal the truth. Although it may be fact that Hwa Young threw down her crutches, the truth may still be hidden deeply underneath.

There were articles that testified that Hwa Young had been crying in front of her group’s backstage waiting room. The other members were probably inside, but she was left alone. The issue with the crutches happened after that. It can be inferred that it may be a fact she threw the crutches, but also that the act followed a certain context.

It means that she may not have been acting out selfishly when she threw the crutches. Of course, no one has actually confirmed whether the issue with the crutches happened or not.

The T-ara Incident: “Facts with No Truth,” and Honesty

In conflicts, the related parties all announce that everything they’re saying happened for a fact, and leave everyone to check up it. If, in the process, a false bit of information is found, the party that issued the information is hit hard. The process is still underway for the T-ara incident, so no one knows yet how it will come to a close.

The agency sued the media outlets that reported on the outcast rumors, fans are rallying in a café named Tijinyo in pursuit of the truth, the head of Core Contents Media is asking for a meeting with Tijinyo and T-ara’s concert was postponed.

It seems an extensive fact-checking process will first take place, but as mentioned before, just because the facts have been checked doesn’t mean they can be called the truth. The truth is only revealed when the context surrounding the facts comes together also, and in gather everything together, one needs deep insight.

One needs to know the characteristics of Korean girl groups, about the forms of conflicts that can arise among their members and more. No celebrity can avoid being the victim of rumors and scandals, but if they wish to last long, they need charms and characteristics that are irreplaceable in the scene.

Cho Yong Pil had to get through many difficulties, but he endured thanks to the help of his unique charms. Does T-ara have such characteristics that will help it survive? Knowledge of such issues yields insight, and only through insight will one be able to find the truth hidden in the context lying beyond the facts.

There are still ways to approach the truth without insight. One definitely needs insight to find the truth in incidents that have already happened in the past, because the related parties can’t speak for themselves.

In situations like the T-ara incident, however, when the incident is still in the process of unraveling itself, honesty can be the key, as the parties can speak for themselves. An honest recital of the facts from a true heart can help everyone approach the truth easily.

The public can be moved by honest accounts of what happened from beginning to end, without any manipulations or edits made with ill intentions. If the parties open up on their own faults or mistakes, they’ll be able to gain even more faith. Then once they admit that the other is being honest, the list of facts will turn into truth.

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